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Thursday, September 29, 2011

How Have Individual People Been Dealing With The Loss Of Their Children From Judicial Child Abuse – One Step Mother Tries To Appeal To NH Administrative Judge Edwin W. Kelly – Read Her Story.

The story is all too familiar.  Many of us that have been involved with the NH Family Court System find that it is unfair, unjust and far from unbiased.  It seems that our family court system is destroying our families instead of trying to help them.  Why would that be?

Money seems to be a driving factor in the modern family court system.  This is a multibillion dollar business.  Judges and Marital Masters are employed by family’s misfortunes.  Let’s not forget about the court staff that is also employed in this business.  How about the GAL’s that make money from this system or the therapist that have to be involved in many of these cases.  What about the people that the state employs with DHHS that have jobs collecting the millions of dollars in child support that is court ordered for which federal funds are diverted to the state to employ these people. 

Did I mention the attorneys that litigate these cases too?  Let’s not forget these people.  At fees of $250 and up per hour, how many of these attorneys’s feel the need to keep the litigation to a minimum? 

Has anyone ever heard of Ivan Pavlov?  Pavlov is famous for his concept of “Conditioned Reflex.”  In short Pavlov found that when his dog knew he was being fed the dog would salivate.  Pavlov as part of an experiment began to ring a bell each time prior to feeding his dog.  Pavlov determined that because of this conditioned reflex, he could cause the dog to salivate without food just by ringing the bell.  Haven’t we conditioned many of our family law attorneys in this same way?  To mention divorce in front of an attorney is like ringing the bell and making the dog salivate.  In this case it’s not food but money.  The word “divorce” makes any of these members of the system salivate as they have the conditioned reflex that Pavlov spoke of. 

The bell in this case is the sound of the cash register.  The billions of dollars stolen by these people are being stolen from our children.  This is money that should be going to their welfare and education. 

How do we change the system?  Everyone needs to become involved in some way.  Writing letters to our officials such as the letter posted below.  Share your stories with the media including this and other blogs.  We need real stories so that the legislature can see how screwed up the system is and work towards changing the laws. 

The following is a letter from Samantha Haas to Judge Kelly.  Thank you Samantha for sharing this with us:

Honorable Ed Kelly;

Why are your Courts destroying my family?

We have suffered severe emotional distress, financial hardship and estrangement from my two stepdaughters. 

Why was my husband denied his right to Due Process as his Constitutional Rights have been violated and the essential base on the concept "fundamental fairness"?

Why has my husband repeatedly been held in contempt based on a mathematical error by your court?

Why has he not seen his daughters in two years? Since September 26th 2009 to be exact.

Why do you allow his ex-wife to block every attempt to see them?

Why do you allow his ex-wife to commit perjury in your courtrooms?

Why are we being forced to get our food at our local food pantry and remain on the verge of bankruptcy?

Why has my husband paid more than 38% of his income for child support when the guidelines state that he should be paying 33% for two children?

Why was my husband falsely incarcerated because he could not financially comply with the error by your court?

WHY did it become my families' responsibility to find $10,000 cash bail to have him released? Why did it become my responsibility to fight for my husband's freedom and his right to be a father and not be faulted for an error your court made?

WHY do we continue to file with your court with no response? 

WHY are we being denied our rights? Our rights as people and our rights as parents?

Our family desperately needs relief. 

The children are getting older and they already have a two year old sister they have never met. 

Please show us what to do.


Samantha & Nicholas Haas

1 A Hummingbird Lane
Hooksett, NH 03106
(603)858-6634 Ph.


  1. Perhaps Pavlov should have used an attorney in his experiment instead of a dog!

  2. I had this same thought myself but Pavlov I am sure being a logical scientist came to the conclusion that a dog doesn't bill out at $250 an hour.