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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Douglas A Thornton Listed On NH Guardian Ad Litem Board’s List – Listed As “Expired or Renewal Denied” – How the State Of NH Protects Those Working For The State That Have Enormous Power To Destroy Lives And Yet The State Refuses To Give The Public Access To Information About These People

Here is a list that was published by the Guardian Ad Litem Board in NH.  As you will note, Douglas Thornton is listed as “Expired or Renewal Denied.”  This document is available at the following link. http://www.nh.gov/gal/documents/BoardCertifiedGALs-Alpha.pdf
Changes through December 8, 2010
Lenora Boehm
Marsha Lavallee Huntoon
Newly approved
Lynn Aaby
Arlene Agosto
Tracy Bernson
William Cleary
Margo Cooper
Tina Craig
Anna Elbroch
Kristen Finnegan
Carleen Forrest
Barbara Gardner
Aprel Goddard
Lucinda Hopkins
Robin Partello
Elizabeth Rodd
Laura Vaillancourt
Expired or renewal denied:
Michael Atkins
Dianna Baker
Lisa Bellanti
Paul Bennett
Floreen Keifer-Bishop
Quentin Blaine
Barry Bolduc
George Bortnick
David Braiterman
Peter Brigham
Susan Brown
Peter Brunette
Deborah Buxton
Cindee Carter
Mark Cavanaugh
Karen Collman
Clark Corson
RoAnne Cronin
Timothy Cunningham
Gail Cyr
Susan Denenberg
Elaine Dolph
Daniel Dwyer
Edmunds Everett
Michael Finamore
John Fox
Patricia Frim
Christopher Garner
Matthew Garthwait
Jill Gaumont
Kim Gaumont
Michelle Gosselin-Limire
Tammy Gosling
Joan Gross
Margaret Cunnane Hall
Marianne Hannagan
Jeremy Harmon
Patrick Harrigan
John Harwood
Honey Hastings
Tricia Hayes
James Hurley
David Kamen
Kathy LaRocque
Marcia Leighninger
Thomas Mandra
Jeanette Marino
Steven Markiewicz
Elizabeth Maynard
Barbara McCracken
Glenn McCracken
Andrea McCusker
Robert McKenney
Norma Micheroni
Fred Miller
Kathy Needleman
Deborah Shepherd
Douglas Thornton
Someone contacted the GAL board for information and here is their response. 
1st Request For Information From GAL Board
I recently noticed that GAL Douglas Thornton is on a list of "Expired or renewal denied." as for changes through December 1st 2010.  How do I find out information about this?  I would like to know what information is available to me. 

1st Response To Request
Good Morning,
I am not sure what information you are requesting, so I am including the dates of any status changes for Mr. Thornton. I reviewed Mr. Thornton’s file and found that he was originally certified by the Guardian ad Litem Board on March 13, 2006.  His certification expired on March 13, 2009.  He did apply for Guardian ad Litem Certification again in the summer of 2010; however, the board denied his application on September 24, 2010.  He is not a board certified GAL, and has not been board certified since his original expiration date.   
If you are looking for something more specific please let me know and I can try to get that information for you if it is indeed public information.  The reasons for denial are not public information.   
Thank you,
GAL Board Secretary
2nd Request Asking For Information

Thank you for your speedy response.  You answered most of my questions.  Specifically, I am assisting a friend with some post divorce issues.  Doug Thornton was the GAL.  It would be helpful is we could find out why Mr. Thornton's application was denied as there could be some impact on the post divorce issues.  I am a little confused why that information would not be open to the public under the NH Right to Know law and if it is not subject to right to know, how could someone find out?  A petition to the court?  Subpoena?  Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

2nd Response To Request
The reason for denial is exempt from right to know requests pursuant RSA 91-A:3 II(c), and cannot be disclosed.  If he had requested a hearing to challenge the board’s denial of his application, then the information would have become public, but he did not.  I am a secretary, and I am unaware of how you would force the release of exempt information, but I think it may be through the Supreme Court, but you may want to get some legal advice on that.
If you are under the assumption that the reason for denial stems from a complaint about Mr. Thornton as a GAL, I can inform you that all disciplinary decisions regarding GALs are posted to the board’s website under the complaints section.  I do not see that any disciplinary action was ever taken against Mr. Thornton.
If your friend wishes to file a complaint against Mr. Thornton, there is paperwork available on the Board’s website under the complaints section.  However, it should be noted that the board can only handle complaints against certified GALs, so if the time period during which the violations took place was after Mr. Thornton expired, then the complaint would need to be directed to the court, and she would need to contact them as to how to file a complaint.
Thank you
GAL Board Secretary
As you can see, the secretary in quite polite in her response.  She notes that the reason for Thornton being denied his certification is not subject to the right to know laws.  Here is a person that has caused a great deal of destruction to two young boys and God knows who else but you can’t find out why his application was denied.  Do you see something wrong with this?  What is the GAL Board covering up?  Thornton created a lot of problems for my divorce, he was biased and negligent in the way he handled the case but I can’t find out why he was denied his certification. 

Someday my children will become adults.  They will someday realize that their father did everything he could do to be in their lives but had his rights taken away by a sick mother that breeds on Parent Alienation as well as her attorney Jaye Rancourt, a negligent GAL Douglas Thornton along with Master Forrest and Judge Arnold. 


  1. Perhaps when those that make the laws, which Courts pretend to follow, is negativally impacted by the NH Courts or GAL, they will make change.

    Until that time, attorneys and GAL are free to hold children hostage from one parent in the "Best Interest of the Child", while raking in money for not resolving conflict between two divorcing parents.

  2. Shame Lynn Aaby is still a GAL! Im so glad that someone had the guts to fight and stop her nomination for Marital Master. This woman has NO morals or ethics. She thinks its okay to be a childs GAL and also be the attorney for the childs Fathers girlfriend at the same time. I think that is a HUGE conflict of interest. But the N>H> court system held me in contempt when I brought this to their attention.Shame, Shame!!The N. H. Court System needs a complete overhaul and each case needs to be looked at individually. too many people now crying "parental alienation". It is there but too many using it as a crutch!!

  3. GAL's Lynn Aaby and Patricia Frim were total advocates for my ex wife in a divorce that finally ended in 2012. These two old ladies should not be GAL's any longer. I've considered filing complaints against both of them with GAL board but wonder if I would waste $200 for the privilege and GAL board just turn a blind eye to these two bias and incompetent GAL's.

  4. I have Pat Frim as a GAL - I would love any and all information on her. I am not currently thrilled with the job that she is doing. Any feedback that would sway me in the opposite direction to be able to trust her with the amount of control she has over the outcome of my custody case would be greatly appreciated.

  5. A gal Sheila Girbac has Never said 2 words that were not hateful beyond measure. This person has sadistic personality disorder. Her discerning looks so familiar to me. My family is being deliberately singled out Mom has a painfully bone disease. my children are also differently a led. The defamation and discrimination is so common its a habit. The retalation so blatant. The chilling effect is barbaric My biggest mistake was sending my children to school and asking 4 " services". in a community that discriminates against their vulnerable citizens and State that allows it. even our spiritual beliefs are a issue. This is why Women don't report abuse. The bias system makes it worse. I never thought humans could be so hate full and get paid to do it.