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Monday, June 20, 2011

Nicholas Haas A NH Man Is Thrown in Debtors Prison By Judge Edward Tenney For Not Being Able To Pay For A Retroactive Court Order Issued Through The NH Family Court.

Even though Debtors Prison was abolished in the 1800’s, many people in the US are being incarcerated because of debt. 

Samantha Haas has forwarded a letter to us which is posted below and which outlines the circumstance of her husband Nicholas Haas being thrown in jail.  What was Nicholas’s crime?  A NH Family Court determined Debt!  Yes that is right.  The NH Family Court decided to make a retroactive order to make Nicholas responsible for paying $22,000 to his former wife.  When he couldn’t pay it he was jailed by Judge Tenney.

Some surmise that there is more to this and that Nicholas did this to himself for not paying his ex-wife the child support that she deserves.  Some surmise he is a dead beat dad.  That is not the case according to his current wife Samantha.  Samantha told us that Nicholas pays his support regularly through wage garnishment.  He is actually current with his support obligations.  His debt is only a result of the courts retroactive order in which Nicholas was order to pay almost $5,000 a month for five previous months, which this included alimony payments. 

This type of mentality is something out of the 60’s when police departments would stop people driving through their towns and arrest them for a frivolous charge, maybe speeding and then the local Judge would hold a trial and force the person to pay for a crime they didn’t commit and if they refused to pay they would be thrown in jail.  The only difference here is that instead of the money going directly into the Judges pocket it funds the system.  The same illegitimate system that continues pays their salary which gives these people an incentive to continue doing what they are doing. 

According to Samantha Haas when Nicholas was ordered to incarceration by Judge Tenney, Nicholas was on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. 

After hearing the facts, It appears that the NH family court system is helping to play a part in destroying another person’s ability to support themselves and their family. 

According to Samantha, she and her husband have had to get financial assistance to pay for necessities such as heat.  They are struggling just to survive.  Samantha stated that anyone who didn’t believe her story was welcome to stop by their residence as they have nothing to hide. 

It is know that the NH family Court System is biased against men.  We have been told that MSNBC recently called the NH Family Court System the most biased and bigoted system in the US.  Only 8% of the men in the state of NH get custody of their children.  The lowest percentage in the county. 

So now the question remains.  Nicholas had been working and having his wages garnished to pay support.  What happens now?  Is the Jail he is sitting in now paying his support obligations?  I am sure that’s not the case. 

It’s not rocket science here.  If Nicholas isn’t working, he has no wages and therefore no wage garnishment and therefore his debt continues to increase.  How does this help his children and ex-wife who at least had money coming in? 

Here is a letter from Samantha Haas.  Anyone that can help is encouraged to contact her. 


Samantha Haas <samantha_smiles79@hotmail.com> wrote:
Please read this below as I have sent this to WMUR Channel 9 News, The Concord Monitor, The Union Leader, The Hooksett Banner, Judge Ed Kelly, Gov. Lynch, the Redress Grievance Committee, The GAL Board, The Attorney Discipline Office and The Judicial Conduct Committee....and to anyone who will listen and stand up for Father's Rights...and the Rights of an AMERICAN Family.

My husband,37 year old, Nicholas Haas of Hooksett NH,  experienced first hand the corrupt system in our family courts.
Nicholas has been a software consultant for Unifund, LLC in Nashua, NH for 7 years. He is a father, husband, friend, son, brother, leads worship in our church, is the President of Jesus is the Way Worldwide Missions, a Missionary for Haiti, basketball coach for his step-son's basketball team each year, nursing home volunteer and just recently was elected for the Town of Hooksett's Budget Committee.

My husband is the victim of court corruption and Parental Alienation.  He seperated from his first wife in 2004, finalized in June 2007.  Nicholas has two daughters with his ex-wife, now ages 7 & 9 years.

In November 2006, Marital Master Leonard Green issued an order in which my husband could not comply.  To pay his ex-wife $4650 per month, $3.060 in child support and $1500 in alimony,  retroactive to August 18, 2006....placing my husband $22,800 in the negative with the system.  Another order was issued for my husband to pay $2000 per month, by Marital Master Jennifer Lemire,  which he showed considerable proof of not having the financial means to pay, and a $23,729.55 was added as an abeyance for his inability to pay.  All of which has happened within the Manchester Family Division.

By proof I mean, letters from the town for emergency need for rental and fuel assistance, being denied a personal loan to try to comply with this order, a statement from his employer that sales are down due to the weakened economy and proof of bills he pays monthly etc.

Nicholas pays 33% of his salary, plus 33% of his monthly commissions, plus gave the sale of the marital home and personal items to his ex-wife, covers both children under medical and dental insurance, provides the children with a $250,000 life insurance policy naming his ex as the beneficiary for the children and pays any uninsured medical and dental expenses for both children.

Nicholas has not seen his two children from his previous marriage since September 26, 2009.

Based on the years of evidence and proof that Nicholas, myself and other members have collected over the years, of the constant abuses by his ex in front of the children, telephone threats resulting in several police reports against his ex-wife, motions and filings of an ex-parte relief from the very beginning as his exwife was unstable and threatening the lives of herself and the two children, name-calling, verbal threatening, brainwashing the children (which we have proof of direct statements made by the children) etc.  Nicholas sent a letter to the GAL asking only to "TEMPORARILY SUSPEND HIS VISITATION" to stop the abuse the children were witnessing, to protect them from anymore emotional trauma,  and asking to change the arrangements for Supervised Exchanges, no motion was EVER filed with the court suspending his parental rights AT ANY TIME and this request has gone almost TWO YEARS UNANSWERED.

