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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Marital Master Philip Cross - Destroying Children - Destroying Families - Destroying Lives (From The Stop Judicial Child Abuse Website)

Marital Master Philip Cross - Destroying Children - Destroying Families - Destroying Lives

Dear Readers,

  This expose was received by the STOP Judicial Child Abuse Blog from a litigant who is suffering at the tyrannical hands of Marital Master Philip Cross, who is under investigatory impeachment by the NH Legislature.  It is reproduced in full, unedited form in black below.

  Please take a moment to read about this Judicial Child Abuser.  Formulate your own opinions and as always, we welcome your feedback!

Stop Judicial Child Abuse



·         [Art.] 73. [Tenure of Office To Be Expressed in Commissions; Judges to Hold Office During Good Behavior, etc.; Removal.] The tenure that all commissioned officers shall have by law in their offices shall be expressed in their respective commissions, and all judicial officers duly appointed, commissioned and sworn, shall hold their offices during good behavior except those for whom a different provision is made in this constitution. The governor with consent of the council may remove any commissioned officer for reasonable cause upon the address of both houses of the legislature, provided nevertheless that the cause for removal shall be stated fully and substantially in the address and shall not be a cause which is a sufficient ground for impeachment, and provided further that no officer shall be so removed unless he shall have had an opportunity to be heard in his defense by a joint committee of both houses of the legislature.

Just read the cases of Johnson v. Johnson, Puiia v Miner, Whelen v Emerson, Miller v. Todd, and now Kenick v Kenick:

1. He recommended an order holding a father in criminal contempt following a hearing that had been noticed as a civil contempt hearing, which order resulted in that father, who was representing himself and was the primary custodian of the parties' minor child, to be incarcerated for 10 weeks, in contravention of his right not to be deprived of liberty but by the judgment of his peers, as guaranteed by Part 1, Article 15 of the New Hampshire Constitution.

2. He:
(a) Recommended a child support order in the absence of submission of the affidavits and child support guidelines worksheets necessary to its lawful determination under RSA 458-C, thereby basing said recommendation neither upon the guidelines set forth in RSA 458-C:4 nor upon some other basis supported by written findings pursuant to RSA 458-C:5;
(b) Recommended in said proposed order that child support be paid by the father, even though the father had primary physical custody of the parties' minor child and the mother's income was at least as great as that of the father;
(c) Recommended an order denying a motion to reconsider that support order when presented with evidence of these defects; and
(d) Subsequently recommended an order requiring the sale of the father's home in order to pay the arrearage in the child support determined on the basis of the support order so generated, resulting in the father and the minor child becoming homeless.

3. He:
(a) Refused to allow competent testimony or the admission into evidence of documentation critical to the determination of the medical needs of a minor child;
(b) Willfully misrepresented such of the medical needs of the minor child as were known to him;
(c) Recommended an order transferring parental medical decision-making authority respecting said minor child in the absence of any evidence of changed circumstances so justifying; and
(d) Held the father in contempt of court for seeking appropriate emergency medical attention for said minor child in circumstances in which he knew or should have known the father had no reasonable alternative.

4. Rather than recommend a new order to replace it, he instead refused to enforce an existing custody order that had been temporarily suspended, thereby allowing the mother to disregard the custodial rights of the father thereunder, and did not act upon a motion brought by the father against the mother to enforce his custodial rights under said existing order.

5. Following entry of an order precluding a father from taking his minor child out of school early and a subsequent order requiring the parties' minor child to undergo counseling, he recommended an order holding the father in contempt for violating the second order in circumstances in which his doing so would have caused him to violate the first order.

6. He followed a pattern, in an ongoing case before him, of recommending orders having the effect of gradually eroding one parent's custodial rights without proper pleadings having been filed by the other parent, without proper notice having been given, without hearings having been held, and without changed circumstances having arisen.

