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Message Board:

We need to keep the pressure on the NH Family Courts by educating the public about the numerous injustices occurring. Please feel free to send us your information for posting. I have not had any recent dealings with the court system so I do not have current information to post. The best way to deal with these unethical judges, guardian ad litems and lawyers is to post as much on them as you can so that people do not want to do business with them. I have personally known judges that have their own practices as most judges are attorneys first. Hit these people where it counts. Their wallets. Starve them out and cut off their funds. When people do not want to use their services, they will have to change their evil ways or be unemployed.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Who Is Rinaldo Del Gallo, III, Esq. – From The Website Of Berkshire Fatherhood Coalition

About Rinaldo Del Gallo (From The Webite Of The Berkshire Fatherhood Coalition)

Rinaldo Del Gallo, III, Esq. is the spokesperson of the Berkshire Fatherhood Coalition. He has been practicing family law attorney and has been a member of the Massachusetts bar since 1996. Mr. Del Gallo has handled a wide variety of family law cases including issues of child custody, child visitation, child support, restraining orders, grandparent visitation, contempt of family court, access to academic records, guardianship, allegations of abuse, criminal allegations related to domestic violence, disputes over the care of a child, and care and protection proceedings before the Department of Social Services.  For years, he has hosted bi-monthly free legal seminars for people of any gender having problems in family court.  On behalf of non-custodial parents, he has had made numerous media appearances in printed news, radio, and television. He has authored numerous family law related articles and columns.  He has performed extensive pro bono work for fathers.

Attorney Del Gallo also has extensive experience as a civil rights attorney, working in the areas of free speech rights and ballot access.  He was instrumental in protecting the City of Pittsfield from a zoning ordinance that would have allowed time-shares in any residential neighborhood, with a 15-page legal opinion that rebutted the assertion that time-shares was an impermissible regulation of ownership, not use, and thus was proscribed by law. This work was performed bro bono.

He is also an intellectual property attorney and a patent lawyer, and has written what is regarded as one of the most famous law reviews in the area of patent law, “Are Methods of Doing Business Finally Out of Business As A Statutory Exception?,”  that helped end the so-called “business method exception,” which paved the way for an entire field of software and Internet related patents.

Attorney Del Gallo graduated from Northeastern University (Boston) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, and graduated from George Washington University (Washington) in the top of his three-year class. 

Massachusetts Attorney Speak Of Issues With Family Courts – Rinaldo Del Gallo III Writes “An Open Letter To The Family Courts” – From The Website Of IntellectualConservitive.com

An Open Letter to the Family Courts
By Rinaldo Del Gallo III, on February 19th, 2007

A mother lives openly with her boyfriend while still married to her husband. Guess who gets awarded custody of their children?

I will never forget one particular case that opened my eyes to the reality of the family court. It happened when I first started practicing family law in Massachusetts. A mother wanted to divorce the father, who was a practicing Catholic. While still married to the father, the mother openly lived with a boyfriend with the children present, including an impressionable teenage girl. In pursuit of the free exercise of his religion, and making full use of his right to free expression, the father told his daughter that what his mother was doing was wrong and that adultery was a sin under the Catholic faith. During the course of litigation, the judge became especially angry when it was argued on the father's behalf that the environment created by the adulterous mother was not a good environment for children. New in the field, I was shocked that the father was lambasted for telling the child that adultery was bad, and that although the child should love and respect her mother, the daughter should understand that adultery was bad and a sin. To my shock and amazement the argument put forth was that father was "alienating" his daughter from the mother by making the daughter think less of the mother.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dr. Richard A. Warshak Talks About Successfully Restored Relationships Between Parents And Alienated Children – When It Comes To Understanding Parental Alienation He Appears To Be Light Years Ahead Of The Family Court System - Parents And Children That Are Victims Of Parental Alienation Need To Go To Dr. Warshak’s Website And Learn From His Knowledge

Remedies for Alienated Children (From The Website Of Dr. Richard A. Warshak)

Divorce Poison™ Antidote of the Month

Welcome Back, Pluto: Understanding, Preventing, and Overcoming Parental Alienation

In terms of scope and potential to prevent and alleviate irrational alienation, this new DVD is more than an Antidote of the Month. Apart from the revised edition of Divorce Poison, Welcome Back, Pluto has been my major assignment for the past two years. It is the most powerful resource I can recommend for children who reject a parent or are being influenced to do so. Read more.

