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Monday, August 1, 2011

WMUR Channel Nine News Interviews So Called “Experts To Debate Whether Family Courts Treat Mothers, Fathers Differently” – Unfortunately Channel Nine Never Allows For A “Debate” As The Title Implies - The Only Expert Interviewed Here Appears To Be State Representative Jeffrey Oligny Who Has Been Through The Family Court System Himself – When WMUR Interviews Scott Hampton The Director Of The Business “Ending The Violence.” WMUR Gives Hampton What Appears To Be A Non Rebutted One Sided Interview Of The Bashing Of Men - Hampton In His Interview Would Have People Believe This Is About A Group Of Woman Beating Men That Have Created Their Own Problems And Deserve To Have Their Children Taken Away From Them.

WMUR News Nine in NH aired a special report on Thursday July 28, 2011 in regards to “Fathers Claim NH Courts Biased Against Them.” 

We were all hopeful that Channel Nine News would report on the facts involving reasons why there are so many people speaking out about the NH Family Court System.  After all, last month Thomas Ball set himself on fire in front of the Cheshire County Superior Court (In Cheshire County the Superior Court acts as the family court since the state never funded a separate family division as every other county in the state appears to have done.  This means that the same Judges that hear criminal matters also are dealing with marital matters which are a major conflict). 

NH Representative Jeffery Oligny who is also part of a group called the National Congress for Fathers and Children during his interview spoke of unfair bias against men in the NH family courts.  Oligny has actually been through the family court system himself and therefore has the advantage of knowing first hand how the system works. 

Oligny brings up several great points during his interview.  One of which was the system creates a lot of conflict and we need to take a closer look at the system to see why. 

On the other hand, Channel Nine News also interviewed Scott Hampton the director of Ending the Violence in Dover.  Hampton Counsels clients there and by the way he speaks I interpret it that many of these people being counseled are probably court ordered to be in his program which automatically gives Hampton an incentive to put down men.   Hampton’s interview appears to be money driven.  Why bite the hand that feeds you.  In this case the hand is the NH Court System. 

In Hampton’s interview he told News Nine that in many of cases, mothers win custody not because of bias but because the father was abusive.   Hampton offers no data to base this comment on.  It is just a bunch of fluff. 

I personally know of many men that have been in the family court system and there is no proof of abuse but the family court orders separation anyway.  How many people out there are aware of the recent NH case regarding Janet Todd’s false accusations against James Miller where the NH Family Court Gave Janet custody of their children?  Read the following post on Todd and Miller.

The many men that I have spoke with in regards to unfair treatment in the family courts have never once told me that they were fighting for sole custody of their children.  They were looking for equal parenting time.  Why do people have the concept that one parent needs to be a custodial parent and the other needs to be a “Visitor?” 

In addition, Channel Nine News has had a lot of people posting comments on their website in regards to this story.  Most comments outline numerous serious issues with the family court system. 

Here is the link to the story: http://www.wmur.com/r/28695954/detail.html


  1. I and so many other's waited close to a month for this segment of WMUR to air. Had the real story with interviews been shown, without the threats of WMUR being sued, everyone would have seen just how bias the NH court's really are.
    This special started out as a story about Nick Haas, a father who has always paid child support. A father who hasn't seen his children, since I believe 2009. A father the NH court's have tried to make even more money off of, jailing him earlier this month. There was nothing even mentioned about Nick and his family in this bias report.
    The segment aired by WMUR tried to put the blame on father's.
    Father's and mother's alike are getting the shaft, while the court's sit by and make a killing off a families pain, playing one parent against the other.
    In many cases the court's are bias against father's. In many cases they're also bias against mother's. Even grandparent's. It seem's to me, whichever parent run's to the court first with tales of abuse, wind's up with custody of the children, whether the report is true or false.
    I know of one father who abused his wife after she found out he was cheating on her, after finding another woman's undergarment's under her bed. She confronted him and he punched her in the face, with witnesses watching. The mother was arrested and charged with domestic violence. The father has custody of their child and has never been held in contempt for refusing to let the mother see her child.
    Another mother, beaten by her admittedly abusive husband, the husband wind's up with custody after filing a false report with DCYF. I know many other mother's alienated by both DCYF and our illustrous NH judicial system, with the father's never even given the right of custody to their children.
    I know of three father's whose right's were never terminated in Nashua, after DCYF took their children from the mother's. Two of the mother's were falsely accused by DCYF and the NH court's, which was proven. The father's of all three of these children were never contacted, while two of the Probate Court Judges both lied in their decision's. All three children have been illegally adopted, after fictitious mens right's were terminated. DCYF and the court's were well aware they weren't the children's father's. But DCYF and the court's figured it was no big deal.
    So yes, many of the men in NH are getting the shaft in NH and many women are also. Many of the custody order's made by the NH court's are very unfair.
    The entire justice system in NH is nothing but a greedy money making machine. Money made off the pain and suffering of families.
    This News segment was nothing worth waiting to see. It was a total flop, full of bias. The NH judicial system's failure will one day be out in the open. With or without the help of WMUR.

  2. The situation in the courts affect children.

    If we as a society want to protect them, we will frown upon constant litigation between any parties in the family court NOT ENCOURAGE IT.

    Children deserve BOTH parents equally. Unless there is an extremely good reason to keep a parent from his or her child(ren).

    There are states that have adopted "Shared Parenting"- this starts the proceedings at 50% custody for both parties and encourages keeping both of them OUT of the court room.

    Think about this...every dollar that is wasted on this BS in the family court is in fact a dollar that is taken from the children.

    It could be better used on education, food, clothes, and everything it takes to raise a child today in the world in which we live.

  3. I am currently a victem of this terrible biased system. My daughter was taken the day before her 3rd birthday by the mother simply saying that i was a flight risk... i own a home and business in cheshire county for the last 15 years . This shortly after i was beaten and bloodied at my office by my daughters mother,I was referred to Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention but was hung up on . Before i was hung up on i was told they couldnt help me because she had lied to them previously during an earlier attack on me while she was high on crack cocaine. The Gal lied to the court telling them she was tested and came up clean in a urinalysis. Her notes(discovery) i just received after six monthsof having my little girl taken away show she tested POSITIVE . This Gal never contacted my witnesses but letters have been sent to her from people, roomates , etc. that have witnessed the abuse , lies, and drug use.. There is nothing said about me that is true accept what i have admitted to the court. The GAL says i am a lier , yet there is no proof. I was even accused of bringing strippers home from a bar . The place she named burned down over 15 years ago ! Its seriously a circus, but in the mean time my daughter is put in constant danger in an environment where the GAL has forced her to be . I need help and dont know where to turn . DCYF has been zero help , police wont do anything, and there exparte taking my child has already been six months but was just extended 6 more because "there is no judge to hear my case " HELP where do i turn ? edwardbryans@netzero.net

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