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Saturday, April 30, 2011

What To Do As A Rejected Parent?

Here is a valuable twelve minute YouTube video that answers some of the age old questions such as what do you do to deal with your children as a rejected parent.  This video is may also a good tool for older children that may have negative feelings toward a rejected parent. 

The video is entitled “Plight of Rejected Parents - Welcome Back, Pluto DVD Chapter.”  You can click on the video below or past the link below into your web browser. 

You can also find more information about rejected parents on the website of Dr. Richard A. Warshak at http://www.warshak.com/.


  1. An additional resource that hits the nail on the head is located at:


    This is a paper written by Dr. Peggie Ward, who is cognizant of and experienced with this pandemic, that the psychological community is, for some reason, unwilling to acknowledge - known by those affected, as Parental Alienation.

  2. Self-proclaimed "psychoanalyst", Kerri McKinnon, a graduate of the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis - someone who is supposedly treating children in the greater Boston area - has done just about every action listed in Peggy Ward's paper to my son. Just goes to show that miscreant "mothers" come in all shapes and sizes (some quite a bit larger than others), and even have the gall to disguise themselves as members of a community of people who are supposed to be helping children, not abusing them.

  3. Parental Alienation is a very troubling issue in many childrens lives. What is very bothersome is that not only does the psychological community not recognize it, but also the Guardians from the court have no knowledge nor education in it. Why wouldnt they support training in something crucial to children? Do they hate children enough to support the abuse of Parental Alienation? Maybe some should not be in their professions.....