7. He recommended an order relating to parenting issues following a hearing that had been noticed as one to consider financial issues, but which on the day of the hearing, over the objection of one parent, had been changed to parenting issues raised at the hearing by the other parent, thereby depriving the objecting parent of adequate opportunity to prepare and of advance disclosure of the identity and expected testimony of the expert witnesses brought and called to testify by the other parent, which order, in addition to its adverse consequences to the objecting parent, terminated the physical custodial rights of the objecting parent's parents, who, notwithstanding that they were formal parties, had not been afforded the opportunity to testify, to present witnesses, or to cross-examine opposing witnesses at the hearing.

8. He recommended an order, without opportunity for objection or hearing, approving payment of guardian ad litem fees of $44,000 that encompassed activities beyond the scope of the guardian's legitimate duties and responsibilities and in disregard of the retainer agreement that had limited fees to $4,000.

9. In summary, it is evident to the general court that Marital Master Philip Cross has established a pattern of retaliatory, arbitrary, capricious and/or prejudiced adjudication; disregard of governing law and rules; disregard of the evidentiary record; and recommendation of conflicting orders, and orders disregarding the best interests, safety, and health of minor children of the parties appearing before him.

Below is a letter written from an attorney regarding gross injustices conducted from the bench by Marital Master Cross in 2007. The letter (which can be viewed athttp://werme.8m.net/Fathers_Rights/David_Johnson/07_03_29_exec_counsel_let.pdf  Shows a repetitive history of injustices by Marital Master Cross and further supports the assertion that he is bias and unfit to sit on the bench (over many years and many cases and in two Courts now).

The part of the video related to Cross is from 12 minutes and 15 seconds to 36 minutes and 7 seconds

From the March 31, 2011 Nashua Telegraph.
NH court overturns custody order - NashuaTelegraph.com 
Source: nashuatelegraph.com 

CONCORD - A Portsmouth Family Court Judge was wrong to award custody of two children to a New Hampshire woman who may have coached them to accuse their father of sexual abuse, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

In a unanimous ruling written by Justice Gary Hicks, the high court ordered Portsmouth Family Division Judge Sharon DeVries to reconsider the case of James J. Miller and Janet S. Todd.
Miller, who now lives in New York, and Todd, who lives in New Hampshire, had struck up a relationship in 1999, after meeting online. They lived together for a time in both Michigan and New Hampshire, and had two daughters.

See the court's ruling below, or on the court's website: www.courts.state.nh.us/supreme/opinions/index.htm
- Andrew Wolfe

THE SUPREME COURT OF NEW HAMPSHIRE ___________________________
Portsmouth Family Division No. 2009-806
Argued: November 17, 2010 Opinion Issued: March 31, 2011

the trial court erred in awarding Todd parenting responsibility when she has “engaged in a sustained campaign to alienate the children from [him], and to interfere with his parenting rights, by making multiple accusations of sexual abuse.”

As we have recognized, “the obstruction by a custodial parent of visitation between a child and the noncustodial parent may, if continuous, constitute behavior so inconsistent with the best interests of the child as to raise a strong possibility that the child will be harmed.” Webb v. Knudson, 133 N.H. 665, 673 (1990); see also In the Matter of Kosek & Kosek, 151 N.H. 722, 728 (2005).

the trial court engaged in an unsustainable exercise of discretion.

trial court’s determination as to custody apparently did not take into account actions of the wife and impact of wife’s repeated lawsuits on husband’s ability to maintain contact with his children).

the false allegations of abuse significantly interfered with Miller’s visitation and deprived him of any relationship with his children for years.

mother’s attempt to deprive child of opportunity to know and love father by interfering with father’s visitation is not in child’s best interest); Theisen v. Theisen, 405 N.W.2d 470, 474 (Minn. Ct. App. 1987) (mother created and maintained atmosphere of unwarranted suspicion and accusation regarding conduct of father toward children resulting in psychological damage); C.J.L. v. M.W.B., 879 So. 2d 1169, 1178 (Ala. Civ. App. 2003) (not in child’s best interests to be raised by a mother so bitterly opposed to child’s father).

