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Thursday, April 14, 2011

NH Court Overturns Custody Order - An Important Supreme Court Decision On Child Custody In NH (From The Nashua Telegraph)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

CONCORD - A Portsmouth Family Court Judge was wrong to award custody of two children to a New Hampshire woman who may have coached them to accuse their father of sexual abuse, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

In a unanimous ruling written by Justice Gary Hicks, the high court ordered Portsmouth Family Division Judge Sharon DeVries to reconsider the case of James J. Miller and Janet S. Todd.

Miller, who now lives in New York, and Todd, who lives in New Hampshire, had struck up a relationship in 1999, after meeting online. They lived together for a time in both Michigan and New Hampshire, and had two daughters.
See the court's ruling attached, or on the court's website:


Father2001 2 days ago

Where can children turn for protection from the Court's bias? They tell the Counselors who refuse to let them speak of abuse and say it is the GALs responsibility to investigate. They tell the GALs who care only about running up as large a bill as possible and then, in my own case, admit on the stand in Court that they "didn't investigate a single specific instance reported by the Respondent or the children". Where can fathers and children turn when the Courts and the GALs refuse to protect the children (as exhibited in the case above and let us not forget poor Beau and Calyx Scheneker of Florida who pleaded for relief from THEIR mother's custody in 2010 then sadly made national news with their brutal and senseless murders in January of this year)? According to 2010 Bill HA3 Marital Master Cross has a long history of "disregarding the best interests, safety, and health of minor children of the parties appearing before him.” He was already impeached less than four years ago from the Derry Family Court for exceeding his authority and abusing his discretion, "resulting in the failure to afford justice to the parties appearing before him". He has an established pattern of, according to 2010 HA3, "a pattern, in an ongoing case before him, of recommending orders having the effect of gradually eroding one parent’s custodial rights". How many more families need to be ruined and lives destroyed? The Portsmouth Family Court needs a serious overhaul!
Father2001 1 week ago
The NH Legislature ALREADY impeached Marital Master Cross from the Derry Family Court less than four years ago for the following: "The cause for removal of the said Philip Cross is that he exceeded his authority and abused his discretion, resulting in the failure to afford justice to the parties appearing before him, as exemplified fully and substantially as follows"...

Below are portions of 2010 NH Bill HA3 showing MM Cross has a long history of “established a pattern of retaliatory, arbitrary, capricious and/or prejudiced adjudication; disregard of governing law and rules; disregard of the evidentiary record; and recommendation of conflicting orders, and orders disregarding the best interests, safety, and health of minor children of the parties appearing before him.”
From NH Bill HA3 regarding MM Cross:
1. He recommended an order holding a father in criminal contempt following a hearing that had been noticed as a civil contempt hearing, which order resulted in that father, who was representing himself and was the primary custodian of the parties’ minor child, to be incarcerated for 10 weeks, in contravention of his right not to be deprived of liberty but by the judgment of his peers, as guaranteed by Part 1, Article 15 of the New Hampshire Constitution.
c) Recommended an order transferring parental medical decision-making authority respecting said minor child in the absence of any evidence of changed circumstances so justifying.
6) He followed a pattern, in an ongoing case before him, of recommending orders having the effect of gradually eroding one parent’s custodial rights without proper pleadings having been filed by the other parent, without proper notice having been given, without hearings having been held, and without changed circumstances having arisen.
7. He recommended an order relating to parenting issues following a hearing that had been noticed as one to consider financial issues, but which on the day of the hearing, over the objection of one parent, had been changed to parenting issues raised at the hearing by the other parent, thereby depriving the objecting parent of adequate opportunity to prepare and of advance disclosure of the identity and expected testimony of the expert witnesses brought and called to testify by the other parent, which order, in addition to its adverse consequences to the objecting parent, terminated the physical custodial rights of the objecting parent’s parents, who, notwithstanding that they were formal parties, had not been afforded the opportunity to testify, to present witnesses, or to cross-examine opposing witnesses at the hearing.
8. He recommended an order, without opportunity for objection or hearing, approving payment of guardian ad litem fees of $44,000 that encompassed activities beyond the scope of the guardian’s legitimate duties and responsibilities and in disregard of the retainer agreement that had limited fees to $4,000.
9. In summary, it is evident to the general court that Marital Master Philip Cross has established a pattern of retaliatory, arbitrary, capricious and/or prejudiced adjudication; disregard of governing law and rules; disregard of the evidentiary record; and recommendation of conflicting orders, and orders disregarding the best interests, safety, and health of minor children of the parties appearing before him.