Successfully Restored Relationships

Hope for Future Reconciliation

Despite their overt attitudes, many children who reject a parent secretly long for an excuse to reestablish contact. In addition to maturity, physically leaving the orbit of the favored parent, and becoming more psychologically independent, two situations that can form unexpected bridges to a reconciliation are:
    1. growing conflict with the favored parent, and
    2. financial dependence on the rejected parent.
In some families, for instance, children run into economic difficulty, such as needing funds for college, and this becomes the rationale for contacting the rejected parent.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Second Wife to Judge: ‘Your Courts Are Destroying My Family’ (From The Fathers And Families Website)

Second Wife to Judge: ‘Your Courts Are Destroying My Family’

December 8th, 2011 by Robert Franklin, Esq.

This short entry caught my eye (NH Insider, 12/6/11).  Why wouldn’t it?  It’s by a woman named Samantha Haas who asks a simple question, “why wouldn’t shared parenting be supported?”  It turns out she’s the daughter of a divorced couple who did share parenting and she’s got some important ideas about the value it.

Here’s her piece in full.
Children deserve the very best from BOTH parents.  Parents have the Right to raise their children and make sure they are safe, educated, healthy and responsible.
If a parent of right mind understands the importance of both parents being equally involved with their children; then why wouldn’t that parent support it? 
False allegations and domestic violence are far too common.  And it happens by women and men, and now more than ever, the Family Courts turn the other cheek.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Alienation Of Your Children Is A Tough Thing To Deal With During The Holiday Season - This Holiday Season Give Thanks To God For What You Have. Don’t Dwell On What You Have Lost – We Owe It To Our Children To Forgive And Be Strong

As I sat at the Thanksgiving table this year listening to the blessing, I found myself saying a silent prayer for my children. 

I didn’t dwell on the fact that my children’s minds were taken from me by a mother that knows no boundaries.  I didn’t find myself dwelling on everything that I lost.  I didn’t find myself thinking of how unfair life is.  Instead I found myself giving thanks to God for everything that I have. 

Many of us are fighting to change the family court system and are trying to make things fairer so that both parents can have equal parenting time.   The unfortunate thing is that this may take many years.  Many of our children may no longer be children when this happens.  We will have missed out on the Thanksgivings and Christmases of their youth.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blog Reaches 25,000 Page Views Today

Today the blog has recorded over 25,000 page views in a little over a year.  Wow!  It's like a train picking up momentum.  Once the train picks up speed don’t get in the way.  Get on board or be run over.  Be ethical when you are a public servant or be exposed by this blog. 

There is so much corruption out there that needs to be exposed and we doing it. 

We are reaching out to and informing lots of readers about issues involving Judicial Child Abuse and Neglect.  We are exposing unethical abusers of the court system and proud of our work.

Help to keep up the momentum.  Keep your tips coming in on unethical attorneys, GAL’s, Judges, Marital Masters or anyone else that is participating in Judicial Child Abuse or Judicial Child Neglect. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Letter From Samantha Haas On Shared Parenting

Shared Parenting in New Hampshire. Why wouldn't it be Supported?

Children deserve the very best from BOTH parents.  Parents have the Right to raise their children and make sure they are safe, educated, healthy and responsible.

If a parent of right mind understands the importance of both parents being equally involved with their children; then why wouldn't that parent support it?

False allegations and domestic violence are far too common.  And it happens by women and men, and now more than ever, the Family Courts turn the other cheek.

In my experience as a daughter of parents who divorced and SHARED PARENTING; it is truly the most important decision you can make for your children.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Victory—In Face of Opposition, Leahy Scraps VAWA Draft Provision Which Lowers Evidence Standards - From The "Fathers And Families" Website

Victory—In Face of Opposition, Leahy Scraps VAWA Draft Provision Which Lowers Evidence Standards

November 16th, 2011 by Glenn Sacks, MA, Executive Director

False allegations of abuse are common in family court, and have been used to separate many fathers (and some mothers) from their children. The reasons for this problem are many, but one of the biggest is the low evidence standard for upholding abuse claims.

The common evidence standard for domestic violence restraining orders is “preponderance of the evidence,” often conceptualized as a mere 51/49% likelihood of guilt. By contrast, when someone seeks a civil restraining order, the more stringent and appropriate “clear and convincing” evidence standard is used.

