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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Corrupt Judges Get Sued

Published on the MEN'S RIGHTS BLOG

Friday, June 17, 2011

Corrupt judges get sued

Los Angeles, CA -- On June 15, at the Los Angeles Law Library, Dennis Ettlin and Daniel Cooper announce the filing of 8 civil law suits against 8 Los Angeles County judges. The 8 civil suits seek $38 million for civil rights violations and damages for prejudice against fathers. The lawsuits highlight judicial bias bought by L.A. County bribes and begin a fourth prong in the campaign to stop judicial bribes in California. The first effort by Judicial Watch succeeded with the Sturgeon I and II cases in getting the bribes ruled un-constitutional. The second effort, on April 13th, was the Judicial Watch demand for District Attorney Steve Cooley to seek the return of $350 million to the county.

The third prong is a legal challenge to void the orders of bribed judges.
The Appellate Court, in its Sturgeon II decision, called for this fourth effort. This first wave of law suits holds the judges personally liable for the loss of constitutional rights and for damages from the specific biases favoring Los Angeles County. All citizens of California are the victims of this “fraud on the court” and the biases perpetrated by judges.

The eight civil lawsuits name 5 L.A. Superior Court judges and 3 Appellate Court judges. Damages are sought for denial of the constitutional rights to due process and for specific damages due to biases in family law, traffic fines,domestic violence and gender discrimination. Our goal is to have a citizen jury re-affirm the illegality of the judicial bribes and to begin the process of compensating the victims. Further info is located at:
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Original press release:click here


  1. The same thing needs to happen in NH.

  2. Ditto, There are 2 Family Court Judges in NH are exceedingly corrupt.