The GAL and ex-wife denied Nicholas phone contact with his children, denied any contact with the children's schools, denied him any information relative to the children in regards to their healthcare, education, extracurricular activities.  The GAL Board has been aware, as has the Attorney Discipline Office and Judge Ed Kelly.  Nicholas has complied with everything he has been asked to do by the courts while it still goes unanswered why he is denied seeing his children.

He has requested all along, as I can provide years of actual documented proof for all who are interested.
Nicholas and I have our son (mine from a previous marriage) and our 2 year old daughter.  Nicholas' children from his previous marriage have never met their sister.

I am outraged at the injustice of the family courts in the State of NH.  My husband is not a criminal and does NOT deserve to be treated as such.  My husband's story needs to be public.  Parental Alienation exists and it is child abuse.  I have people willing to support my claims and others who have these similar stories to share with the public.

My husband is sitting in the Valley Street Jail, while I desperately try to find $10,040 in CASH to release him.  They are holding him based on a contempt on his inability to pay...what I fear is now up to $30,000.  (Mind you, Nick has shown the court, his ex-wife and her attorney, as well as the GAL, all of his financial affidavits proving for 5 years now that he cannot financially comply.)
The only thing in this God forsaken world that my husband is guilty of is trying to be a good father and role model to his children...he has been denied his rights to his children and he deserves to be heard.
Happy Father's Day.

For all evidence and to discuss it further, please call me, Samantha Haas, at 603-858-6634.  Thank you.  My husband is not a criminal...and for all of you who know my son, Lucas Supplee (we also have Emma our 2 year old)....Nick is his step-father, basketball coach and we have been members of our PTA.  As mentioned above, Nick has also been elected for our Town's Budget Committee.  Please come together and help me and my children take a stand against corruption and parental alienation and help me bring my husband home to us.

Parental Alienation and corruption of our court system EXISTS...Please stand up and fight with me against this ABUSE.

The court in their infinite wisdom immediately put Nicholas into the red.  When Nicholas couldn’t pay that debt that they determined that he owed, he went in front of this same court and not another that was neutral and unbiased.  This same court threw this man in jail for not being able to afford to pay the debt that they created. 


  1. I witnessed the hearing with my own eyes and ears. In my opinion, Judge Tenney was a gentle as a lamb for the first part of the hearing, and then SUDDENLY, he turned into a monster.

    This much widespread judicial abuse surely comes from somewhere: it comes from the big boss, Judge Ed Kelly.

    If any of us do not perform our jobs at work, we are fired. If we do what is expected of us, we are secure at work. Any judge who can get away with these types of abuses most certainly is not "overlooked" regarding discipline. This abuse is sanctioned and endorsed from above - this is the modus operandi of the N.H. Family Court.

    The N.H. Family Court employs a "business model" designed to keep Lawyers, Judges, Counselors, GAL's, Visitation Centers, Parental Assessment Professionals in business. It is a veiled racket, sold to the general public as "justice." The problem is that the general public - specifically those NOT embroiled in the "system" and caught in the gears of this black box, don't understand the dynamics and therefore look at the victims as "disgruntled" or angry defeated villains. This is not the case.

    Yes, there is such a thing as real "deadbeat" and a "disgruntled, angry, defeated villain," however
    Nick, whom I have known for 15 years, is one example of an honest victim.

    I can rattle of another 30 honest victims off the top of my head, and I only know the tip of the iceberg. I suspect that there are thousands upon thousands.

    If you or anyone you know or anyone they know has been affected by the Family Courts of N.H., please speak up and post a comment here!

  2. Judge Edward Tenney is the S.O.B. that court-ordered a new mother out of Methadone Treatment in order to regain custody of her illegally stolen daughter,which was both illegal and discriminatory AND court-ordered her into a program that didn't exist in NH, making sure she couldn't comply with court orders. Needless to say, her daughter was illegally adopted. The baby's father's rights were Never terminated.

  3. I have been dealing with the NH Child Support Court system for over 10 years. I've been in and out of the NH District Court DOZENS of times because of my child's father who refuses to work a regular job and make regular child support payments. I've learned over time the NH Child Support/Court System is an absolute joke and they are there to enable the deadbeats and make it easier for them to continue to be deadbeats. Nicholas Haas' child-support case is one I have never heard of before-NEVER. Something tells me the full story is one that only Nicholas and his ex-wife know.

  4. I personally think this is absolutely rediculous! This man is a LOVING and WONDERFUL father and husband... there are people out there that abuse and neglect children that are NOT in jail? How is THIS considered part of our justice system?? He shouldbe released to his family NOW!

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  7. I have known Nick since he was a little boy and he is damn sure no criminal and this all sounds BARBARIC. I WISH I COULD HELP , What I will do is post this all over the internet and get some attention. NH is so backwards when it comes to this stuff. The proof is in the paperwork if he doesn't have it he can't pay YET HE STILL SUPPORTS HIS KIDS BUT CAN;T SEE THEM , SO VERY WRONG !!!!! I LOVE YOU NICK <3 Keep your chin up Buddy !!

  8. It seems to me if you truly wish to be taken as a serious blog, you would interview the ex-wife, attorneys and judge in question... or at least get a copy of the court documentation and police reports for the case. To do anything less is biased, and it occurs to me you may well be setting yourself up for a lawsuit. No affiliation with either party, just an observer with a journalism background.