In practice, this means that when neighbors Bob and Jim have a dispute over Bob’s dog eating Jim’s flowers, and Jim allegedly threatens to throw rocks at Bob’s dog, the courts demand that Bob provide solid evidence to support his claims of Jim’s threats. By stark contrast, if Bob’s wife decides to divorce him and seeks to throw him out of his house on a restraining order and cut him off from his kids, she has a much lower burden of proof on her claims.

Friday, December 2, 2011

OK Legislator Blasts Family Law System; F & F’s Gregory Tells Committee ‘We Need Shared Parenting’ - From The "Fathers And Families" Website

OK Legislator Blasts Family Law System; F & F’s Gregory Tells Committee ‘We Need Shared Parenting’

November 8th, 2011 by Glenn Sacks, MA, Executive Director

An adult child of divorce, Rep. Jason Nelson criticized the courts for marginalizing his father.

Fathers and Families member Chris Gregory, a Marine combat veteran of Desert Storm and Somalia, recently told an Oklahoma House of Representatives committee that the family law system is rife with injustices and often separates children from the fathers they love and need.

Led by Representative Mark McCullough and Representative Jason Nelson, the Oklahoma House of Representatives conducted an interim study on family law and no fault divorce earlier this month. According to the legislators’ press release here, “Oklahoma’s family law is dangerously failing the children it is supposed to protect, leading some lawmakers to consider reform of both divorce statutes and the foster-care system.”

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who In The World Is Ed Mosca? - From The Website Of NH Corruption Watch

Who in the world is Ed Mosca?

Just who is Ed Mosca? Well, a quick glance at his caseload will reveal that he is not in very high demand as a lawyer. He typically handles N.H. Bar referrals of low-income litigants typically fighting for "big purses." He often works on contingency and a look into some of his motion practice, reveals that he is apparently not very intelligent.

One of his former clients reports that he "bailed out" at the last minute before a hearing, leaving the client "high and dry." This type of unethical behavior is evidently not uncharacteristic of Ed Mosca.
In another case, apparently Ed Mosca has engaged in unethical behavior that has put him on the hot-seat before a Family Court for alleged contempt practices and violations of the N.H. Professional Rules of Conduct.

Now, as counsel to the N.H. General Court, Ed Mosca has apparently brought his inane and disingenuous antics to the State House.

N.H. Corruption Watch will be keeping a close eye on Ed Mosca, and will be sharing its findings relative to his practices and conduct as information become available.

In the mean time, email nh.corruption.watch@gmail.com.

Eric Davidson
N.H. Corruption Watch

House Counsel Ed Mosca Arrives Unprepared, Abets judicial child abuse (From The Judicial Child Abuse Blog)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

House Counsel Ed Mosca Arrives Unprepared, Abets judicial child abuse

The following letter was sent to the N.H. House Judiciary Committee  on Nov. 5, 2011 and was obtained by STOP Judicial Child Abuse investigators.

Apparently, house counsel Ed Mosca arrived unprepared to adequately advise the Judiciary Sub-committee at a hearing on Tues., Nov. 1, 2011 forcing the sub-committee to reconvene for another hearing approximately a month later - all while hundreds, if not thousands of children remain estranged from fit parents.

Read the letter below, reproduced in blue.


Nov. 5, 2011

Dear Honorable Judiciary Committee Representatives,

Below, I have prepared a quick research memorandum of law, which will hopefully answer your question as to whether a "marital master is a judicial officer under the N.H. Constitution."  I was present at the hearing this past week on HR7 and there seemed to be a problem extracting definitive answers from house counsel Edward Mosca.  He did not arrive prepared (no handouts, no answers, etc.) and brought no binding authority (case law, etc.).  I am merely a concerned citizen, bringing these answers to you.

Monday, November 28, 2011

McKenzie Magazine: An Interview With A Victim Of Parental Alienation - Victim Tells Parents "Don't Ever Give Up"

 From the website of Dr. Richard A. Warshak

McKenzie Magazine: An interview with a victim of parental alienation

The following interview appeared in McKenzie Magazine (issue #87, 2009, UK) which graciously granted permission to post it here. Sarah's responses make it clear how much is irretrievably lost when a child succumbs to divorce poison.

McKenzie: Now an adult mother, Sarah was alienated from her father by her abusive mother and did not see him from the age of 7 to 21. Julius Hinks interviewed Sarah and she spoke of her experiences from childhood onwards, describing the damaging effects of parental alienation, and also of not dealing with it correctly. Her message to parents is “don’t ever give up” and her story pays inarguable tribute to this.

How old were you when your parents separated and can you remember what your relationship was like with your father? 