AND from http://unethicalattorney.blogspot.com/2011/03/nh-house-investigating-impeaching.html:
NH House investigating impeaching marital master - From The Website Of The Washington Examiner

Therapist_and_Mother 1 week ago
I share my viewpoints as a therapist with decades of experience and also as a mother and grandmother who has been irreparably harmed by longstanding maladministration of court rules and violations of the law by Marital Master Philip Cross. It would take many hours to fully explain how drastically Master
Cross has injured our family over the four plus years we have been in his court and also to explain the cases from other families we've found that have been similarly harmed. Thank you to the intrepid women and men of the legislature who voted to investigate marital master Philip Cross.

mother4justice 1 week ago
I am waiting patiently for the day "Master Cross" is removed from the court system. This is the man who, Without asking one question of the mother of a 6 yr old little boy, decides to allow the estranged father to take him to a country which does not abide by the Hague Child Abduction Act.

I am a retired federal law enforcement officer with over thirty three years of service to our country on the front lines during both wartime and peacetime. I retired from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Dept. of Homeland Security in 2004. In all my long years as a federal law enforcement officer I have never seen, nor even imagined, as lawless an environment as the Portsmouth Family Division under Master Cross's dictatorial, unconstitutional and abusive rule. I write in support of HR7, a bill to investigate whether there are grounds to impeach Marital Master Phillip Cross.

It is my sincere hope and prayer for innocent children and families in our state that the legislature intervenes to stop the horribly destructive human and civil rights abuses that occur regularly at the Portsmouth Family Division by Marital Master Phillip Cross.

Master Cross's actions and rulings that are direct and extreme violations of the New Hampshire Constitution, the U.S. Constitution, established court rules, our rights to due process under the law, our civil rights, Case Law established by the Supreme Court and the Code of Judicial Conduct.

The JCC, Administrative Judge of the Family Court and the Supreme Court have continually refused to protect the public from unconstitutional violations of our laws by Master Cross and continue to only try to protect him and themselves as if they feel they are above the law. The legislature is the only and last
option left for "we the people" for protection from Master Cross. The Judiciary has failed to protect citizens and police it's ranks. The legislature is the check and balance and is constitutionally empowered to do just that.

How is any of the above justice or in the best interest of the children?
I hope we don't forget about Randy Hofland!!!
My ex-wife had a false allegation put on me on labor day 2006. It was a she said, he said. I lost my house and almost my two boys. I am now broke. I believe former senator Debbie reynolds , who was my ex-wife s laywer and judge susan carbon were in on it. Judge Carbon needs to be investigated!!!!. I am not the only one in Plymouth Family Court she did this to. Judge Carbon yelled at me and pointed her finger at me and said don't you talk to anyone about this. alot more to tell. michael mohan, plymouth, 236-6764
Neighborhood_Watch 1 week ago in reply to mike
Sue Carbon is now in charge of the VAWA program under U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.
Yup Commander in Chief of the Femi-Nazi party!
GOD help the children!!!!!!
jeffoligny 1 week ago
Many parents have no idea of the abuses that await them in family court, until they find themselves in the system! Abuse of discretion, bias, perjury, prejudice are far too common in our family kangaroo courts. This case is the tip of the iceberg and very unusual for the Supreme Court to recognize a mistake by the lower court. This poor father did not give up on his kids and at last count, he had amassed over $1.2M in legal fees fighting the system! The system exists to do just this, bleed money from families and create jobs.

The time is LONG overdue for you to call your local representatives and senators and ask them to support family law reform legislation that is being proposed in Concord! Doing nothing is an active act of support this behavior also know as the demise of the family and the creation of a troubled society for your children...

Representative Jeffrey Oligny
Rockingham District 8
H. Barnes 1 week ago
How do we impeach a judge?

Contact your district reps to get them to sponsor you and submit a request. Paul Ingbretson has a standard Petition request form.
Neighborhood_Watch 1 week ago
Judge Sharon DeVries has a long history of abuses. Not only does she make world class, stupid decisions, she rubber-stamps anything that a Marital Master "Orders." The readers should understand that the Family Division has ruined countless lives and families.
andystachura 1 week ago
"[p]sychological testing shows that Ms. Todd has a “serious
impairment in her ability to accurately process the information she
takes in from her surroundings and the degree of misperception
she demonstrates has major implications for her adaptive
functioning. Ms. Todd’s level of distortion is substantial and
predisposes her to misunderstanding and misconstruing
intentions, motivations and actions of other people. This places
her at great risk for faulty judgment, for errors in decision-making,
and for behaving in ways that are based on inaccurate information.
These data indicate that Ms. Todd will not only fail to recognize or
foresee the consequences of her actions at times, but that she will
also become confused at times in separating fantasy from reality.”