  9. (Dan Cotter)
    Nick truly is someone who would give the shirt off his back for a person in need. That is why I refuse to believe Nick would intentionally neglect his own children.
    With financial times as they are there has needs to be understanding from the courts. Heaping on fines is something a credit card company does. Family court should not be about punishment. Rather, it should be about fairness, and justice. The fees and fines imparted are only exasperating the problem, as two families are now without ANY financial support - and even more devestating - there are now two families without a Dad. (Dan Cotter)

  10. Seems to me that it must be a requirement for the NH Family Court system judges to be complete morons who have no clue or inclination to do what is "best for the innocent children". What ever happened to that concept? We have true criminals out on the street who SHOULD BE in Jail and they ARE NOT. Let this man go back to his family and, for God's sake, do something useful - LIKE ALLOW HIM VISITATION WITH HIS CHILDREN!!!!

  11. leave it to "anonymous" to not address the issues but rather to defray attention from the real issues on the table to the totally non relevant.

    If Cheryl Haas has anything to say, she is certainly welcome to participate right here!

    Read the controlling case law, "anonymous;" you might pick up on the legal issue(s) here - then you will understand why those close to nick are emotionally charged.

    Furthermore, it doesn't take "interviews" to detect legal issues. It takes testimony, evidence FOF/ROL, court orders, and research to pick up on injustice.

  12. I have not seen Nick for more than 15 years, and even then I only know as one of my brother-in-law's friends, but I was impressed with his manners even then. From the sounds of this ignorant travesty that does worse than spit in the face of justice, this is only a natural outworking and the latest symptom of the disease that this country is 'racked' with: may God, through His people, help us!

  13. Nick Haas has been a friend and brother to me for 19 years. He is a good man and a fantastic father. Please share his story with everyone you know...not only to help him, but to help ALL fathers who suffer this injustice! Those who choose to doubt his story clearly do not know him nor do they know his ex wife or how slanted the court system is. I send all my love and support to Nick and his family. You'll be home soon braddah! I just know it!

  14. So let me get this straight. Every single GAL, master, judge, police officer... whoever... who has ever been attached to this case whose name is not Samantha or Nicholas is corrupt in some way? EVERY one of them? It's not even remotely possible that there's some undisclosed reason why Nick Haas isn't allowed to see his children or hasn't had his support reduced or the abeyance lifted?

    And to just throw his ex's name out there like that, in a thread that just may well contain some pretty libelous statements? I mean, looking at it from a purely objective stance, how compelling can the evidence of poverty (the man made over $100K a year based on the 33% rule... I should be so poor) and allegations of misdeeds on the ex-wife's part be if every single person attached to this case has clearly found them to be inconsequential or unsubstantiated?

    Don't get me wrong. I thoroughly understand the passionate and emotional responses. There are fathers and mothers everywhere who suffer legitimate injustices at the hands of the court system. I'm not altogether convinced this is one of them though and, if not, publicly slandering the custodial parent in this case does little to further the cause of those who truly are suffering.

    1. I don't know about the rest of them but Tenney needs to be thrown off the bench. He's an idiot!

    2. Tenney is a gender biased, lazy,sneaky,dishonest judge in my honest opinion. Unless Conflict of interest doesn't apply to him ? Maybe he thinks he's untouchable? Throw him off the bench !

  15. The Family Court does the same thing with your kids in a contested custody dispute. They will dangle them just out of your reach until you become their submissive slave and agree to their orders of extortion for Guardian Ad Litem fees and constant therapy and evaluations for the Non-Custodial parent (typically the father) . They even have the g0-nads to call it "having the keys to your own kids in your own pocket"...

  16. Anonymous @ 8:45 - For someone with a journalism background it would seem to me that you ought to go back to class and find out what real journalism is.

    This blog doesn’t need to prove itself to be credible – it already has.

    If you consider true stories and accurate accounts of events, such as this blog has contributed, to be something that should be hidden from the public’s eyes and view, then perhaps you are One of them and it is You who is afraid of a lawsuit after your dirty deeds are exposed to the public.

    It would seem for anyone interested, that the lid has been blown off and has uncovered this dirty little secret that the NH Courts and NH Lawyers have tried to keep quiet and continue to try to keep quiet.

    Many of us have either been through or know first hand the kind of trauma that these families have gone through and for NO reasonable or legal reason to back it up.

    I for one am grateful for this blog and I see it as another great resource for information and inspiration.

    If we do not all work together to solve the problem the courts and lawyers will continue to sit on their fat a$$es at the expense of our children and families.

    All these legal fees that get paid – all this money letting these greedy, self serving public officials scoff up - are all paid for with money that could have been spent on the children.

    For every unethical judge and attorney out there and they know who they are: Each time you drag out the court case, file another motion, entertain a frivolous motion, encourage your client by manipulation because you know they are dependant on you and you know you can get away with continuing to fleece them because you know they are easy prey, you take food from the mouths of the very children you profess you are trying to save.

    When a household with a $75, 000 year income is split in two – how is it the legal bills can amount to over $100,000?

    Financial statements are provided every step of the way.

    The courts know how much is being spent on attorneys and the attorneys know how much is being spent.

    Where does that money really come? That money really comes from the children and their future.

    So Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, if you really want to hold someone accountable for anything look somewhere else.

  17. To Anonymous on June 20, 2011 at 8:45 pm.

    You want us to interview the Judges, Attorneys and Haas’s ex wife. They are welcome to come to this blog and present their side of the story and provide us with documentation. We would all like to see it. There are several people that have come forward who have personally witnessed what happened in court to Haas.

    There is a lot of evidence out there to show us how corrupt the Family Courts are in NH and how things get covered up.

    As for police reports that you speak of. Haas appeared in family court of his own free will and Judge Tenney decided to not let him leave of his own free will and to throw him into jail. This was not a police matter. There are no police reports.

    So let me get this straight. Your boss tells you that someone keeps entering his locked office and stealing items. You see someone with your own eyes break into and steal something out of your boss’s office so you shouldn’t believe what you see. You should go interview the thief who stole the item in the first place? I’m sure once you confront the thief you will get a truthful answer right?