Battle For Alimony Reform Heats Up In FL, CA - From The Fathers And Families Website - Is This A Step Towards Equality For Men?

Battle for Alimony Reform Heats up in FL, CA

November 21st, 2011 by Glenn Sacks, MA, Executive Director

A Florida bill has been introduced to abolish lifetime alimony and clean up other abuses within the system, similar to the alimony reform bill recently passed in Massachusetts. One of Florida’s largest newspapers, the Orlando Sentinel, attacked the bill as a windfall for “wealthy men who cheat on their wives.”

Many Fathers and Families members have experienced the injustices of the current alimony system firsthand–we ask that you write a Letter to the Editor of the Sentinel by clicking here and/or comment on the bill here.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Recent Experience Of Nicholas Haas Attempting To Speak To Judge Edwin Kelly

Family Court Justice? Think again....

Saturday, November 26, 2011

ACFC Outlines Efforts In Promoting Shared Parenting Across The U.S.A.

Video Support for Shared Parenting

(From ACFC Website, September 20th, 2011)

Below is another sampling of the ongoing efforts to reform family law. More and more legislators are taking a public stand for Shared Parenting. Momentum continues to grow as efforts to reform family law continue.

Blue October and Shared Parenting Seattle Style 
The Showbox in Seattle, Wa. was the latest stop this past Sunday in Blue October’s 40 city tour supporting their new album ‘Any Man In America’ and promoting Shared Parenting. From the show comes this great video of state Senator Jim Kastama talking with the audience about Shared Parenting. Senator Katsama is a long time supporter of Shared Parenting. While there is still plenty of room for improvement, shared parenting is on the rise in Washington. Note the tremendous crowd response at both the beginning and end of the video in support of Shared Parenting. The public ‘gets it.’ In legislative sessions earlier this year ACFC affiliates and supporters played pivotal roles in the introduction of Shared Parenting bills in over a dozen states.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Judicial Child Abuse Blog Runs Article About NH Attorney And Guardian Ad Litem Tracy A. Bernson - It Appears Bernson Owes The IRS Nearly $30K In Unpaid Taxes!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Judicial Child Abuser, Attorney & GALTracy A. Bernson: Deadbeat Tax Evader

Investigators from the STOP! Judicial Child Abuse research department have uncovered a federal tax lien levied  against Judicial Child Abuser, Attorney and  GAL Tracy A. Bernson.  Her New Hampshire Bar Identification number is: 15562

It appears from the "Notice of Federal Tax Lien" filed August 214th, 2010, that Attorney & GAL Tracy A. Bernson owes the IRS nearly $30,000 in unpaid taxes!

It is abundantly clear exactly why Attorney & GAL Tracy A. Bernson regularly files "Motions to Exceed Fees" in cases to which she is appointed - she needs to pilfer money from the N.H. Judicial System to pay her own back taxes!

Our researchers are currently investigating all cases to which Tracy A. Bernson was appointed as Guardian ad Litem to determine the extent of the fraud that she has been perpetrating upon the N.H. Judicial System.

It is the opinion of STOP! Judicial Child Abuse that potential or would-be clients of this Judicial Child Abuser and tax-evader avoid doing business with this evidently unethical, corrupt, law-violating practitioner.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Man Seeks Restitution From Ex-Wife In Fraud Case - From Citizen.Com

Man seeks restitution from ex-wife in fraud case

By BEA LEWIS blewis@citizen.com | Posted: Monday, November 21, 2011 6:00 am

LACONIA — A New Hampton man says he feels victimized by his ex-wife as well as the justice system.

David Prutzanni, 56, of 714 Straights Rd., New Hampton, claims in documents on file at the Belknap County Superior Court in Laconia that his now-ex-wife fraudulently signed his name to numerous checks, stealing $86,000 from a home equity line of credit and an additional $14,000 in cash from his personal checking account. He alleges she used the bulk of the money to buy drugs.

Prutzanni’s ex-wife, JeanMarie Leonard, 52, of Laconia, was indicted in April on a Class B felony charge of forgery. The state charged that, in October 2005, she executed a written home equity line of credit agreement, disclosure statement and note by signing Prutzanni’s signature without his authorization and that her intent was to defraud.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Join the Cause Against Judicial Corruption

(From the "Defend Yourself" blog)

One click to say you want HONESTY in government.

Also below these reports join and watch an important show on Nov. 20th.
Check it out.