Wow what a nutcase! See how the NH Family Court once again ignores evidence when it's regarding the mother (They awarded her custody FCS!) If this were the father's evaluation, he would never see his children again! Feminist bias at it's worst at work in your courts on your dollar! STOP THE MADNESS. Please impeach these criminals destroying our families for profit and running our family courts! I'd like to know who appointed/chose this Dr. Ward. Typically mothers hell bent on trashing the father of their children's reputation will hire and pay for their own fake diagnosis and the Courts accept it as professional testimony/ fact of evidence. The Psychologists and Therapists are equally as corrupt as the GALS!
In Nashua, parent's are ordered to see one specific Psychologist who states each and every parent is unfit.
Parent's are NOT allowed to see a Psychologist of their choice. Even SOME grandparent's are told if they want custody of their grandchildren, DCYF WANT'S them to submit to a psychological evaluation. When the court won't court order the evaluation and the grandparent's have to pay for it themselves, DCYF tell's them who they have to go to. When they refuse, because they can't afford to go and they know that anyone DCYF refer's them to are bias, DCYF states in their incomplete Home Study that the grandparent's were Court Ordered to have a psychological evaluation and refused, therefore their grandchildren are kept from them. Do you think the court's would ever rectify the situation brought on by deceitful DCYF?
Think again! They work hand in hand with each other!
ashaudi09 1 week ago

How can a NH Guardian ad litem be allowed to motion a court to remove parentiing time absent due process? Perhaps erring on the side of caution does not mean aligning with the accuser. The pysc damamge that this GAL enabled by her actions (without the proper training in Parental Alienation from the GAL Board) is inexcusable. Was the GAL billing for services the entire time she was allowing these children to be psychological injuried per RSA 169-C:3, II(2)?

In March 2009, the GUARDIAN AD LITEM filed an ex parte motion to cancel the custodial time the children were scheduled to have with their father during the weekend beginning March 20, 2009. The motion indicated that “[o]n 3/18/09 Janet Todd told the GAL that the children disclosed to her
inappropriate touching by their father . . . during their last custodial time with [him].”

Following the hearing, the court ordered that Miller’s parenting time was not suspended
but ordered the GUARDIAN AD LITM and Todd to report the disclosures to DCYF “immediately.”

In April 2009, the GUARDIAN AD LITM filed a statement with the court indicating that Laurel’s first grade teacher had reported that on April 20 Laurel began to cry in class and disclosed that during her most recent visit with her father he said that he was going to hurt her mother and there was nothing she
could do to stop him.

What part of 461-A:11(b) did the lower FAMILY Court IGNORE?
(b) If the court finds repeated, intentional, and unwarranted interference by a parent with the residential responsibilities of the other parent, the court may order a change in the parental rights and responsibilities without the necessity of showing harm to the child, if the court determines that such change would be in accordance with the best interests of the child.
These are the reasons why the Family Courts do exactly what they want:

"Family Court Rule 1.2 Waiver of Rules: As good cause appears and as justice may require, the family division may waive the application of any rule, except where prohibited by law." <---We do what we want!!

"[Art.] 73-a. [Supreme Court, Administration.] The chief justice of the supreme court shall be the administrative head of all the courts. He shall, with the concurrence of a majority of the supreme court justices, make rules governing the administration of all courts in the state and the practice and procedure to be followed in all such courts. The rules so promulgated shall have the force and effect of law." <---We do whatever we want.

"The rules so promulgated shall have the force and effect of law." <---This needs to be removed, forthwith. Some completely corrupted Legislator, and a huge portion of the dumbest element of the public actually voted this in to the NH Constitution. The combination of these two rules allows the NH Judicial Branch to do whatever, however, whenever it wants, to whoever it pleases. Article 73-A needs to be removed immediately.