See Theisen, 405 N.W.2d at 472 (mother’s repeated attempts to alienate the children from their father and her pattern of conduct, having existed over the years, is unlikely to change);

The trial court awarded custody to Todd primarily because the children have spent the majority of their lives with her and that is where they are most comfortable.

Miller was denied any contact with his children for over two years and had little opportunity to establish a home life with them between 2004 and 2009. This raises the question whether Todd has benefitted from her misbehavior.

it was clear the court failed to consider evidence that mother willfully interfered with father’s relationship with the children

We conclude that the award of parental rights and responsibilities must be vacated and the case remanded for reconsideration in light of this opinion. On remand, the trial court must consider the factors set forth in RSA 461-A, I(e)-(g) in determining the children’s best interests in this case. Also, the court should consider the applicability of the recent amendment to RSA 461-A:6, IV (Supp. 2010). It is within the trial court’s discretion to take into consideration any additional circumstances that may have occurred while this appeal was pending.

Public record from Kenick v Kenick (there are DOZENS more in Exhibit “H” which is also public record in Case 2008-DM-184:

1.      “My son-in-law, Joseph Kenick has asked that I share my observations concerning the Court proceedings and also the Petitioner’s continued attempt to deny a fair settlement for the children as well as the properties.  Joe had been able to let us enjoy our grandchildren by traveling to our home in Vermont, bringing the children on camping trips to Coleman State Park, and arranging birthdays and other family events.  On numerous occasions Sarah has interfered with some of those plans. I traveled to the Courthouse on the 10th of September and again on the 28th of December to testify on behalf of the children.  My observation was that on the September visit which was two separate days of testimony, that although Mr. Kenick had more than six witnesses available to testify, the Court only allowed him 25 minutes of time on the day that I was there.  I was told by some of the other witnesses that they had been waiting for both days and never testified.  I returned to the Courtroom on the 28th of December and again found that the Court gave Ms. Kenick’s attorney more than half of the time available.  My wife and I have spent time alone with the Grandchildren and occasionally the conversation would drift to how things are going at home.  On several occasions, they would talk about some abusive behavior in Sarah’s house.   I was very upset with Sarah’s testimony in Court in that she misrepresented statements that I had made and told the GAL so, in hopes somebody would see the light.  I thought the judicial system was supposed to be an unbiased and fair system in which differences could be resolved.  All that I see in this matter is an unfair and hurtful injustice to two innocent children.”

2.      In a notarized affidavit dated February 5, 2011 Darrell Martin, Ms. Kenick’s own Stepfather, wrote “On the 28th of December, 2011, I testified in the divorce proceedings between Joseph Kenick and Sarah Kenick (Prescott).  After I finished, Sarah was called to give her version of my statements.  During her testimony I heard her telling things that I felt were not the truth.  I was very upset at the things that she said and I addressed the GAL about some of the statements that Sarah had made.  I told her that Sarah was not completely telling the truth.  I finished the conversation by saying that I had no reason to drive 8 hours in a snow storm to not tell the truth.  I would be glad to explain my observation if anyone needs more information.”

3.      Darrell Martin also testified on December 28, 2010 that Petitioner’s father, who lives with her in Mr. Kenick’s home, struck Sarah’s mother so hard she required a metal plate to be surgically implanted in her jaw.
                                                                          i.      Mr. Prescott is the same person Marital Master Cross had to stop the proceedings in the December 2008 Emergency Custody Hearing Ms. Kenick created in her obstruction of shared custody, to inform him that if he couldn’t better control his temper he would be removed from the Courtroom.
                                                                        ii.      Mr. Prescott is also the same person young Joseph Kenick IV claims has repeatedly struck the him for pleading to be relieved of Ms. Kenick’s custody and he told Dr. Tan in private this past April.
                                                                      iii.      Mr. Prescott is also the same person who assaulted Mr. Kenick’s van in the road with the children inside it at the failed attempt to create an altercation for a Restraining Order at the custody transfer on August 14, 2009 as stated in the notarized affidavit of Christina Winslow below.

