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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cheshire County Judge John P. Arnold and Marital Master David S. Forrest Fail Surveys On The Courthouse Forum!

It’s pathetic that we have Judge’s and Marital Masters in Cheshire County that rate so poor on surveys.  The NH Judicial system needs a reform.  It’s too bad we can’t vote these people out of office like they do in other states.  

If you go to the Courthouse Forum with the following link:


You will be on a page that has Judge John P. Arnold’s score.  Arnold received a D- rating. 

Click on the F tab to go to Forrest.  He rated slightly better with a D+. 

It is no wonder why Cheshire County Superior Court has so many issues when it comes to the marital division.  Please go to the Courthouse Forum and take the survey. 

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  1. What happened to courthouseforum? Seems to have disappeared... did some robed kangaroo complain to the governor [s]he paid off to get appointed to a tenured judicial position to have the site brought down?

    I saw something about MM Forrest having reviewed and published something on there? Or was that just "he was reviewed [and got a D+]"? If he wrote something on there in retort against his near-failing rating, please share it on your blog as there appears no longer any visibility into the ratings system of the courts.

    I'd love to offer up a few ratings of some of the hacks running the Essex Probate & Family Court in Salem, MA...

    - "Judge" Jeffrey Abber is willing to, and has adjudged matters without proof of proper service to the opposing party (I successfully had a complaint acted upon by the Judicial Conduct Committee for this)

    - "Judge" Mary Anne Sahagian, of 583 Groton St, Dunstable, MA seems to think that 6-7 weeks to rule on a case is reasonable, and after all that time ruminating can't figure out how to write an order with enough competency to placate the Dept of Revenue

    and best of all:
    - Probation Officer Joseph Fields, of 34 Claremont Ter, Swampscot, MA is an indicted criminal. He's mediating cases involving child support and custody, including mediation of visitation agreements, and he is known (even by the judges' secretaries) to have aided in the evasion of a fugitive sex offender from police. This is a pure, unadulterated demonstration of precisely the white trash scum mediating whether fathers can see their kids...