Information to post on Unethical NH Attorneys, Guardian Ad Litems, Marital Masters, Judges or any other persons involved in "Judicial Child Abuse" or "Judicial Child Neglect." Please email details to nh.unethical.attorney@gmail.com. We will not post your identity or give out your personal information.

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We need to keep the pressure on the NH Family Courts by educating the public about the numerous injustices occurring. Please feel free to send us your information for posting. I have not had any recent dealings with the court system so I do not have current information to post. The best way to deal with these unethical judges, guardian ad litems and lawyers is to post as much on them as you can so that people do not want to do business with them. I have personally known judges that have their own practices as most judges are attorneys first. Hit these people where it counts. Their wallets. Starve them out and cut off their funds. When people do not want to use their services, they will have to change their evil ways or be unemployed.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Unethical NH Attorney’s, Guardian Ad Litem’s, Judges and Marital Masters Wanted!

Please email us names of unethical NH Attorney’s, GAL’s, Judges and Marital Masters to add to our new “Wall of Shame” at the bottom of this page.  Please include the following information:

  1. Their full name.
  2. Their title.
  3. Where they are from.
  4. Why you believe they are unethical. 
If you can substantiate their unethical behavior, we will be proud to post their names on our new “Wall of Shame.”  Your name will remain confidential and will not be posted. 

Please email your information to nh.unethical.attorney@gmail.com.

Thanks for your support.


  1. My shit list:

    Judge John P. Arnold, Cheshire Superior Court, Keene, NH
    Marital Master David S. Forrest, Cheshire Superior Court, Keene, NH

    Atty. Douglas Green, Faulkner & Faulkner, P.C., Keene, NH:
    Fabrication of evidence in divorce and custody discovery and litigation.

    Atty. Cynthia P. Gilman, Manchester, NH:
    Flagrantly and maliciously false statements in motions to the court.

  2. OMG why am I not surprised to see my ex-husband's attorney on the Wall of Shame!!!! she is on OGRE

  3. kathy odonall. Is a liar and cannot be trusted as a guardian of litem