Corruption Reports

Sexual Misconduct
Criminal Acts
Search All Reports
U.S. Senators
U.S. Congressmen
Law Enforcement


Ron Branson on Lawless America Show -- Sunday November 20, 2011 - 5-7 pm ET

The Lawless America Government Corruption Crisis Online TV Show will be held Sunday November 20, 2011 from 5 to 7 pm ET.  
Our special guest is Ron Branson of jail4judges.org
It's an Online TV Show

Corrupt Judges Get Sued

Published on the MEN'S RIGHTS BLOG

Friday, June 17, 2011

Corrupt judges get sued

Los Angeles, CA -- On June 15, at the Los Angeles Law Library, Dennis Ettlin and Daniel Cooper announce the filing of 8 civil law suits against 8 Los Angeles County judges. The 8 civil suits seek $38 million for civil rights violations and damages for prejudice against fathers. The lawsuits highlight judicial bias bought by L.A. County bribes and begin a fourth prong in the campaign to stop judicial bribes in California. The first effort by Judicial Watch succeeded with the Sturgeon I and II cases in getting the bribes ruled un-constitutional. The second effort, on April 13th, was the Judicial Watch demand for District Attorney Steve Cooley to seek the return of $350 million to the county.

The third prong is a legal challenge to void the orders of bribed judges.
The Appellate Court, in its Sturgeon II decision, called for this fourth effort. This first wave of law suits holds the judges personally liable for the loss of constitutional rights and for damages from the specific biases favoring Los Angeles County. All citizens of California are the victims of this “fraud on the court” and the biases perpetrated by judges.

The eight civil lawsuits name 5 L.A. Superior Court judges and 3 Appellate Court judges. Damages are sought for denial of the constitutional rights to due process and for specific damages due to biases in family law, traffic fines,domestic violence and gender discrimination. Our goal is to have a citizen jury re-affirm the illegality of the judicial bribes and to begin the process of compensating the victims. Further info is located at:
click here

Original press release:click here

Friday, November 18, 2011

Nicholas Haas Returns To Family Court For Hearing On Motions

On Tuesday December 13th 2011 between the hours of 8:30 am and 12:30 pm Nicholas Haas will be in the Manchester Family Division 9th Circuit Court at
35 Amherst Street, Manchester, NH.

People are encouraged to show up with signs and brochures in support of the Haas family. 

There will also be a gathering at the South Elementary School at
88 South Road, Londonderry, NH.  The gathering will be at
8 am.  The gathering will be 200 feet from the school property where the public and hopefully Nick’s daughters arriving to school will see signs in support of their father. 

For more information email Samantha Haas at: samantha_smiles79@hotmail.com.

Recent Changes To Blog - You Can Now Follow Us By Email And Easily Track The Amount Of Page Views

Two recent changes have been made in the format of the blog.  As you will see on the right hand side there is option to “Follow By Email” and an animated counter to track the amount of page views since the beginning of this blog in September 2010.  Now you can get email alerts when new information is posted by signing up for email alerts. 

In addition, we are proud to announce that we are nearing 24,000 page views since the beginning of the blog fourteen months ago.  These unethical people are being exposed. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Unethical Wall Of Shame Looking To Expand


Names To Be Posted To The Unethical “Wall Of Shame”

Do you know of a lawyer, Judge, Marital Master, Guardian Ad Litem or other unethical professional that should be posted on the Unethical “Wall Of Shame” due to their lack of integrity?

Do you know of someone who has failed in their duties to the legal system?

Do you know of someone that is responsible for Judicial Child Abuse?

This is your chance to have a part in exposing corruption.

Here is what you need to do.  Post a response inside this post.  You can post “anonymously” if you wish.  Be truthful in what you say.

1.            Post the person’s full name.
2.            Their title (Judge, Attorney, GAL, etc)
3.            Who they work for and where.
4.            The reason why they should be posted on the Unethical “Wall Of Shame.”

Please make sure you keep your comments clean or your response will not be posted.
Comments And Names Posted Are Purely Opinion And Are Not The Opinion Of This Blog.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Marital Master Philip Cross - Destroying Children - Destroying Families - Destroying Lives (From The Stop Judicial Child Abuse Website)

Marital Master Philip Cross - Destroying Children - Destroying Families - Destroying Lives

Dear Readers,

  This expose was received by the STOP Judicial Child Abuse Blog from a litigant who is suffering at the tyrannical hands of Marital Master Philip Cross, who is under investigatory impeachment by the NH Legislature.  It is reproduced in full, unedited form in black below.