4.      On June 30, 2010 I attended a hearing to testify regarding what the children had stated to me were reasons for their repeated pleas for protection and relief from Ms. Kenick and her father.  Yet Marital Master Cross allowed NONE of the eleven persons present to testify, including the children’s 100 year old Great Grandmother.  On February 11, 2011 I again attended a hearing to testify on behalf of the children and again Marital Master Cross refused to allow Mr. Kenick to call ANY of his twelve witnesses to take the stand while again allowing Ms. Kenick’s lawyer to repeatedly stall the entire hearing.  I am also one of the several persons Mr. Kenick took as witnesses to custody transfers following the August 14, 2009 incident in what the children describe as a prepared altercation where they were forced into outgrown shoes and clothing while Mr. Kenick waited outside the home, and then Ms. Kenick and her father followed them out the door and when Mr. Kenick wouldn’t engage in an argument, Ms. Kenick’s father flew into a rage and ran into the street shouting obscenities and banging on the van with the children inside it according to the children.  I am also the recipient of the Cubscout related email Ms. Kenick instigated in February of this year for which she then had Mr. Kenick arrested and jailed overnight.  I understand the prosecutor said in Court he had no prosecutable case and it was placed on file.  As a mother, scoutleader, and NH taxpayer, I am appalled at the lack of justice or Due Process I’ve personally witnessed in this case in the Portsmouth Family Court.”

5.      Steve Jerge, the owner of the property where Ms. Kenick stalked me to seek an altercation after her August 14, 2009 attempt failed, wrote “I had never met either Mr. or Mrs. Kenick before they became our neighbors when Joseph Kenick purchased the house next door in April 2002.  In October 2009 my family and I asked Joseph Kenick III if he would take care of our fish and our mail while we were away in Aruba.  Mr. Kenick agreed and my family and I subsequently went on vacation.  Ms. Kenick had no legal right, reason, nor permission to be anywhere on our property.   Yet according to the police report of November 11, 2009, Ms. Kenick therefore trespassed on our property in order to confront Mr. Kenick.  As the homeowner, Ms. Kenick had neither permission nor any legal right to be present; I hope the above clarifies the events of November 11, 2009” (when Ms. Kenick obtained a Restraining Order).  He continues “I have also personally witnessed the bias and injustice of Marital Master Cross and the Portsmouth Family Court system.  I repeatedly took days off of work to attend Court sessions and testify to the above as well as Mr. Kenick’s character.  On June 30, 2010 I was one of eleven witnesses who attended, yet Marital Master Cross refused to let these witnesses speak.  On September 10, 2010 I was one of more than a dozen witnesses to attended, yet Marital Master Cross refused to allow any witnesses to speak on behalf of Mr. Kenick or the children until the final twenty five minutes of a six hour hearing.  I was also one of a dozen witnesses who came to testify on behalf of Mr. Kenick on February 11, 2011, yet Marital Master Cross again refused to allow witnesses to take the stand.  As a taxpayer, I am deeply troubled by the gross bias, wasted resources, and complete lack of Due Process I have now personally witnessed in this case.  Apparently rulings are only granted to those who can afford a lawyer and justice does not exist.”

