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Saturday, January 22, 2011

New York Judge Robert A. Ross Takes Parental Alienation Seriously - NH Judges and Marital Masters Could Learn Something From This Judge – (Post is from the Blog of Tracey A. Bloodsaw NYC Family Law Blog)

      Many of you might have already heard, in the news, by your attorney or by someone affected by the case itself, that a Nassau County Supreme Court judge recently ordered a custodial mother to six weekends of incarceration for repeatedly alienating her child from the non-custodial father.  This decision has gotten the attention of practitioners across the state (and beyond) and the media, even being featured on Fox’s “Good Day New York” this past week, which included an interview with divorce attorney Raoul Felder. 

      The Honorable Justice Robert A. Ross ruled that the custodial mother, willfully violated the court order for child visitation by deliberately alienating the elementary school aged children from her ex-husband, the children’s non-custodial father.   Justice Ross stated:

 ”the evidence before me demonstrates a pattern of willful and calculated violations of the clear and express dictates of the parties’ Stipulation of Settlement. The extensive record is replete with instances of attempts to undermine the relationship between the children and their father and replace him with her new husband, manipulation of defendant’s parenting access, utter and unfettered vilification of the defendant to the children, false reporting of sexual misconduct without any semblance of ‘good faith’ and her imposition upon the children to fear her tirades and punishment if they embrace the relationship they want to have with their father.” 

Despite New Indictments of His Wife, Jeffrey Ruggiero Still Fights for Care of His Daughter (From the Website of Fathers and Families)

Despite New Indictments of His Wife, Jeffrey Ruggiero Still Fights for Care of His Daughter

January 21st, 2011 by Robert Franklin, Esq.

Our old friend Kristin Ruggiero was back in the news yesterday here (Manchester Union Leader, 1/20/11).

Kristin is the woman who made multiple allegations of criminal behavior against her ex-husband, Jeffrey Ruggiero during an acrimonious divorce and custody case.  Jeffrey was jailed because of them.  He also lost his job as a chief petty officer in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Already in prison, woman faces 21 more charges (From the Manchester Union Leader Thursday, Jan 20, 2011)

Already in prison, woman faces 21 more charges
Union Leader Correspondent
Kristin Ruggiero, who is already in prison for trying to trick police and set up her ex-husband, is facing 21 new charges that allege she committed perjury and manipulated witnesses and evidence during her trial, according to indictments released Wednesday.

Ruggiero, 35, was indicted by a Rockingham County grand jury, as were her mother, Elizabeth McDonald of East Kingston, her boyfriend, Brendan Bisbee, also of East Kingston, and her ex-brother-in-law Daniel Ruggiero of Enfield, Conn.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Some Ethical Attorneys Do Exist!

The following post Not Seeing Your Child, Is it Alienation or Estrangement? is from the Tracey A. Bloodsaw NYC Family Law Blog.  The blog is very informative in regards to PAS and child custody issues and I would recommend checking it out.  It is nice to know that there are some ethical attorneys out there looking to do the right thing.  I wish Ms. Bloodsaw practiced in NH.  Ms. Bloodsaw sounds like someone that could have truly helped me and a lot of other unfortunate parents that have been separated from their children in NH.  Keep up the good work on fighting PAS Ms. Bloodsaw and thank you for your informative blog. 

Filed Under (Family Law, Divorce) by admin on 05-02-2008

          This month I will focus on Parental Alienation, which is keeping the non-custodial parent, typically the father, out of the child’s life.  Parental Alienation is a very sensitive and highly complex topic.  In fact, Parental Alienation Syndrome (“PAS”) is a somewhat recent phenomenon that is often disputed but very real concept, usually resulting in very dire consequences.  I have been holding off on approaching the topic of parental alienation because I wanted to aptly “time” this very heated discussion.  However, recently I was representing a non-custodial father in a child visitation case in Family Court, where we had every reason to have the court rightfully grant my client at least supervised visitation.  However, the court acquiesced in the custodial parent’s deliberate interference with child visitation, essentially co-signing and perpetuating the alienation.  After not having any contact with his son for six years, the court refused to order even telephone contact for my client, reasoning that she “would not put the child through that”.  “The child” had a relationship with his father, he in fact lived with both parents for a period of his life.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Legislator wants NH AG elected (From UnionLeader.com Saturday, January 15, 2011)

Legislator wants NH AG elected
New Hampshire Union Leader Staff

The prime sponsor of a bill that would require the New Hampshire attorney general to join other states in challenging the federal health care reform law may propose that the attorney general be elected by the Legislature.