    Read the new post that was posted last night on US Supreme Court case law which outlines that “Due Process May Require Appointment Of Counsel On Civil Contempt Charges.”

    Judges have an obligation to protect a defendant’s rights. It doesn’t appear that Judge Tenney did that in this case.

  18. I'm not sure what to make of "anonymous." On one hand he/she seems to have some experience with the N.H. Family Court. If so, and he/she has had a "good experience," then we should really pick his/her brain for the secret - because we are all looking for the secret - and lets not make any mistake about it, it is a BIG SECRET!

    On the other hand, he/she seems to be very critical of the multitudes of people critical of the injustices and misconduct committed at the hands of lawyers, marital masters, GALs, Judges, Judge Kelly. Why the criticism? Is he/she trying to controvert the facts for a coverup of some kind? Is he/she a lawyer, judge, marital master, GAL, or another gear in this black box?

    I adjure you "anonymous," if you have nothing to hide, tell us all about your situation! Give us some insight. If you are here to help, you will do that - if not, your motive is clear!

  19. I am pretty sure Nicholas Haas was recently arrested for hitting his current wife. THE WHOLE STORY IS NOT BEING TOLD ON THIS BLOG!!

  20. Anonymous wrote: "the man made over $100K a year based on the 33% rule... I should be so poor"

    And - THERE it is folks. The govt courts and their "Redistribution of Wealth"
    What is next? Can the courts go after a married couple for not spending a court-defined portion of their income on their children? WTH?

  21. It has been identified that Mr. Haas has not seen his children since 2009. Is this his choice? I say it is not. I bet that he is prevented from seeing them by a vindictive ex wife and the NH Court system allows this, unless of course he pays to see them in a Supervised Visitation Centered that receives Federal Grant Funding to stay in business.

    Mr. Haas’s ex spouse may be performing what is called Parental Alienation. It is allowed in the NH Courts and endorsed under the following Administrative Order (AO) #07-06 and 07-067 signed by Judge E Kelly:

    “Unrestricted Visitation is appropriate when there is not sexual abuse or domestic violence and the parent aggress to the conditions of shared parenting”.

    What if there is no DV or SA and only a vindictive ex spouse that wants to get even with you by using the children as pawns to hurt you and prevent you from seeing them? The above AO allows this behavior

    The Domestic Violence folks that get Federal Grant money to ensure a father can only see his children supervised endorse this AO. Why would the Domestic Violence money making industry endorse Parental Alienation and advocate for restricted visitation if the conditions of shared parenting are not agreed on? For the $$$$$$$$$$ this business industry gets from the Feds for the Supervised Visitation Centers.

    If Mr. Haas has not seen his children since 2009, it is because he does not have the money to pay the supervised visitation center to see his kids. Now he is being required to pay elevated child support. He probable also has a Guardian ad litem bill and attorneys fees.

    Divorce Incorporated (attorneys, GALS, therapists, Child Support enforcement, and mediation) in the State of NH and around the nation makes $2 BILLION per year. You really think this is going to go away by asking nicely and saying please?

    Sgt Thomas James Ball made a profound political statement on June 15, 2011 on the steps of the Cheshire County Superior Court in Keene, NH. One point was that he believed that he would be jailed for not having the ability to pay arrears child support. The debtor’s prison in NH will continue until this is changed at the Federal level and things like Federally Funded Supervised visitation center are eliminated.

    The Merrimack Supervised Visitation Center is being closed, great start. The GAL public funding is being eliminated, another great beginning to resolve perpetuating visitation issues.

    A solution is to adopt HB591 and eliminate this ongoing issue, you just may see your Child support reduced is you have equal access to your children post divorce. Oops, did I stumble onto something? Equal parenting time, reduce child support, and a reduction in Federal money for supervised visitation centers AND Social Security Act Title IV D “efficiency” matching of child support that the state collects, reimbursed by the state at about $1 from the Feds to the State, for every $3 the state collets in child support.

    For those of you that receive your paycheck by advocating for or employed by the DV SA industry, you may disagree with the above assessment. But then again, you are part of the $2 BILLION per year Industry. Why is it that the False Allegations DV or SA surface during a divorce and the real incidents are not divorce related and are handled by Law Enforcement? Kinda makes your think about the money motive and not the “Best Interest of the Children” undefined buzz word.

  22. I know all parties involved, Samantha, Nick, and his ex-wife and I can assure to you all that is most certainly a reason why he is not allowed with his children. Furthermore I am deeply disgusted as Samantha has complained about having her husband have to pay child support to his other "rugrats" when all along they were not paying. I have done alot for the family such as loaning them money for food for the children then finding out they bought drugs with my hard earned money. There is no injustice in this case, only for Nicks other 2 girls.

  23. Anonymous @ 1:00am. Where did you get the information Mr. Hass makes $100,000? I haven’t seen that documentation, have you? I’d be very interested in seeing it if it exists. If you could provide a copy of the document that supports that statement or provide the link to where that document can be viewed it would be much appreciated. To date I have searched and searched for that information and have been unable to put finger on it. Much gratitude.

  24. Thank you to my wife and thank you to those who are helping our family to climb out from under this mess. We are incredibly grateful.


  25. @Jeff - I didn't get it anywhere, sorry. It was fuzzy math in my head that's all, based on his wife's statement that he was paying 33% (which is the state's guideline for 2 kids) of his salary and my own experiences in obtaining a support order. Note that I didn't consider the assertion that he also pays 33% of his commissions; making it sound like he pays 66% of his income. Commissions would have been included in his gross income as part of the calculation and therefore it's just that 2 child, 33% rule. (Besides, you could have 12 kids and it's capped at 45% lol.)