  Please take a moment to read about this Judicial Child Abuser.  Formulate your own opinions and as always, we welcome your feedback!

Stop Judicial Child Abuse



·         [Art.] 73. [Tenure of Office To Be Expressed in Commissions; Judges to Hold Office During Good Behavior, etc.; Removal.] The tenure that all commissioned officers shall have by law in their offices shall be expressed in their respective commissions, and all judicial officers duly appointed, commissioned and sworn, shall hold their offices during good behavior except those for whom a different provision is made in this constitution. The governor with consent of the council may remove any commissioned officer for reasonable cause upon the address of both houses of the legislature, provided nevertheless that the cause for removal shall be stated fully and substantially in the address and shall not be a cause which is a sufficient ground for impeachment, and provided further that no officer shall be so removed unless he shall have had an opportunity to be heard in his defense by a joint committee of both houses of the legislature.

Just read the cases of Johnson v. Johnson, Puiia v Miner, Whelen v Emerson, Miller v. Todd, and now Kenick v Kenick:

1. He recommended an order holding a father in criminal contempt following a hearing that had been noticed as a civil contempt hearing, which order resulted in that father, who was representing himself and was the primary custodian of the parties' minor child, to be incarcerated for 10 weeks, in contravention of his right not to be deprived of liberty but by the judgment of his peers, as guaranteed by Part 1, Article 15 of the New Hampshire Constitution.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Town Of Fitzwilliam, NH Recreation Department Coordinator Changes Her Position On Giving Legal And Biological Father A Schedule Of Soccer Games And Information On League Pictures After Dad Emails Towns Administrator Paula Thompson

This article is in regards to yesterdays posting regarding Julie Green the Town of Fitzwilliam, NH Recreation Department Coordinator emailing me and telling me that she could not provide me with a schedule of my son’s games or information on league pictures after I had explained that I am divorced and live out of state.

Green’s response was as follows:

“Unfortunately I am not able to furnish you with information. You will need to go through whatever channels you have set up with your family to acquire these details. It is beyond the scope of my position and authorization to be invoked in personal family matters.

I am sorry that I am not able to help you.”

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is Town Of Fitzwilliam, NH Recreation Department Coordinator Julie Green Responsible For Promoting Parental Alienation Involving An Innocent Eight Year Old Child? – Disturbing Correspondence From Green Telling A Father That He Can Not Have A Schedule Of His Son’s Soccer Games Or Notice Of When And Whom Is Taking League Pictures Of His Son So That He (The Legal And Biological Father) Can Obtain Copies Of His Son’s Yearly Soccer Picture.

I am outraged by an email that I received the other day from Julie Green, the Recreation Department Coordinator of the Town of Fitzwilliam, NH.  I decided to post this email so that others will understand just what alienated parents go through to keep involved in their children’s lives and the numerous hurdles that we have to jump. 

Many people have children who have been alienated by the other parent.  Legally we are their parents and by a divorce decree we have joint decision making but unless the other parent is willing to cooperate, we forfeit our joint decision making as the court seldom enforces this provision in divorce decrees when parents violate it. 

In my case when I went in front of Master David Forrest and raised the issues that my ex wouldn’t communicate anything with me about our children like when they had doctors visits, dentist visits, school activities, sports, summer camp, etc, Master decided to empower her and her attorney Jaye Rancourt and rule that she was doing everything reasonable to keep me informed.  I raised numerous issues with Master in regards to Parental Alienation but again the Master decided that my concerns were meaningless.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fathers Deserve Equal Protections - A Letter Posted On The Keene Sentinel

Fathers deserve equal protections

Posted: Sunday, October 2, 2011 9:00 am

Fathers deserve equal protections

An American tragedy, rarely reported by the media, is how unfairly many divorced fathers are treated in the Family Court.

The court justifies this, claiming to act in the best interests of children. Is it in the best interest of children to put their fathers in jail when Daddy has lost his job, can’t find work, and falls behind in his support payments? Why aren’t the courts flexible, especially in today’s economy?

While it is a father’s responsibility to support his children, it is the court’s execution of this principle that is often so disturbing.

The court’s intransigence can extend to men who are not fathers, too. Recently, DNA proved a man was not the biological father. He was ordered to keep on paying. This is justice?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

How Have Individual People Been Dealing With The Loss Of Their Children From Judicial Child Abuse – One Step Mother Tries To Appeal To NH Administrative Judge Edwin W. Kelly – Read Her Story.

