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We need to keep the pressure on the NH Family Courts by educating the public about the numerous injustices occurring. Please feel free to send us your information for posting. I have not had any recent dealings with the court system so I do not have current information to post. The best way to deal with these unethical judges, guardian ad litems and lawyers is to post as much on them as you can so that people do not want to do business with them. I have personally known judges that have their own practices as most judges are attorneys first. Hit these people where it counts. Their wallets. Starve them out and cut off their funds. When people do not want to use their services, they will have to change their evil ways or be unemployed.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blog Reaches 25,000 Page Views Today

Today the blog has recorded over 25,000 page views in a little over a year.  Wow!  It's like a train picking up momentum.  Once the train picks up speed don’t get in the way.  Get on board or be run over.  Be ethical when you are a public servant or be exposed by this blog. 

There is so much corruption out there that needs to be exposed and we doing it. 

We are reaching out to and informing lots of readers about issues involving Judicial Child Abuse and Neglect.  We are exposing unethical abusers of the court system and proud of our work.

Help to keep up the momentum.  Keep your tips coming in on unethical attorneys, GAL’s, Judges, Marital Masters or anyone else that is participating in Judicial Child Abuse or Judicial Child Neglect. 


  1. Congratulations! I Support this blog. Your labor has helped thousands understand the truth

  2. I'm glad to find a like minded blog. I'll add a link to your page from my site. But hopefully, things are improving faster in your area. I've read of some interesting developments in the New York Family Courts and I assume there will be a regional effect. In California, women's groups have pretty much made the words parental alienation something that cannot be said without bringing up baggage. Two years ago, the National Organization of Women tried to get the state legislature to make it illegal to bring up in family court. But beyond that California and Solano County Family Courts have the same problems you discuss....and plenty of unethical lawyers. (see http://www.solanofamilycourt.com ) An interesting twist is are court rules designed for workload management. The rules short cut the justice system and in my opinion create a system that favors anyone willing to lie. This is the perfect playground for unethical greedy lawyers.