6.      Independent NH taxpayer and Courtroom witness Mario Izzo wrote “I am writing to you as a member of the public who recently witnessed Marital Master Cross on February 11, 2011, when he was presiding over the divorce hearing for Mr. & Mrs. Kenick.  I left thinking it was nothing more than a kangaroo Court.  Justices sitting on the bench should be fair and looking out for the welfare of the kids.  From my own observations the only bench Marital Master Cross should be sitting on is a baseball bench.  I took a day off of work without pay to testify for Mr. Kenick, because I have first hand knowledge of the complaints the children have made in repeatedly asking for relief from their mother’s custody.  I could have understood not to be called, but when Marital Master Cross denied to hear any of Mr. Kenick’s witnesses, because Master Cross would let Ms. Kenick’s attorney ramble on for more than twenty minutes, is totally wrong and does not serve justice.  For instance, Ms. Kenick’s attorney complained that she felt it was wrong for Mr. Kenick to go to the Stratham Police Station to pick up his children.  Yet Ms. Kenick was the one who sought out Mr. Kenick to obtain a Restraining Order against him and the neighbor on whose property she did it was present to testify too and said he too was repeatedly denied even though he had attended several Court sessions.  When Mr. Kenick would try to object to Ms. Kenick’s attorney’s long delay tactics, MM Cross would only say that he would have his chance to speak.  When Mr. Kenick was able to speak he spoke for barely a minute before Ms. Kenick’s attorney would object and then would be allowed to shuffle papers and ramble on again so no witnesses were heard.  Then Master Cross ended the day saying Mr. Kenick had the same amount of time to state his side and call his witnesses, and as I stated above no one was called despite twelve persons who sat in the Court room for the entire hearing.  According to several persons present, this same injustice has been repeated by Marital Master Cross in this case time and time again.  This is not a Court where both sides have a chance to present, but a kangaroo Court and Marital Master Cross should be removed from his position if the public is to have any confidence in the judicial system.”

7.      Former NH AG Attorney Craig Donais wrote “I am an attorney admitted to practice law in New Hampshire.  Mr. Kenick was very concerned about appearing Pro Se and retained me on a limited representation basis to sit beside him and advise him at the Final Hearing in his divorce on September 9, 2010 in the Portsmouth Family Court.  I have not appeared for Mr. Kenick either prior to, or following the September 9, 2010 hearing.  I understand from Mr. Kenick that the Guardian Ad Litem report was to be filed during the second week of August, but a report was not filed by GAL Jennifer Rackley until approximately a week before the scheduled hearing.  In an unusual move, the GAL filed a modified report either during or immediately preceding the hearing, with substantially different allegations and information than was contained in the report from a week before.  The report was not made available for review by Mr. Kenick prior to or at the hearing.  Mr. Kenick requested that Marital Master Cross interview the children in camera, but he denied his request.  During the hearing GAL Rackley was examined by the Respondent about her recommendations and in her testimony she indicated that she had no additional evidence to support her change of position from the report filed days earlier, nor had she investigated any of the incidents regarding abuses claimed by the children and the Respondent alleged against the Petitioner.  It is my understanding that as a result of the information presented in this late GAL report that the Family Division modified the Respondent’s custody from the 50/50 shared custody arrangement which had been in effect since June 2008.”
·         The Court and this public case file will also please note Respondent’s GAL related motion dated March 2010 requiring a Court order to deny GAL Rackley’s attempt to demand $140 an hour not to exceed $9000 when the Court’s February 6, 2010 order clearly stated $60 an hour not to exceed $1000 total.

8.      Billie Jo Kangethe wrote a notarized affidavit dated February 14, 2011 stating “To Whom It May Concern, Joseph and Alexandra Kenick attend the Southern District YMCA Stratham after-school program on Mondays, Tuesdays, and every other Friday.  They’re picked up by their father, Joe Kenick, on those afternoons between 3:30 and 4:30.”  Which supports my pleas to the Court for protection from Ms. Kenick’s repeated attempts to create an altercation in front of the children two days in a row this past January.