    $36/37K a year in child support is a hefty sum for two children, and in the simplest of terms calculates to darn near close to 33% of $100K gross annual. But support is actually calculated on an adjusted monthly gross, which is ascertained by deducting allowable expenses like mandatory retirement costs and the insurances for both parents. That establishes a proportional responsibility. Then, a self-supporter amount is further deducted to the benefit of the paying parent. Since no claim has been made by the current wife that the support order was skewed to the former wife's benefit beyond the Master going retro (which I'm guessing is because he didn't pay anything between the time he left and the order was put in place), I assume the formula (which you probably already knew lol... sorry) was followed. In a nutshell, that's where I reached that conclusion that his income exceed the $100K mark. One that, I might add, hasn't been disputed by anyone in the know. In fact, I believe Mrs. Haas was asked directly on another site to clarify what his annual gross income was, and she has yet to answer that particular inquiry. I leave that lack of response up to individual interpretation.

    @injust.us - which Anonymous are you referring to? I think the conflicting signals you're getting are because there's more than one of us. I only have the one post that Jeff referred to. Any experiences I've had with the courts were mundane. No fireworks or injustice, just quiet satisfactory resolution. If there was a secret for us I guess it was because we went in there with a civilized plan between us and went on our way. I understand, though, that we are more the exception than the rule.

    The only reason I commented at all is because, as I stated, I'm not convinced this is truly a case of injustice and the possible repercussions of it not being such are frightening. There are so very many people in our state and nation-wide who are legitimately being railroaded by the courts. They're truly suffering and would probably welcome an outpouring of financial or emotional support. If, somehow, it comes out that this is not on the up and up, then those people have been done a grievous disservice by this woman and her husband. Because in their time of need, they may just find their communities and neighbors hesitant or unwilling to help them for fear of being duped.

    I understand that you believe wholeheartedly that Mrs. Haas' claims are legitimate, and I respect that opinion despite not sharing it. I also don't disagree that the courts are a shamble and corruption and mishandling of cases does occur. But I remain unconvinced that it happened in this case.

  26. Anonymous on June 21, 2011 3:05PM:

    While I admit I DON'T know "all parties involved", it doesn't take much to see right through you. Has it occurred to you how your statements sound, making these types of unfounded claims anonymously, without providing anything whatsoever to back them up? That's right, you must be the one sleeping with or related to the ex-wife.

    It appears you've never heard of, or don't believe in karma.

    You clearly have some animosity towards this couple. What's really shameful is you trying to kick them when they are down, taking advantage of this as an opportunity to disparage their reputation without the confidence in your claims or the courage to post anything to support your statements or even so much as your name. While I hope that Nick and Samantha identify you and sue you for your libel, I don't believe they are those type of people.

    Your karma awaits you, coward, at some unknown point in the future. Good luck with that one, I wouldn't want to be you when that time comes.

  27. John B u r right on the money with your comment!! I have known Nick for almost 20 years & although I haven't spoken with him in a long time! I know with all my heart that Nick is in no way a bad father just because he can't comply with some ignorant judges orders!!! I can't believe how bad the state of NH is messing with his life! Nick please stay strong through this horrible mess u r in my heart & my prayers everyday! I wish I was rich so I could write a check & make this whole mess go away 4 u! This is Sarah Freeman Sasi U can reach me at aqt2bloved@yahoo.com if I can help u any way!!

  28. "Sigh"...I am DISGUSTED at all the lies being posted on here! And yes, it is clear that the one(s) who claim to know all parties...the one(s) that claim Nick is abusive...the one(s) that claim to have loaned money to Nick and Sam only to have them use the money for drugs...these people or this person is obviously working with the ex to slander Nick and Sam. Well, I actually DO know all parties involved and frankly "Anonymous", what you are doing is not only transparent, but it is TRULY pathetic. You know what is ABUSIVE? Keeping a good father from his children for the sole purpose of getting back at him.

  29. I have known Nick and his family since they moved to Bradford many years ago! I was at Nick's wedding and saw the family on a very regular basis..this is all very sad..the grandparents havn't been allowed visits either...it breaks my heart ;-(

  30. A good man (Nick Haas) was unjustly put in jail last week because his ex wife chose to put him there instead of accepting his offer to increase his portion of his bonus paid to her from 33% to 50%(to attempt to make a dent in the choking penalty placed on him by a previous ruling of Judge Green)despite Judge Tenny explaining that he could lose his job and thus his ability to pay her anything. That is the truth- I was there to witness it and by the way,I am a woman.....

    I'm sorry but this smacks of pure vindictiveness on her part and can't possibly be in her children's best interest. I am sure that if Nick had the money, he would have paid it long ago rather than have to raise it bit by bit from his friends and supporters so that he can remain a free man.I have only known Nick and Samantha a short time through a Parental Alienation Support Group we formed and I have a VERY hard time believing that this hardworking, kind, loving missionary to Haiti,leader in his church and public servant is either a druggie or abusive as some on this blog have alleged...

    Nick has impressed me with how hard he is fighting for his children to be part of their lives. He only wants to be their Dad- when was that a crime?? He is far from a Dead Beat. He would do anything for his girls-including put himself into bankruptcy- which is where he is now. Many would have given up long ago. We should all be outraged. If this can happen to a man like Nick, it could happen to anyone. The worst injustice in all of this is that Nick hasn't seen his girls in almost 2 years for no good reason. The system is standing in his way. I would love to know how this represents the best interests of his children which is what Family Court is SUPPOSED to do.

