Information to post on Unethical NH Attorneys, Guardian Ad Litems, Marital Masters, Judges or any other persons involved in "Judicial Child Abuse" or "Judicial Child Neglect." Please email details to nh.unethical.attorney@gmail.com. We will not post your identity or give out your personal information.

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We need to keep the pressure on the NH Family Courts by educating the public about the numerous injustices occurring. Please feel free to send us your information for posting. I have not had any recent dealings with the court system so I do not have current information to post. The best way to deal with these unethical judges, guardian ad litems and lawyers is to post as much on them as you can so that people do not want to do business with them. I have personally known judges that have their own practices as most judges are attorneys first. Hit these people where it counts. Their wallets. Starve them out and cut off their funds. When people do not want to use their services, they will have to change their evil ways or be unemployed.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Unethical Wall Of Shame Looking To Expand


Names To Be Posted To The Unethical “Wall Of Shame”

Do you know of a lawyer, Judge, Marital Master, Guardian Ad Litem or other unethical professional that should be posted on the Unethical “Wall Of Shame” due to their lack of integrity?

Do you know of someone who has failed in their duties to the legal system?

Do you know of someone that is responsible for Judicial Child Abuse?

This is your chance to have a part in exposing corruption.

Here is what you need to do.  Post a response inside this post.  You can post “anonymously” if you wish.  Be truthful in what you say.

1.            Post the person’s full name.
2.            Their title (Judge, Attorney, GAL, etc)
3.            Who they work for and where.
4.            The reason why they should be posted on the Unethical “Wall Of Shame.”

Please make sure you keep your comments clean or your response will not be posted.
Comments And Names Posted Are Purely Opinion And Are Not The Opinion Of This Blog.


    - PARTIAL LIST OF GRIEVANCES: violating State and Federal Law, stripping a fit parent of his parental rights with no proper hearing, alienating the Child from his father without any finding of abuse or neglect, subsequently ordering litigant to finance the reunification process, issuing discovery sanctions in absence of any violations of the rules of discovery, misrepresenting discovery supplementation, creating undue financial burdens, willfully utilizing falsified testimony, writing ambiguous orders then refused to clarify her orders despite repeated pleadings to do so, denying litigant his due process approximately 100 times, refusing to admit sworn live testimony, losing total control in court over a screaming match among the attorneys without any attempt to regain order, in a two day hearing, she allowed litigant only three hours out of 14 total hours, severe bias, prejudiced behavior and uneven application of the law

  2. Can DCYF worker's and CASA be included?

  3. In response to the Unhappy Grammy, anyone partaking in “Judicial Child Abuse” or “Judicial Child Neglect” would be eligible to be on the wall of shame. Therefore DCYF and CASA workers would be eligible as would anyone else involved in Judicial Child Abuse/Neglect. This would include any public servant or citizen. We look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Concord NH Crusolaw.com Firm
    Look at your self if my words can and do state clear wrongs of the NH Supreme Court and criminal acts of one Judge Peter Fauver and you do nothing! WHAT kind of law do you practice? No ethical standards seem to be present but not only that illegal acts by our highest court and you want off my list of emails. Lawyers for years have infiltrated our government to gain power and attempt to create a monopoly of power. I will not back down for any petty threats encourage me to continue for we the people must at all times be the one’s that matter first and foremost. You are not the first lawyer to ask to be taken off my email list. My opinion of government wrongs go out to thousands every day. Thousands of people tomorrow will be questioning the ethical standards of your law firm. Read my letters again and tell me how our highest court can think violating the Constitution by refusing to hear a clear and well document case of the criminal wrongs of a brother judge: you believe a 100% disabled combat related US Marine would let go. They can refuse to hear the case all they want but my freedom of speech is just that. My ability to tell the world the truth will not stop. The Veterans administration and NH government have conspired to stop my VA medical as government retribution to stop my letters and no one in government will communicate. Not only that the newspapers believe and have taken action to censor my opinion letters to protect a certain class of society they believe are better than the majority. The ethical standards of lawyers in the state of NH have dwindled to a new low.
    Stopping a US Military Veterans combat related medical care and the newspapers believe and have shown informing their readers can be stopped under the reason public safety. This letter alone exposing the wrongs of our highest court the NH Supreme Court should and must be public information. Our Constitution is based on all having equal rights. That has to mean even a US Marine as stupid as the public might believe we are has a right to question the wrongs of the NH Supreme Court. Lawyers just because you all took and oath to protect each other’s back must place the welfare of the USA first. Look at yourself if someone with more power and greed wants something your life will be as worthless as they tell you mine is.
    Right now I am sending these letters out to my normal thousands of email address and they are printed on over eleven blogs but each day add the businesses that advertise in the Fosters and Union Leader. Each day business for profit will be affected starting in a small way but will grow as more and more addresses receive my letters. I hope some day more and more citizens send my letters to their friends and government officials.
    Look at your self and tell me is the NH Supreme Court so high and mighty that your law practice will harm the USA to protect the SC constitutional crimes against the citizens of the USA. In a civilized society communication is the proper way to avoid violence. Why does the New Hampshire Supreme Court refuse to hear a case where a brother Attorney/judge criminally violated the law to intentionally harm other US residents? Thank the Fosters Daily Democrat and the NH Union Leader for harming your business by refusing to print the opinion of government wrongs. The US Military fought to stop just such wrongs from our soil.
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
    465 Packers falls Rd Lee NH 03824 603-781-3839