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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Town Of Fitzwilliam, NH Recreation Department Coordinator Changes Her Position On Giving Legal And Biological Father A Schedule Of Soccer Games And Information On League Pictures After Dad Emails Towns Administrator Paula Thompson

This article is in regards to yesterdays posting regarding Julie Green the Town of Fitzwilliam, NH Recreation Department Coordinator emailing me and telling me that she could not provide me with a schedule of my son’s games or information on league pictures after I had explained that I am divorced and live out of state.

Green’s response was as follows:

“Unfortunately I am not able to furnish you with information. You will need to go through whatever channels you have set up with your family to acquire these details. It is beyond the scope of my position and authorization to be invoked in personal family matters.

I am sorry that I am not able to help you.”

After receiving this response, I sent her an email explaining that she had no right to deny me this information as a legal and biological parent and that this information is also subject to NH RSA 91-a “The Right To Know” law in which anyone has a right to inspect public documents. 

When Green failed to respond back to me in over 24 hours, I emailed the Town Administrator Paula Thompson. 

While I was pleased that Thompson dealt with the issue in a timelier manner and responded by telling me that Green would email the information that I requested, I was still disturbed with Green’s response back to me. 

Here is Green’s response with my son’s name redacted:

“Thanks for your patience with my responses. I am a part-time town employee and am only in the office a few hours a week.

That being said, I mistook your original request for personal information regarding your son. I am more than happy to provide you with the information that is given to each parent. I have attached the game schedule as well as the picture forms that were distributed to the parents.

XXXXX  is in Jr. Level and is on team C. This information is also posted on the Fitzwilliam website.”

This response seems to shift the blame back to me for not explaining my original request in terms that Green could understand.  Read my original request and you will see the request is very clear.  Nowhere did I ever ask for “Personal Information” as Green stated to me in her follow-up email and even if I had, according to my decree I have every right to do so. 

Here is my original request again with my son’s name redacted:

“Hi Julie:
I found your email online.  My son XXXXXXX  who is eight years old is playing soccer this fall in the Fitzwilliam league.  I am divorced so I have no way of knowing anything about the schedule other then little bits and pieces that XXXXXXX  tells me when I speak with him every week.  I live out of state so I am not able to stop by to speak with anyone. 

Is their a way I can get a copy of the schedule?

Could you let me know when pictures are being taken and whom I need to speak with about getting copies? 

Thank you,”

Again, where in this correspondence do I ask for “Personal Information.” 

Be aware when dealing with public servants that many of them try to shift the blame away from themselves to others. 

While I am extremely grateful that Julie Green finally sent me the information that I requested (and any person is entitled to inspect or get a copy under the “Right the Know” law) I am going to consider filing a complaint against her with the Fitzwilliam Board of Selectmen for her biased assumption that I have no right to any information about my children and violating varies state and federal laws such as the NH Right to know law and constitutional rights. 

Remember, a government official and their employer can be held accountable for violating constitutional rights.  Hold these people accountable for their actions, assumptions and bias. 

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