    We are all held accountable for our actions eventually and I can only appeal to Nick's ex (as I suspect she is following this blog) to take a good hard look at her part in this and how it may come back to haunt her. Some day her girls will know the truth of her "choice" to place their father in jail. She will also have to explain why they were denied the right to have the love of both of their parents and extended families in their lives because she stood in their way. Read "Divorce Poison" and wake up to the abuse that Parental Alienation is and the long reaching effects it will have on her children's lives. The short stay Nick had in jail is nothing compared to the "sentence" of being without a loving father in their lives that his 2 daughters will have to suffer because of a system gone wrong - as I am sure Nick would agree.

    To his ex- I plead with you to do the right thing for your girls. Bury your hatchet, take this out of the hands of the courts and attorneys (as it is clear they are only making the problem worse). Try to work out a better solution that you can both live with and last, and most importantly, let your daughters father back in their lives. They will thank you some day...

  31. I appreciate all that my wonderful Wife has done for me. Being in Jail is not a very fun place to be and the number of Father's incarcerated is growing unfortnutely. I shared a cell with a man who was incarcerated and wasnt even presented the opportunity to provide a financial affidavit while he was at court that day.
    So I ask you, How could they even make a determination if he had the ability to pay with no "Sworn Statement of Finances?" He was jailed (he explained) to me because he lost employment as of January and only recently found new work- a guaranteed 20 hours a week painting. This job would be 1099'ed at the end of the year. When the Child Support Officer contacted his employer directly he was told that the employer would be glad to cut a second check but since it was just himself and this job was part time he could not do anything about assigning a "wage garnishment" the department asked him for. So instead the Child Support officer suggested this was an "under the table job." If this man was (at the very least) offering $100 a week on money he owed which he said he was, then the point of jailing him was.....?
    In my opinion, for what it is worth, the court actaully ROBBED the MOM of support every week. She received nothing from the action. Meanwhile the problems grow bigger while his family of three sits at home. I suspect that the department isnt interested in someone who sends payments in because its not passing through the agency. Why is that? Possibly funding

    Folks, the deal is this. If a person does everything in their power to see their children and every attempt is thwarted, then how can anyone debate that the behavoir of alienation is good for the children? Isnt a divorce already painful enough? Shouldn't we be working towards shared parenting for the kids? Do the research on states such as Washington adopting new laws for it. The STATE OF NH itself states that "children do best when both parents stay actively involved in the children's lives." Let's live up to that. That is for your children- not some stupid adults with an axe to grind in court making BOTH families broke.

    This isnt about who wants to line up and talk trash. You can later be served with slander.
    The evidence is in hand- come see it for yourself.

    Its about two girls that deserve MUCH BETTER.


    Nicholas A. Haas (Your Dad)

  32. Deborah Spaulding of Bradford, New HampshireJune 25, 2011 at 9:05 PM

    June 25th 2011
    Dear Attorney General Delaney,

    On Monday, June 20th an article appeared in the Union Leader on page 4a. This article should have caught your attention. You are the Attorney General and should be concerned as to what happens in the New Hampshire court system.

    I know this story well because it is written about my son, Nicholas Haas.

    I have always been respectful of the law and the court system but what I personally witnessed on Friday the 17th of June at the Manchester Family district Court my mind has been forever changed.

    I have watched for over four years now as my son has been stripped of his dignity, his parental rights, and his credibility by our court system. My daughter-in-law as well as I was treated rudely and with disrespect I will not soon forget. John Macoul the Petitioner’s attorney has used an original abeyance set unfairly by Judge Lenny Green as a tool to continue to extort money from Nick and his family.

    Nick has tried time and time again to file motion after motion in this court system, he also has proven an inability to pay, and he has tried to the best of his ability to find a solution to satisfy all parties yet it falls on deaf ears. In the meantime he has not seen his children in two years, and he’s not behind on child support payments!

    Does the court really care more about the money (which her side of the family is easily able to provide) rather than the alienation of families???? This I can’t believe. I have asked the Guardian ad Litem countless times to please help us reunite with Anna and Laura (my son’s children, my grand children) but she does nothing.

    I myself have filed two motions, had two hearings, and both were cancelled by the court. Now slowly my grandchildren are forgetting their other family members, we miss them very much and want them in our lives.

    Anna’s birthday was Sunday (fathers day). I called and sang Happy Birthday to an answering machine (her mother will not take calls from us). Instead of celebrating Anna’s birth her Dad was in jail and her Grandma was singing to her knowing that she will never her my voice.

    If you would please take some time and look into this case from the beginning I know you will see things are very wrong, injustices have been done. Please help us!

    Deborah Spaulding
    2230 State Route 114
    Bradford N.H. 03221
    (603) 938-5955

  33. Deb Coyle of Bradford, New HampshireJune 25, 2011 at 9:07 PM

    Hello, Attorney General Delaney,

    My name is Debbie Coyle and I am a long time friend of Deborah Spaulding and her family (21 yrs).

    I have watched her boys grow up and now watch her as a doting grandmother.

    Because of the closeness we share I have been a part of the on-going travesty her son Nicholas Haas and his children along with the whole family have continued to suffer.

    As this story has unfolded for the past couple of years it has only gotten more outrageous. I am shocked and applauded that one woman, her wealthy family, and her vindictive nature can wreak such havoc on one person’s life in our court system.

    The other part is…with the help of a court appointed Guardian Ad Litem!!!!

    Isn’t this person a neutral party seeing to the best interest of the children?

    Well I can guarantee you that hasn’t happened.

    For whatever (or however) the reason she has sided quite obviously for the mother’s side.
    Well I’d like to think that family court is more selective when appointing their guardian’s because she certainly isn’t playing both sides.

    As a mother of two children I can hardly imagine the heartache of not seeing my own children for two years! For, what? Over money? He’s not even behind on his child support! …Which was already “outrageous?”

