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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is Town Of Fitzwilliam, NH Recreation Department Coordinator Julie Green Responsible For Promoting Parental Alienation Involving An Innocent Eight Year Old Child? – Disturbing Correspondence From Green Telling A Father That He Can Not Have A Schedule Of His Son’s Soccer Games Or Notice Of When And Whom Is Taking League Pictures Of His Son So That He (The Legal And Biological Father) Can Obtain Copies Of His Son’s Yearly Soccer Picture.

I am outraged by an email that I received the other day from Julie Green, the Recreation Department Coordinator of the Town of Fitzwilliam, NH.  I decided to post this email so that others will understand just what alienated parents go through to keep involved in their children’s lives and the numerous hurdles that we have to jump. 

Many people have children who have been alienated by the other parent.  Legally we are their parents and by a divorce decree we have joint decision making but unless the other parent is willing to cooperate, we forfeit our joint decision making as the court seldom enforces this provision in divorce decrees when parents violate it. 

In my case when I went in front of Master David Forrest and raised the issues that my ex wouldn’t communicate anything with me about our children like when they had doctors visits, dentist visits, school activities, sports, summer camp, etc, Master decided to empower her and her attorney Jaye Rancourt and rule that she was doing everything reasonable to keep me informed.  I raised numerous issues with Master in regards to Parental Alienation but again the Master decided that my concerns were meaningless.

According to the Master, my ex acted reasonable in informing me of the children’s activities.  Let’s see what exactly did my ex do to notify me of our children’s welfare and activities?  No phone calls about any of these issues.  Letters?  No letters telling me of these activities.  Email?  No email either.  Text?  None.  Maybe my Master figure that my ex was sending up smoke signals and it was my fault for not seeing them or being able to read them. 

In my divorce decree I have joint decision making and several clauses that I can access school, medical and any other records without any restrictions yet try to talk to a school teacher and see how hostile they act towards you.  Is Julie Green any different?  I don’t know this person.  To my knowledge I never met her or spoke to her prior to sending her an email.

Let’s examine the background here for a minute.  In World War II one of our country’s biggest concerns was information being disseminated to the enemy by our soldiers and citizens by being careless and speaking about things such as when soldiers were being deployed and where, etc.  Flashy posters and sayings were promoted such as “Loose Lips Sink Ships.”  

Isn’t this what is really going on with many of us who have been alienated from our children?  How many parents have made us the enemy and told our children, their teachers, friends, family, coaches, or even recreation coordinators not to speak to the other parent as “Loose Lips Sink Ships?”  Even if these people haven’t been informed by the parent to keep hushed, they typically do anyway because of the negative propaganda that is out there about us.  The stigma labeled upon us by alienating parents seems to follow us around such as were no good or were deadbeats and we walked out on our children.  The fact is we didn’t walk out.  Our rights were taken away to be parents.  Many of us are fighting hard for that right. 

Now let’s examine the facts here.  Again I don’t know Julie Green.  I do know that she is the coordinator of the Fitzwilliam Recreation Department.  I do know that my ex grew up in Fitzwilliam and being a small town knows a lot of people.  I know that my ex currently resides in Fitzwilliam with our children and that much of her family all live in Fitzwilliam.  Could any of this be a factor? 

Unfortunately, people like Julie Green empower people like my ex in their scheme of parental alienation.  They do this by either knowingly or irresponsibly participating in the alienating parent’s scheme of isolating the other parent from their children.  I’m not sure what the case here is.  What I do know is that Julie Green’s response to me was uncalled for and unprofessional and she needs to be held accountable for her actions. 
Here is the first email that I sent to Julie Green in effort to be able to follow my son’s games to have conversations about these games during my routine phone calls to my children and to obtain pictures of one of my children.  Julie Green’s response is included.  The email has redacted information to protect the identity of my children. 

(Click On Picture To Enlarge)

It has been almost three years since I have seen my children.  I live several hundred miles away from my children and have no means to see them.  When I have spent time with my children, my ex has called the police numerous times with frivolous allegations against me causing me a great amount of fear that if I go anywhere near them or her, I will be arrested on some made up charge.  After all she obtained a restraining order on me once by using fourth or fifth party information that I “Criminally threatened to kill her.”   Needless to say she dropped her complaint when she went in front of Master Forrest.  I didn’t even get a chance to defend myself against this nonsense.  Two weeks after this she again called the police on me and made false allegations of me interfering with custody of my children which the police threatened to arrest me based on her report rather then to enforce the visitation order in effect. 

The main point here is that for three years I have been shut out of my children’s lives without even so much as an updated picture.  Although I have asked for pictures, all my request have all been ignored.  I have no idea what they even look like anymore.  My ex has done everything to make my children a blank image to me.  Who benefits from this? 

I took the time to respond to Julie Green who has had over 24 hours to get back to me.  As of this time she has blown me off.  Here is my response to her email.  Keep in mind that all I really asked for is a copy of the schedule and when pictures were being taken and whom I could contact to get them. 

(Click On Picture To Enlarge)

So what actually gives this person Julie Green the right to make her decision to not provide a biological and legal parent any information?  Any league information in the first place is subject to NH RSA 91-a “Right to Know” law.  This is a program run by a public agency, the Town of Fitzwilliam.  Remember folks, under 91-a, you have a right to inspect public records.  A league schedule is a public record since the league is run by the Town (A public body). 

So three years have gone by.  I have no idea what my children look like.  Can’t anyone help me at least get some soccer pictures of my son? 

If anyone else is having this same type of problem please contact us and we will try to give you some assistance. 

Contact your local representatives and demand that this type of behavior stop.  The court system has broken down and needs to be changed so that this behavior ends.  Laws need to change and existing laws need to be enforced. 

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