Before a legislative committee Thursday, Attorney General Michael Delaney said he opposes House Bill 89 mandating that he join a lawsuit, brought by Florida and several other states, challenging the federal health care act. The suit claims the federal law is unconstitutional because it requires people to buy health insurance. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Parental Alienation Condoned By Attorney Jaye L. Rancourt, GAL/Attorney Douglas A. Thornton, Marital Master David S. Forrest, and Judge John P. Arnold (Part 2)

(To Read Part 1 Click Here)

I think back to time when I would listen to Kenny Loggins song Return to Pooh Corner and proudly look upon my sleeping children.  The hard thing to get over is how Attorney’s like Jaye Rancourt, GAL’s like Doug Thornton, Marital Masters like David Forrest and Judges like John Arnold stole it all away from me by the roles they played in helping my ex-wife to alienate my children from me.  I have read from others that it’s like mourning for your children’s death but you know they are still very much alive.

These people are responsible for seeing that I will never get a chance to watch my children grow up.  They are the ones that played the biggest role in condoning my ex-wife’s parental alienation behavior by rewarding her. 

I have heard some justify parental alienation by saying that it might just be a mother protecting her children, just as these corrupt people I am sure have justified it in their own minds.  What are these people protecting the children from?  I never abused my kids.  I was always there for them.  I was often complimented by my ex wife’s family for being the great dad until the divorce when my ex declared an all out smear campaign.  Then I was portrayed as incompetent and selfish.  A man that thought of their own needs before they thought of their children’s needs.  This is utter nonsense.

Was I selfish when I decided to put my foot down and tell my ex that I was tired of her years of abuse and I didn’t want the children to keep on being in the middle?  Was I selfish for wanting to get away from the physical abuse my ex-wife inflicted upon me?  Was I selfish when I had enough of my ex calling my friends, my family, her family and my boss and telling them I had a “Chemical Imbalance.” 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

From the Fathers and Families Website - Misguided DV Groups Back Discredited Battered Mothers Custody Conference

Misguided DV Groups Back Discredited Battered Mothers Custody Conference

January 10th, 2011 by Glenn Sacks, MA, Executive Director

The Eighth Annual Battered Mothers Custody Conference was held over the weekend in Albany, New York. Several misguided domestic violence advocacy groups, including the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the National Network Against Domestic Violence, co-sponsored the conference. Sadly, this is a prime example of a serious problem afflicting most domestic violence organizations, one which tarnishes the often noble work they do—their consistent failure to recognize and acknowledge false abuse accusations.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 13, 2011 - NH Legislative Public Input session scheduled on 11:00 HB 81, public members of the guardian ad litem board and 1:15 HB 52, modification of parental rights and responsibilities

There is a scheduled NH Legislative Public Input session coming up on two important 2011 Bills. 

Public Input on these two bills has been scheduled for next Thursday January 13 at the Concord LOB Room 206. If you are unable to attend, please provide written testimony on each of these topics to the Children & Family Law Committee at CFL@leg.state.nh.us

The two bills can be viewed at the following links:

1:15 HB 52 modification of parental rights and responsibilities

11:00 HB 81 public members of the guardian ad litem board.

Supreme Court Rules Against Judge John P. Arnold’s Decision To Sentence Man Twice For The Same Crime

Read the section of the article highlighted in yellow.  How is it that a NH Judge doesn’t know the law on Double Jeopardy and that it takes a trip to the Supreme Court to bring this out?  Any Part Time Police Officer in the State of NH is taught that you can’t charge and convict someone twice for the same crime.  Is this another example of Judge Arnold’s incompetence?  With decisions like this, what does it mean for people going through family court in front of this Judge?  What does it mean when this Judge signs off on Master David Forrest’s decisions? 
Judge keeps same sentence
Former teacher argued for more probation, less jail time
By Casey Farrar
Sentinel Staff
Thursday, January 6, 2011 12:17 PM EST
Despite winning an appeal from the state’s highest court last year, a former Marlborough School teacher will still serve six months in jail on a child pornography conviction.

Bryan T. Farr, 35, was in Cheshire County Superior Court Wednesday for a re-sentencing.

In early 2009, Farr pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography and delivering child pornography, both felonies.

On the conviction for delivering child pornography, Farr was sentenced to a year at the Cheshire County jail with six months suspended for three years.

He received a suspended prison sentence of three to six years, with 10 years of probation for his conviction on possession of child pornography.