    And Deborah, “Ma” as the grandchildren calls her and “Pa” for granddad, are wonderful, caring, grandparents. I have been in the pool with Deb and the kids, heard her storied of playing “Barbie” with “Izzy,” wrestling on the floor with the twin boys and seeing she and Chuck rock the babies to sleep.

    She is a tireless, playful, grandma any child would be blessed to have.

    Her biggest dream is to be able to have all of her grand children together some day, to see Anna and Laura again… and she is tireless in her efforts to contact them.

    Please take this letter not “as a friend” writing it but as a mom wanting the family court to give this dad and grandparents what they deserve.

    …The right to see his children and them their grandchildren.

    It’s what is right and what is long overdue.

    Thank You,
    Debbie Coyle
    Bradford, New Hampshire (Neighbor of Deborah Spaulding)

  34. After doing some research, Mr.Haas from 6-17-07 through 6-22-11 PAID $ 60,920.60 through the Division of Child Support Services for the State of New Hampshire. His record of payments is perfect. (These are garnished wages)He has also paid greater than $55,674 additional from his monthly commission. So to date, his ex has been paid well over $116,594 not including the marital home & assets etc.

  35. To all who might be interested, it has come to my attention that Ex-Haas has had a restraining order placed on her as of yesterday 6/27/11 for harassment and stalking!! She was caught trying to "hack" into the phone systems at Mr. Haas' place of employment!!! This woman needs a psychological evaluation, like NOW!!!!

  36. http://www.nhinsider.com/letters-to-the-editor/2011/6/20/nicholas-haas-a-fathers-injustice.html?lastPage=true#comment13497984

  37. Nicholas Haas from 6-17-07 through 6-22-11 has paid $ 60,920.60 through the Division of Child Support Services for the State of New Hampshire.

    His record of payments is perfect. (He also agreed to a wage assignment…voluntarily)

    From August 2007 to June 2011 he has paid greater than $ 55,674 to the Mother.
    (This figure includes the recent $10,000 for bail imposed on him and his family)

    In less than four total years, over $116,594 has been paid out to the Mother

    Over the last 46 Months, Nicholas Haas has provided a standard of living to his children averaging:

    $ 2,534.66/mo

    Nicholas Haas has NEVER even had so much as an overnight visit with his children.

    Because of the use of excessive litigation from the other party, Nicholas Haas owes more than $ 33,000 in legal representation for defending himself. He has had to use over FIVE Attorneys

    He’s been recently Pro-Se since Aug 2, 2010.

    He has been forced to represent himself several times in the case.

    Nicholas Haas has been paying back $ 34,916 to the IRS and currently has a lien placed on him

    Because he freely gave the marital home to his wife and children and could no longer have the deduction.
    June 30, 2011 | FACTS (do the math)
    New Hampshire Supreme Court Attorney Discipline Office:

    The complaint file against the guardian is open to the public for two years:

    Research under Nicholas Haas

    4 Chenell Drive, Suite 102, Concord, N.H. 03301. Phone: (603) 224-5828.
    June 30, 2011 | Tipster :)
    My two daughters are 110% the focus of our families efforts.

    Please do not disrespect them by attempting to shift the focus from where it should be.

    "Parental Alienation involves the systematic brainwashing and manipulation of children with the sole purpose of destroying a loving and warm relationship they once shared with a parent."

    Please take the time to read Dr. Richard Gardners work on Parental Alienation. Do a Google search and see what you find on the topic.

    Thank you for the people helping our family through this.
    Many young children do not have a voice in the courts and let's come together to change that.

  38. Also from the InsiderJune 30, 2011 at 6:15 PM

    To their Mother, the NH Family Court & GAL: The children are growing up. They will remember everything. They will learn everything as they grow. They will learn the truth that their father, myself, their sister, stepbrother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends NEVER abandoned them.

    You have held money over my husband's head, turned everything he has said around, took advantage that he could not afford an attorney, abused him verbally and physically during exchanges of the children, falsified police reports, lied to the courts, sent him to jail after he offered you an additional 17% of his monthly commissions, withheld evidence to the court of the mom's instability and the abuse against my husband, and have tried everything in your power to hurt our family and lead the children to believe that they are not loved by this side of their family.
    It is shameful what you have done.

    No matter how much money you have, or how much money you get....it will never replace the pain you have caused the children. They deserve to have us in their lives and you know it. It took being a bigger person for them, to get along with the other parent for their sake, and you couldn't do that for them.

    You might think you are always in the right, like my husband owes you something because you are angry. What are you so angry about? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Maybe it's time you did. You hold onto this anger and bitterness and it has not only hurt everyone involved, what about what you're doing to yourself????

    To my husband's exwife, we pray for you all the time. It can't be easy to carry around the burden of anger on your shoulders every day, passing it on to the children. Forgiveness is a powerful thing. It will allow you the freedom to a better, happier life. Maybe then you will find someone special to share your life with, instead of spending it stalking my family.

    Do the right thing. The kids depend on you, not the money....they depend on you to do the right thing. It's not about how YOU feel about Mr. Haas, it's about how the KIDS feel about him. And because of your selfish choices, your children have to go through the pain of rebuilding a relationship with their father. A relationship that should've never been broken in the first place. And you know exactly why it has come to this. Do the right thing.

    The only way we have been able to keep track of what the children look like is to contact the school photographer on our own every September to order our own set of their school pictures because we are never notified when it's picture time or if we would like to order any. They are beautiful little girls, had no idea they got their ears pierced or that the oldest wears glasses now!

    My husband has had to grieve over two children who are still alive, and two children have been led to believe he wants nothing to do with them. I believe this would be the definition for emotional abuse.