The story is all too familiar.  Many of us that have been involved with the NH Family Court System find that it is unfair, unjust and far from unbiased.  It seems that our family court system is destroying our families instead of trying to help them.  Why would that be?

Money seems to be a driving factor in the modern family court system.  This is a multibillion dollar business.  Judges and Marital Masters are employed by family’s misfortunes.  Let’s not forget about the court staff that is also employed in this business.  How about the GAL’s that make money from this system or the therapist that have to be involved in many of these cases.  What about the people that the state employs with DHHS that have jobs collecting the millions of dollars in child support that is court ordered for which federal funds are diverted to the state to employ these people. 

Did I mention the attorneys that litigate these cases too?  Let’s not forget these people.  At fees of $250 and up per hour, how many of these attorneys’s feel the need to keep the litigation to a minimum? 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The NH House Redress Committee and the Sliver of Hope, the Shimmer of Light, will Expose a Corrupt Family Court System or allow us to Embrace and support the hard work of the Judiciary and the other officers of the court.

Two Stories (Read Last Two Post)…………………

One side fights hard so you can hear the story………. Fighting Hard for the Kids that need to be heard and have been hurt by those   …………

That are on the Other Side……

The side that fights hard to make sure you never hear the story ……………
There is yet another side - A side that sees the benefits of the NH Redress Committe and the benefit of oversight for both sides. 

The story of the why the judiciary and officials of the courts would rather hurt the kids, than make decisions that will help them to become the happy, well adjusted, individuals, they deserve an opportunity to be and who will someday become parents themselves.    

Why such extreme differences in opinion when it comes to kids?

Redress Panel Threatens Autonomy Of Three Branches - From The Sunday June 5, 2011 Nashua Telegraph

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Redress panel threatens autonomy of three branches


Guest Commentary

Our constitution requires that judges be “as impartial as the lot of humanity will admit.” It also provides for three separate branches of government that are as independent of each other “as is consistent with the chain of connection that binds the whole fabric of the constitution in one indissoluble bond of union and amity.”
Curious 18th-century phrases? Or pithy prescriptions for a healthy democracy?

I choose to believe the latter.

The founders called for neither a system of justice where judges were expected to be above the people or perfect in their decisions. Rather, they called for judges who reflected the people, judges as impartial as the lot of humanity will admit.

And recognizing that judges will err, our founders also established the mechanics of judicial review or, in modern parlance, an appellate system.

As for the relationship between and among the branches of government, our state constitution clearly stated that the executive, legislative and judicial branches function as a single unit, but retain strict independence from one another in those areas of government given exclusively to each.

NH: Legislature Holds Impeachment Proceedings for Master in Family Court - From The Fathers And Families Website

NH: Legislature Holds Impeachment Proceedings for Master in Family Court

May 27th, 2011 by Robert Franklin, Esq.

The following was contributed by Fathers and Families Reader, David D. Vandenberg.

Anyone who has been forced to deal with the Alice-in-Wonderland procedures of family courts knows that one enters a totally different world than what we expect American jurisprudence is to be. One federal appellate judge, after reviewing a case in New Hampshire family court stated, “This must be what courts in Bolivia do.”

But it appears that at least one group, the New Hampshire General Court, or legislature, is taking real steps to end the abuse of families in family court. They are impeaching judges and marital masters, who have failed to comply with state and federal statutes and ignored constitutional protections.

Article 8 of the New Hampshire Constitution provides for the Accountability of Magistrates and Officers.  To that end, the legislature, instituted a procedure for the Redress of Grievances. About 150 years ago, this committee was retired, until now.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stop Judicial Child Abuse - A New Blog About The Abuse Of Children By The Judicial System

This initiative seeks to confront the N.H. Family Court system face-to-face for being the cause in fact of thousands of children being abused and neglected and innumerable families being destroyed by unlawful, illegal, unethical, and rogue court orders.

To access the blog click on Stop Judicial Child Abuse or paste the following link into your web browser:  http://judicialchildabuse.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When The Courts Won’t Allow Parents To Be Parents And They Negligently Abuse The Same Children They Claim They Are Protecting By Separating Them From Their Parents, What Options Are Left To Communicate With Your Children – Many Parents Just Like Samantha And Nicholas Haas Have To Post Messages Online In Hopes That Their Children Will Some Day Read Their Messages And Realize That It Was Not They Who Choose To Be Separated From Their Children!