9.      I now have in my possession a notarized affidavit dated September 20, 2011 which states “I am the assistant to the Sunday School Program at Christ Church in Exeter, NH.  I have personally witnessed Sarah Kenick swear at a group of Sunday school children.  I also have first hand knowledge regarding the Kenick children’s repeated plea for protection and relief from Ms. Kenick’s custody. Both children have repeatedly stated they have been hit by Ms. Kenick’s father who lives with her, punished, confined to their room, denied attendance at numerous events, all while begging for protection from Ms. Kenick’s custody.  On February 11, 2011 I attended the Court hearing to testify to the above when Marital Master Cross refused to allow ANY of Mr. Kenick’s twelve witnesses to testify.  Where is justice for the children when Ms. Kenick’s lawyer is allowed to stall the entire hearing and the judge refuses to accept notarized affidavits or hear testimony?  I was told by more than one witness in the courtroom that day that several of them have attended two, three, or more hearings, and the same injustice in the Portsmouth Family Court; and a testament to Mr. Kenick’s character, and love as a father, that he has been able to endure such prolonged injustice.  For the safety and emotional well-being, SOMEONE from the Court or the State should listen to the children and immediately grant their plea to live with their father.”

from http://unethicalattorney.blogs...
NH House investigating impeaching marital master - From The Website Of The Washington Examiner

Therapist_and_Mother 1 week ago
I share my viewpoints as a therapist with decades of experience and also as a mother and grandmother who has been irreparably harmed by longstanding maladministration of court rules and violations of the law by Marital Master Philip Cross. It would take many hours to fully explain how drastically Master
Cross has injured our family over the four plus years we have been in his court and also to explain the cases from other families we've found that have been similarly harmed. Thank you to the intrepid women and men of the legislature who voted to investigate marital master Philip Cross.

mother4justice 1 week ago
I am waiting patiently for the day "Master Cross" is removed from the court system. This is the man who, Without asking one question of the mother of a 6 yr old little boy, decides to allow the estranged father to take him to a country which does not abide by the Hague Child Abduction Act.

I am a retired federal law enforcement officer with over thirty three years of service to our country on the front lines during both wartime and peacetime. I retired from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Dept. of Homeland Security in 2004. In all my long years as a federal law enforcement officer I have never seen, nor even imagined, as lawless an environment as the Portsmouth Family Division under Master Cross's dictatorial, unconstitutional and abusive rule. I write in support of HR7, a bill to investigate whether there are grounds to impeach Marital Master Phillip Cross.

It is my sincere hope and prayer for innocent children and families in our state that the legislature intervenes to stop the horribly destructive human and civil rights abuses that occur regularly at the Portsmouth Family Division by Marital Master Phillip Cross.

Master Cross's actions and rulings that are direct and extreme violations of the New Hampshire Constitution, the U.S. Constitution, established court rules, our rights to due process under the law, our civil rights, Case Law established by the Supreme Court and the Code of Judicial Conduct.

The JCC, Administrative Judge of the Family Court and the Supreme Court have continually refused to protect the public from unconstitutional violations of our laws by Master Cross and continue to only try to protect him and themselves as if they feel they are above the law. The legislature is the only and last
option left for "we the people" for protection from Master Cross. The Judiciary has failed to protect citizens and police it's ranks. The legislature is the check and balance and is constitutionally empowered to do just that.

How is any of the above justice or in the best interest of the children?


  1. I too am a former law enforcement official with 27 years of exeprience and a disabled veteran. My troubles with the law did not start until my divorce and child custody dispute.

    “In A.J’s best interest I recommend that he attend the Burnham School in Haverhill (MA)….Furthermore, the issue of diversity is real. A. J. would likely find it lonely being the only Black child in a school in NH. He has a rich Black Heritage of which to be proud. He can share with and learn from other children of his color and it can enhance his growing up years in numerous ways. In Haverhill (MA), he has that opportunity far more that it exists in NH.” –Patricia Frim, Esq., Court Appointed Guardian ad Litem, 07/14/03

    “Ultimately, the court finds that the most important factors are diversity and crime. Given the information presented on the issue of diversity...the Court concludes that the Burnham school in Haverhill (MA) would be the more appropriate placement for A.J.”- Marital Master Harriet J. Fishman- Case No. 02-M-0032 (Approved Judge Gerald Taube). 08/05/03