The abuses of the NH Courts are committed mostly because of these two usurpations of the NH and U.S. Constitution. They have no place in our society.
Because of the "Family Court Rule 1.2 Waiver of Rules: Perjury is permitted by DCYF and it's Lawyer's, parent's are NOT allowed to speak, nor question their accuser's, evidence proving innocence is NOT allowed in court, parent's are court-ordered into programs that don't exist in NH and when they can't fulfill the order their right's are terminated. Their court-appointed Puppet's of the court refuse to subpoena witnesses on the client's behalf and refuse to file all motions and appeal's requested by his client and our corrupt Judges refuse to fire the puppet's even when the parent's express their willingness to take on their own case Pro-Se. There is NO Justice in Family Court in NH!
PCLEMSC 1 week ago
Wow! How rare is it that the state Supreme court will overturn a female master in family court when she gives custody to the mother? They must be urinating in their Depends because of the "Redress of Grievances" petitions and "Bills of Address" currently being used by citizens seeking justice. Nothing scares them more than public awareness of the court's corruption. So, finally, they decide to do the right thing for once. Clearly, coaching one's children to make false allegations of sexual abuse against their father is child abuse. It's also called "Parental Alienation", a term the feminazis have always belittled. This ruling gives added credence to the claims of the fathers' rights groups. Let's just see if this starts a trend toward truth and justice. How refreshing would that be?
The NH Supreme Court won't even overturn a decision of a Probate Court Judge who writes false statement's in his decision that are the opposite of testimony and evidence given in court. Does the Supreme Court even read the transcript's from these court hearing's? Evidently Not!
I guess the former DCYF worker was right when she stated DCYF can do whatever they want because our Government gave them the power to do so, Every parent who is subjected to A parental Right's Termination in NH loses AND the NH Supreme Court NEVER reverses a Parental Right's Termination. Just think about how many innocent parent's have lost their children due to the corruption within DCYF and our corrupt court's!
ashaudi09 1 week ago
Current 2011 House Bills that need SERIOUS CONSIDERATION

HB 591 Shared Parenting absent abuse or neglect by clear and convincing evidence

HB 506 False Allegations

HB 415 Access to Abuse and Neglect Records

HB 512 NH GAL Education requirements including Parental Alienation

HB 614 Audit GAL Board and Services of a GAL

HB 259 requiring the supreme court to adopt rules of evidence for the judicial branch family division

HB 151 relative to appointments and reappointments of marital masters
RSA 633:4 A misdemeanor for anyone to keep the children from the other parent. Already law, not enforced.

HB 572 A bill to prosecute anyone for not enforcing 633:4, and should be passed.

andystachura 1 week ago
Wow! Another story exposing the corrupt NH Family Court making a biased and wrong decision in favor of another criminal mother. Kinda reminiscent of the Jeff and Kristen Ruggiero trial last year.
They took my sister's children away based on hearsay. Pretty messed up.
Don't they take ALL children because of "Hearsay?"
"The NH Bureau of Vital Statistics shows this very much to be a gender issue with copious amounts of court decision data going back over 10 years.

In summary, custody decisions go like this:

All divorces: mom 70%, dad 10%, joint 20%

Contested Cases:: mom 80%, dad 10%, joint 10%
Yes it's a complete racket, warn anyone you can that is considering battling a contested divorce to steer clear of the NH family Courts. They're only interested in any money they can bleed from you and your family by ordering Child support wage garnishments (for title IV-D matching incentives) and then ordering you to use social workers (GALS) and therapists who keep it going for as long as they can milk it. The Family Court does nothing in the best interest of the children. It's a lie. http://www.facebook.com/pages/NH-Family-Courts-Failing-Families-Court-System/217480624348?ref=ts


  1. The issues with the NH Family Court is EXACTLY why the mother of my son's twins is taking(and keeping) it in "the system" !!!! Bias decisions for the mother and COSTS !!!!! Such SAD situations !! All that time,effort,money could be going towards quality time with the children .... she KNOWS how the system works !!

  2. NH Family Court has hurt more families than protecting them! The best interest of the children is NOT what they are looking for. They take the easy way out and let "GAL"s decide whats best for YOUR own kids and make you suffer. Something needs to be done!!! We need to speak up! This is not fair to the children and parents who are going through this terrible family court system. It breaks my heart for any parent to go through what i have. Praying for justice in this system! They need to CARE more about us as people!

  3. Just like to add a MM Phil Cross story with my pay check in hand Cross ordered me to pay $600. a week in temp. alimony this left me 167. a week to live on. because the other lawyer said he owns a business he has all kinds of money. I lost a 400,000 house and a business that would have a value of about 600,000. I overcame learning disabilities, Vietnam 20 years PTSD I accomplished my dream of running my own company. This MM ruined my life and lust to live. How could the state of NH allow this mad man to sit on the bench. I pay life time alimony to a women that worked the whole marriage she stopped when I filed. This was the first time in my life I was in a court room. How do you think I feel about the court system. This man should live the life he put on a lot of people.