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Friday, December 17, 2010

Family Court In NH Is A Joke – Marital Master David Forrest Is The Ringmaster Of A Three Ring Circus

In Master Forest’s Three Ring Circus first comes the bickering, his deciphering and then men’s suffering. 

In looking back at my divorce file I noted a lot of things that were interesting.  My Alienated children can someday look back at what Forrest did to them and thank Forrest for devaluing their father and empowering their mother, an Alienating parent who thinks of her needs over her children’s needs.  I have records in a safe place and someday when my kids are older, I will let them look through the records so that they can learn the real truth and not the lies that their mother has filled their minds with. 

First of all Forrest made a lot of decisions on hearsay and testimony with no evidence presented.  Keep in mind that in a divorce, the burden of proof is the preponderance of evidence.  Not proof beyond the reason of doubt.  What does this translate into?  Whoever has the better story and who ever is more believable wins.  The burden of preponderance of evidence gives people like Forrest too much leeway and too much power.  They can totally ruin a person if they see fit to.  For the common person you don’t have the resources to fight it.  It is so costly you will end up bankrupt before your divorce is done and plan on a two year fight.  This is the atmosphere that Forrest encourages.  He like conflict.  I think he feels empowered by it. 

An example of Forrest poor judgment is, my ex told Forrest that she paid for my $10k college loan and told Forrest that I didn’t work much.  He liked her story.  She provided no physical evidence.  Just her testimony.  Forrest in his decision stated he believed what my ex-wife had said. He took her word over mine.  Why? He is a biased man hating pig.   I told Forrest when I testified that I have records that prove my ex was lying. 

I have records from the government showing that I paid off most of my loans prior to our marriage and the government paid off most of the rest when Bill Clinton signed a law reimbursing police officers on their student loans for service as a full time cop.  I brought this up to Forrest at the hearing but he decided that I was lying and took my ex wife’s testimony as gospel.  Call me a liar now Forrest.  I have your written decision and I have the records in my possession and can prove what I say is true. 

I also have my statements from SSN. When I was married, I made more money then my ex did.  How is that possible for a low life blood sucking leach that Forrest portrayed me out to be?  In his decision he portrays me out to be a man whore that worked part time and was unemployed most of the time when in fact I worked long hours with lots of overtime to support my ex wife’s spending habits.  Oh that’s right, my ex told him I was a deadbeat husband and again he believed her. 

When I questioned my ex in court, I caught her in several lies.  She testified that she never called State Police on me.  I provided Forrest a State Police Report where my ex called and spoke with a Trooper inquiring how she could legally get me out of the house.  The Trooper asked if I was abusive to her or the kids in which she stated no that I was not.  The trooper told her there was nothing he could do for her.  My ex’s response was that was what her attorney told her (This was her second attorney and not Jaye Rancourt). 

I had to deal with this kind of crap and maintain my job as a cop at the same time.  Forrest should have given me a medal for being able to deal with my while maintaining my job.  My ex totally denied that it was her who called this Trooper and spoke with him.  My ex in my opinion is sick but let me tell you, she knew what she was doing.  Her moves were calculated. 

If you are going through a divorce, learn about personality disorders.  Many people have them.  If you can learn about personality disorders, it may help with your situation if you can understand what you’re dealing with. 

Just remember, a system that allows a person like Forrest to make decisions on the preponderance of evidence is bound to fail.  People like Forrest abuse their power.  If you have a contested divorce in front of Forrest and you are a man, I would recommend that you ask him to recuse himself from the case due to his being biased.  Forrest does not have the ability to be fair to men.  I have had numerous people contact me because of this blog and they tell me their stories of how Forrest abused them and condoned giving full custody of their children to the alienating parent.  I hope that my stories about Forrest unethical behavior will help others to deal with their divorce and custody issues.  Anyone wanting to contact me with their stories or for assistance can be assured that I will keep there identity anonymous. 


  1. There is not necessarily a problem with the evidenciary requirements of obtaining a judgement. There is absolutely no shortage of highly corrupt and biased judges; New Hampshire seems to be a shining example but public record across the country is demonstrating the same irreparable social taint. The biggest problem is that there are abusive litigants who think nothing of subverting the "legal" system, think nothing of lying to a court or a judge and piling up a monumental stack of fabrications and lies. Pile up a bunch of uneducated, untrained, man-hating "advocates" in a Domestic Violence Unit at the local courthouse, and it's nothing more than a recipe for disaster.

    In the bygone era of only a generation ago, folks would almost -never- think to lie to a judge. Today it is not only commonplace, but it's viewed as the way things ought to be by litigants (conveniently, mostly women) who have no interest in justice, but in only "winning." They manipulate lawyers to perpetrate their lies, to hand fabricated evidence to the judge and pile their mistruths in such a tall stack that the judge is left with little reason but to believe it. Even if they don't buy into all the smut, with the pile stacked so high, even taking a small percentage of the word of such a litigant will sink the system into disrepair and disrepute, will render male litigants impoverished, and will, with no justification leave children without parents.

    This is the state of the "law" today. Whosoever shall produce the most false documents, the most lies and the most egregiously tall story shall be the victor. There is no truth, there is no integrity; the days of "honor" in a courtroom, when there was reverence behind standing when a judge entered the room, when litigants swore upon a Bible to be truthful before "his honor" have long since passed.

    Watch enough television shows, and one might think the "victors" of this abortion of justice (in their own eyes) are abusive women, sorely left behind in life with nothing more than their own bitterness. They are embittered shells of humanity, devoid of motivation to make the best of their own lives on their own accord, left only with excuses as to why they cannot succeed in life on their own. The real victims are not those who have lost this dishonorable courtroom charade, but the CHILDREN who are subject to the abhorrently empty cries of "motherhood" which they are forced to endure until they mature, having been rendered, without choice, fatherless.

  2. Please come check out my page and share your story with me. I am a great mother and I just lost custody of my son to my ex husband who has past history of abuse! http://www.facebook.com/just4moms

  3. Forrest is a complete piece of shit. he ruined me as a father after I had full physical custody of my children for 10 years and even after the GAL told forrest that the children should remain with me because of safety concerns. that filthy piece of shit put my children in danger.