    “No appeal, however, is declined except by unanimous vote of the court with at least three justices participating. No justice who considered this matter voted to accept this appeal. Accordingly, the appeal was declined. If any justice who considered this matter believed the appeal should have been accepted, this case would have been scheduled for briefing. Declined. Brock, C.J., and Broderick, Nadeau, Dalianis and Duggan, JJ., concurred. Case No. 03-0640, (Declining to hear appeal of Case 02-M-0032), 11/21/03)

    Using my son's African American race and skin color to determine school placement violated Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and numerous other state and federal anti-discrimination laws in education.

    Former Executive Secretary Attorney Anthony McManus and current Executive Secretary Mittleholzer of the Judicial Conduct Committee, Margaret Nelson, Chair, and James DeHart, General Counsel of the Professional Conduct are just as equally racists for their corruption and cover-up of the Courts racial and gender bias.

    Lastly, but importantly is the conduct of Governor John Lynch, former NH Attorney General Kelly Ayotte and current NH AG Delaney. Ayottte decided to have me falsely chanrged and arrested for complaining too long and too loud about the court's racial bias denying my son the right to attend public school in NH because of his race and skin color and Deleny for not having the moral fiber or strength of character to hold white court official accountable for their racist and discriminatory actions. I'm just waiting on the reuling by the First Circuit Court of Appeals ruling against NH Asst AG James Boffetti, criminal investigators G. Michael Bahan and John Hannigan over the First Amendment retaliatory arrest.

    Sending my then 6 year old son to a persistently failing public school system in another State that located in de facto residentially segregated and highly dangerous neighborhood plagued with violence, drugs and gangs activity under the guise of DIVERSITY AND CRIME was the height of judicial ignorance, arrogance and imcompetence. The infractions committed by the court are too numerous to mention but being denied access to the information gathered by Frim that she used to make her recommendation, denied the right to an attorney after my attorney quit because she refused to abide by my decision to seek
    Frim's removal, and being forced to transport my son across state lines to the inferior performing school during my alternate week of legal and physical custody (yet, I retained legal and physical custody) thus contributing to undermining my son's education, was just a few of the outrageous acts of the court.

    Ralph Holder
    Master of Arts, Criminal Justice
    Justice of the Peace
    State of New Hampshire

  2. Unfortunately, the public won't see a published opinion in my case (In the Matter of Maria Holder and Ralph Holder 03-640), because to do so the NHSJC (BROCK, BRODERICK, DALIANIS, DUGGAN and NADEAU) would have subjected themselves to intense public backlash and legislative scrutiny for the manifest bias and federal civil rights violation. The public had the right to know what their justices are doing and to hold them accountable under Part I, Article 8 of the NH State Constitution.

  3. Laurie Axinn Gienapp of Haverhill (MA) was my divorce attorney. In the midst of the custody evaluation she received a call from Attorney/GAL Frim accusing me of orchestrating my ex-wife's arrest for assault on our 17 year old daughter and claiming I threatened her. Frim offered nor provided any proof of her allegations. I demanded Gienapp seek the removal of Frim for bias. She admandantly refused in writing. I earlier raised suspicion about the choice of co-parenting counselor Frim ordered me to attend after I found the location was a African American Baptist Church (New Hope in Portsmouth, NH) where the purported counselor was listed as the Senior Pastor. I called Frim to register my objection of participation in religious or pastoral counseling, especially considering I had information that my ex-wife routinely visited New Hope on a regular basis with her church. Frim claimed to me and in court documents the Paster was a counselor who worked out of his office at the church and directed I attend or she would have the court order me to undergo a costly psychological eval. I went, but subsequently found out my ex-wife informed Frim that she had known the Pastor for 13 years. I investigated and found out the Pastor was not a counselor, nor was he licensed or certified as one by the NH Board of Mental Health Practice. He was a High School Social Studies teacher and was a former legal client of Frim's and she admittedly chose him because he was African American and used him on 5-6 other cases involving minority family cases. In Frim's notes was a telling piece of evidence that she kept from me while the divorce was still pending. It was her notes on a conservations with my ex saying that "she was too white to be black and too black to be white". It also noted "Diversity, fa (father) would not take the child to church" Race and religion played a role in her decision. My ex is a light skinned biracial female who does not self identify as African American. She's often mistaken for being White Hispanic. Frim did not declare the conflict of interest nor has she or Gienapp ever been held accountable. Gienapp quite two weeks before the final hearing and would not explain to the court why. Marital Master Fishman waited until the day of the final hearing the to deny my motion for a continuance to obtain new counsel. I was forced to represent myself. The GAL defended my wife's arrest to the court. My ex too a plea bargain after the divorce and subsequently committed a 2nd assault against our daughter, which she also made a plea bargain.