  39. So this man can work for a school, rape children, and get out on $5,000 bail? Funny, I believe Nick's bail was $10,040 CASH. And, what was Nick's crime?????


    What about this guy?? A dad chokes and beats his daughter and then puts her in the dryer?????? And again, I ask....WHAT was my husband incarcerated for???? Why hasn't he seen his children in almost two years??????


  40. I would wonder...does this ex-wife have maybe a multiple personality disorder? Did something happen in her past that was so tramatic that she thinks that all of this is ok to do to the kids?? Maybe, just a thought...someone should force her to get an evaluation somehow? Does anyone have any proof or records to show about how the exchanges went down in the past physicaly between Nick and his ex and the children? Because any good lawyer along with the recent restraining order would easily be able to put a petition in to the courts to try to get sole custody for the father with all this history.

  41. I just read Deb's post. And Debbie I have a question...when you filed motions, were they motions for grandparents rights for visitation? I am not understanding if that is what was filed, why it was thrown out? I have tears in my eyes reading all this, I remember dating Nick all through High School, and Debbie I can whole heartedly believe that you and Chuck are great grandparents, I remember being able to talk to you more than my own mother! And I feel so sorry for the kids in all this. I have gone through a divorce myself, my ex cheated on me and it definately had a big impact on all of our lives, we had to go to counseling the kids and me, yes I had plenty of anger, but we got through it, and even throughout everything I would never never never think of taking it out on the kids by not letting them see their father! All I could think of was how much the kids would resent me for taking them away from their Dad. This is so sad, and I wish I could help! Please contact me anytime, even if it is just to talk and vent.

    Jennifer Hamel (Jones)

  42. This is very sad. Is his ex wife related to Kristin Ruggiero of brentwood? Seriously, The Kristin Ruggiero case proves that it is really hard for an honest guy to enjoy equal justice when up against an evil ex wife.

  43. WMUR Channel 9 News is doing a Special Report on the Haas story Thursday Night July 14th at 11pm

  44. I've known Nick since I was 13 or 14, and his (current) wife probably almost as long...so about 20 years now. While I was closer to Nick and only knew Sam as an acquaintace when we were kids years ago, I can speak for Nick and say on my word and that of my family that Nick Haas is unquestionably a good person, someone who would go out of his way to help his friends and his family, and someone who is undoubtedly a devoted father. My family is outraged to hear anyone would say otherwise about himself or any member of his family. I wish I could write more sensibly on the matter, but I'm sitting here in tears just reading what has happened and some of the obviously false statements made by "anonymous" regarding Nick and Sam. It's taken me a long while to manage this much. Nick was like a brother to me when we were young and while I've not heard as much from him in the past few years (because of this mess, mostly,) I am absolutely outraged anyone would level such ridiculous and inflammatory accusations at him. My Prayers are with the Haas and Spaulding families that this matter be resolved and Nick's name be cleared so he can be reunited with two girls he loves very much.

  45. Channel 9 backed out of Special Report. Mr. Haas' exwife and family threatened to sue them if they aired it!

  46. Well now...there goes free speech. I don't get it. its a news worthy story. I'm sure they have had many other interviews where news 9 were threatened if they aired it. What is the difference now? It's got to be more than that. They must know someone who knows someone. But you know what? They can't have their way with everyone! there are newspapers people! Union leader...concord monitor..nashua telegraph...and so on! Keep fighting nick !!! It's worth it for your girls!!!

  47. Stay tuned for WMUR and the Haas story. It's not over. The fight continues and the United States Supreme Court is involved.

  48. The sad thing about all this is the children become victims at the hands of the legal system. The social workers, therapists, counselors, advocates only know how to react based on a knee jerk mentality. In most cases, if not all, their over zealous get another for the grant money, only brings harm to a family unit. Those individuals go home to their families but be assured if the intrusion allowed under law, or shall we say, sneaked under the constitutional radar, was to hit one of these do gooders, they would seriously think twice about the damage inflicted under such intrusion.

    In fairness to the judge, he or she has to react based on the purposeful misrepresentations of the poorly trained, skilled individuals who are looking for a gold star. I think people are starting to wake up to the biased and secretive family court system in NH. Maybe Governor Lynch should try to do one last thing before leaving office by having a full blown investigation of the court system as it is run by Judge Kelly.

    As someone stated, it appears if anyone has old fashioned godly morals, this is the first strike against you as we are moving more and more towards a godless society where man feels they can use their finite wisdom to direct in ways where only infinite wisdom works. I am sure the worsening of cases like this will only continue under such half baked theory, yes a theory that will never work ... Good Luck

  49. My husband and I are going through this now. He was electrocuted and almost died last year. He was behind and picked up today by the sherriff and has to pay $2740 to get out right now. The sherriff said to me over the phone that he will see a judge and work out a plan but I'm hearing a lot of different things. They said one or two days at first and I had a 30 second call from my husband tonight and he squeezed in that it looks more like a week. He can't get a real job because no one wants to hire a liability. He has tried to pay support all along but can't if he doesn't have income. Friends have warned me that now my wages culd be garnished because of it. The kicker for me is that his ex claimed he wasn't paying initially and filed for TANF and collected for a long time while he was paying her (not being garnished or through CSS) and he has to pay all of the welfare back! She lied! And I think sending anyone to jail for child support is rediculous. They let real criminals go in a heartbeat but hold fathers who just want to work in a room and let them collect dust instead of money. It's not like he doesn't try it's just impossible to get hired like this and in this economy. Someone has to do something!

  50. That man who they call Judge Tenney is an awful immoral and corrupt person who should be thrown in prison for abusing his powers.

    Clearly incompetent.