Dear AGH & LRH of Londonderry, NH;

The last time you saw your father, it was September 26th 2009.  We have pictures of the two of you, playing at our house that day.

Your dad and I have saved every picture of you, and every year, we contact your school photographer to get your school pictures, just so we can watch you grow.
You are seven and nine years old.  You were five and seven the last time your father could say he loved you.
He fights everyday for you both.  He misses you terribly.
You are too young to understand and too innocent to know.
You have done nothing wrong.  You are always loved by us and you need to know that your father never walked away from you.  He grieves in his heart for you both everyday.

With this letter, I can only hope, that you will know, in your hearts, that we will never give up on you.  We love you.

Samantha Haas (your stepmom)
Hooksett, NH
Ph. 603-858-6634

Monday, August 1, 2011

WMUR Channel Nine News Interviews So Called “Experts To Debate Whether Family Courts Treat Mothers, Fathers Differently” – Unfortunately Channel Nine Never Allows For A “Debate” As The Title Implies - The Only Expert Interviewed Here Appears To Be State Representative Jeffrey Oligny Who Has Been Through The Family Court System Himself – When WMUR Interviews Scott Hampton The Director Of The Business “Ending The Violence.” WMUR Gives Hampton What Appears To Be A Non Rebutted One Sided Interview Of The Bashing Of Men - Hampton In His Interview Would Have People Believe This Is About A Group Of Woman Beating Men That Have Created Their Own Problems And Deserve To Have Their Children Taken Away From Them.

WMUR News Nine in NH aired a special report on Thursday July 28, 2011 in regards to “Fathers Claim NH Courts Biased Against Them.” 

We were all hopeful that Channel Nine News would report on the facts involving reasons why there are so many people speaking out about the NH Family Court System.  After all, last month Thomas Ball set himself on fire in front of the Cheshire County Superior Court (In Cheshire County the Superior Court acts as the family court since the state never funded a separate family division as every other county in the state appears to have done.  This means that the same Judges that hear criminal matters also are dealing with marital matters which are a major conflict). 

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Govabuse Is Holding Nationwide Protest On Family Court System Friday August 12, 2011 – See Below To Go To Their Website For Details And On How You Can Participate

“Government Abuse IS Child Abuse for Profit”  

When:  Friday, August 12, 2011        
Where: See State/PLC tab for your area
Who: United States- Child/Family Rights Groups
Why:We the People”
are no longer tolerating;

·        Unjust Laws
·    TAXPAYER dollars (billions) used to separate, and financially demolish families.
We the People” demand reformation of:
·        OUR FAMILY COURT SYSTEMS including:
·        Assigned Judges- (must be abolished)
·        Court Appointed Guardian-ad-litem
(must be abolished-severely limited at a minimum)
·        Family courts / records must be made public
·        Court Gag orders are a violation of 1st amendment
·        Adoption incentive payments (must be abolished)
Re; Adoption / Safe Families Act 1997
Every effort must be made for children to stay with Grandparents / family members instead of foster care.
·        Grandparents / family must have visitation rights without current criminal treatment
·        Families must be given assistance instead of removing their
Children example; removal due to gas shut-off
·        Parents must be restored freedoms to raise their children
·        Immediate access in all cases for children’s records
·        Option to have a Jury, when requested in family courts
We the People” demand reformation of:
Assigned Judges- must be abolished
·        We are stripped of our right to elect public servants (judges)
·        Assigned judges cannot be voted out of office as they are ‘assigned’ to hear cases after pretending to retire. 
·        They have zero incentive to administer justice or follow law or legal procedures because they cannot be voted out of office after they ‘retire’ THEREFORE, we have been stripped of our legal right to elect (vote) for our judges
·         Assigned judges  are ‘DOUBLE-DIPPING’.  Pretend to ‘retire’  
but are assigned to family court cases, collecting approx; $485.00 per ‘day’ while collecting their retirement pay- all paid by taxpayers
·        Court appointed guardian-ad-litem / advocate for child / lawyer for child
·        Child Protective Services aka; CPS/ DHS / DFS/DSS/Foster Care and Adoption Services

Click Here To Go To Govabuse Website!

NEW HAMPSHIRE                        
PLC:                  Bobby Dickerson  

                             Concord, New Hampshire

Directions to Capitol;

NEW HAMPSHIRE                        


 PLC:                  Dorothy Knightly 

PROTEST         Hillsborough Probate Court
LOCATION:     #30 Spring Street
                   Nashua, New Hampshire 03061-0387