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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who In The World Is Ed Mosca? - From The Website Of NH Corruption Watch

Who in the world is Ed Mosca?

Just who is Ed Mosca? Well, a quick glance at his caseload will reveal that he is not in very high demand as a lawyer. He typically handles N.H. Bar referrals of low-income litigants typically fighting for "big purses." He often works on contingency and a look into some of his motion practice, reveals that he is apparently not very intelligent.

One of his former clients reports that he "bailed out" at the last minute before a hearing, leaving the client "high and dry." This type of unethical behavior is evidently not uncharacteristic of Ed Mosca.
In another case, apparently Ed Mosca has engaged in unethical behavior that has put him on the hot-seat before a Family Court for alleged contempt practices and violations of the N.H. Professional Rules of Conduct.

Now, as counsel to the N.H. General Court, Ed Mosca has apparently brought his inane and disingenuous antics to the State House.

N.H. Corruption Watch will be keeping a close eye on Ed Mosca, and will be sharing its findings relative to his practices and conduct as information become available.

In the mean time, email nh.corruption.watch@gmail.com.

Eric Davidson
N.H. Corruption Watch


  1. After finding information posted online about Attorney Edward C. Mosca, we decided to add him to the unethical wall of shame.

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