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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Marital Master Leonard S. Green and GAL Tracy Bernson Fall Under Fire For Denouncing Parental Alienation – A Letter From A Victimized Parent!

I was before L. Green in late October, 2010 in the Hooksett Family Division.  I am a very informed pro se litigant, with substantial knowledge of the legal system and the family courts, as well as applicable law and procedure.

My appearance before L. Green was intended to be a 15 minute Trial Management Conference.  It turned into a 45 minute lecture from L. Green, telling me that "parental alienation was the buzz word of the 80's and that it doesn’t even exist."  Tracy Bernson, GAL naively agreed.  L. Green continued by telling me that I needed to "hire a lawyer son" and that I "should stick with what I know best, because it isn't law."  I proceeded to get into a discussion with him, in open court, about the history of American jurisprudence and the evolution of the lawyer/barrister in our country's history.  He became visibly enraged, began yelling at me telling me that I "don't know what I am talking about" and that we can save that discussion for another time because I "obviously know nothing about English Common Law."

Many of his opinions have been challenged and he was actually the lower court Judge in Shafmaster v. Shafmaster 138 N.H. 460 (1994) - The NH Supreme Court vacated and remanded his order.

In my opinion L. Green is a prejudicial, loudmouth, ignorant, old man lacking every single skill necessary to manage a courtroom and capacity of a Judge or Marital Master.  I further opine that he is completely incompetent.  He should be removed from service immediately.


  1. Why must folks preface their statements with "in my opinion"? It is a statement of fact that David S. Forrest is an incompetent hack. It is a statement of fact that Cynthia P. Gilman of Manchester, NH is a facilitator of child abuse. It is a statement of fact that Kerri A. McKinnon, self-proclaimed psychoanalyst in Boston, is a child abusing miscreant. It is a statement of fact that the courts are corrupt and that the "best interests of children" are secondary (if that high) to the fattening of wallets. I don't opine these statements, I make these statements as what they are - facts.

  2. The injustices of Family Court are staggering.....
    It hurts the ones they are supposed to be protecting the most .....THE CHILDREN !!!!
    The vindictiveness of the mother of my son's twins is mind-boggling!! So sad!! He follows court orders and still hits a brick wall .... for them it's just a game......

  3. L. Green is a disgrace. He does not care about the best interest of any child.