  4. Just curious I have patricia frim right now as a GALand seems to be doin well with my case as a GAL but I am also on the righteous track in life an doin everything I can do 4 both my kids an she sees that is there anything negative that u could say about Patricia in any previous cases please inform thanks

  5. Try asking the Stop Judicial Child Abuse blog.

  6. I have Pat Frim and Marital Master Cross. I Have been dealing the the Portsmouth NH Family court for over 12 yrs. With nothing but problems and headaches. I am in need of help with my case from anyone willing. My daughter needs her mother in her life.

    1. I total understand master cross is not for mothers for some reason he don't like woman whats up with that . he allways sides w the men how dose he lay his head at nite knowing whats hes done to these children he don't care at all dose family court nope just want there pay checks

  7. yes master crass is not helpful at all when it comes to mothers ive just been court had him and I will make sure he will lose his job he has destroyed my family and my daughter he not a fair judge we need him out of n.h. hes not for the children

  8. ive had my daughter in my care for 11 years went court master cross gave custody to her father wow pays 25 dollars week for support never done nothing for his child I also in past had gal waste of money the gal was . master cross had destroyed my family has confused my daughter he needs to start caring for children. I will go higher and make sure he will never be a judge again trust me im noy only one

  9. ive spent over a thousand dollars on a gal and also im on ssdi which that is a a lot money ive had my daughter full time for 11 years .went court master cross didn't care what I had say because I didn't have a lawyer her father did and because im single parent and hes married master cross ruled to have my daughter live w her dad because he has his own family meaning hes married im not . know my daughter is seeing a therphist because she so confused she wants her mother she been w her mom since birth dose master cross care . noooo why should he please lets fight for our children get him out of the porthmouth family court we all need a fair hearing think about children. master cross do u have any children???

    1. We need shared parenting. It's not fair when one parent is allowed to have a monopoly over the children. Especially in this case. Making a parent a visitor in a child's life should only be because a parent is not capable of parenting and as a last resort. 50/50 is what we need.its the fair thing.

  10. Cross needs to be removed again this is new year the children need to be heard . he's not fair and if you are on any state funded family like food stamp program or Ssi etc. He looks down on you I know been threw this for ten years and still fighting this battle . we need protest have him removed again thank you for reading this he should be a shamed of himself

  11. GAL Rackley is an incompitant unethical bias GAL she thought it was better for my grandaughter to be with her father who has many criminal convictions and a court documented substance abuse problem than to be with my daughter the child's mother who has no record of any kind and is raising my grandson flawlessly. Gal Rackley has done very similar things in our case like filing her report at the last minute this is how she manipulates any agreemant between the party's please if you have had her please Speke out before she destroys the lives of anymore family's. If she is going to be on your case have your attorney file a motion to get her removed before she chooses a side with one of the attorneys and destroys another child's life

  12. Disgusting scum. I hope they die of cancer... all of them in this lawless court

  13. Need information regarding GAL Patricia Frim. So far extremely unethical to the point of blatant lies to the court. My kids need help I need help. HELP!!