But following a N.H. Supreme Court decision in October that ruled Farr could not be charged with both counts because they were for the same crime, prosecutors and Farr’s attorney agreed that the possession charge and its prison sentence would be dropped.


Check Out The Website "Court Whores" - A Site About Exposing Family Court officials and their Accomplices who cover up abuse and coerce children to live with the abusive parent, often eliminating all or most contact with the protective parent.


Court Officials and their Accomplices who Sell Out 
**Innocent  Children**




"I cannot tell a lie."--President Abraham Lincoln,
Whores are liars and their lies harm children. 

We need more attorneys, judges and court officials like Abraham Lincoln.
The Blood of Countless Children is on the hands of these Court Whores

**This website is Dedicated to all the Children harmed by Court Whores**

The mission of this website is to expose Family Court officials and their Accomplices
who cover up abuse and coerce children to live with the abusive parent,
often eliminating all or most contact with the protective parent.  
It is intended as a warning to anyone who is trying to protect children that the "professionals" listed here
have been known or are believed to aid and abet abusive (especially sexually abusive) parents
and punish protective parents. 


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Attorney Heather Krans Of Concord NH Joins The Unethical “Wall Of Shame”

Heather Krans an Attorney with Robert Stein & Associates, PLLC, Concord, NH joins the Unethical “Wall Of Shame.”  I recently had the displeasure of meeting Heather Krans when I went in front of the NH Appellate Board in Concord where she was acting as chair person and hearing my case about unemployment. 

Krans was presented with physical evidence that my employer lied during the initial hearing and she refused to consider it.  All I was asking is that there be a rehearing to introduce the new evidence which would prove my employer lied.  I had several key pieces of new evidence to show that my employer had lied under oath at the hearing.  The outcome of the hearing would have been different, had this new information been available at the time of the hearing, because the Chairman at the initial hearing, based his decision directly on the lies my employer testified to under oath and even referenced these lies in his decision.  I also provided evidence to show that my constitutional rights were violated.  Krans wouldn’t consider the physical evidence which showed my employer lied and violated my constitutional rights. 

If I was convicted of murder and all of a sudden new DNA evidence came available to prove that it wasn’t me that committed the crime, I sure wouldn’t want Heather Krans deciding my fate.  Krans I believe is not competent to be impartial and should not be sitting on the NH Appellate Board.  Krans I believe does not care about peoples constitutional rights.  Krans in my opinion is a crooked attorney that will work to cover up the incompetence and injustice in her field.  She definitely is not one to police her field.  Just the opposite. 

In my opinion, getting a fair hearing in NH is impossible due to the size of the state.  Small states breed large amounts of corruption.  People like Krans don’t want to admit there is a problem.  It’s called ignorance.  State agencies in NH cover for each other.  I feel that is just what Krans is doing.  There is no impartiality as far as I can see.  If ever a state needed FBI intervention it’s NH.  I have enough evidence to bring down a lot of people in public positions when I find someone to look at the evidence and to listen to what I have to say. 

In the past I have made reports to the Attorney General’s office.  If you know of corruption in NH don’t waste your time with them either.  They too like to cover up crimes involving NH governmental agencies.  It’s a vicious circle that you can’t infiltrate.  I will share proof of my allegations with anyone that thinks I’m just saying this with nothing to back it up.  It’s time to get rid of corruption in NH.  I think we need to start with people like Krans. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Parental Alienation: Why Kids Usually Side with the Custodial Parent Especially If They’re Abusive

Thursday, March 11, 2010
By Dr. Tara J. Palmatier
Do your children refuse to see you since you and your ex separated? When you actually get to see your kid(s), do they lash out at you? Do they know things about your break-up or divorce that they shouldn’t know? Do they “diagnose” or berate you by using adult terms and expressions that are beyond their years?
If so, you’re probably experiencing the effects of parental alienation or hostile aggressive parenting. It’s normal to have hard feelings at the end of a significant relationship, however, you have a choice about how you handle it.
Most cases of parental alienation occur in dissolved marriages/relationships, break ups, and divorces in which there’s a high degree of conflict, emotional abuse and/or mental illness or personality disorders.
If you were emotionally abused by your ex while you were still together, then your kid(s) learned some powerful lessons about relationships, especially if you had a “no talk” policy about the rages, yelling, emotional withdrawal, cold silences and verbal attacks. Children are adversely affected by witnessing constant conflict and overt and covert relational abuse, no matter their age.