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Friday, June 17, 2011

Bullets For Last Statement Of Tom Ball - See Posting Below

Bullets For Last Statement

Tom Ball

Father's Rights Activist

Retired Army medic
3 year active end of Vietnam
18years National Guard-MA,NY,NH

•Done being bullied by the legal system for being a man

•“Inaccurately” labeled a domestic batterer for slapping his child

•Domestic violence arrest mandatory under police department policies

•U.S. Dept of Justice has no idea of how many domestic violence arrests made since 1984

•Estimate by Father's groups of 36 million

•Father's groups estimate that 80% of spouses arrested end up homeless

•Domestic violence advocates state 50% of domestic violence victim spouse end up homeless

•Domestic violence advocates state that 70% of families in domestic violence cases have

•For every arrest, a minimum of 2.0 Americans end up homeless (.8 arrested, .5 victim, .7
children (.5x.7x2.)

•With 36 million arrests, 72 million American men, women and children end up homeless

•FBI tracks amounts of all criminal arrest, except domestic violence

•The Office of Violence Against Women has $60 million in grant money to encourage arrests

•Historically, the federal govt. has required feedback on how effective the grant money is
preforming. But no one knows how many arrests

•Mandatory arrests in domestic violence situations is not law but police dept policy

•No-drop prosecution of domestic violence cases is not law but Attorney General protocol

•Judges, the impartial guardians of the rule of law, are required to attend three day seminars put
on by the domestic violence/sexual assault advocates. They are required not by law but by
judicial protocol

•Law has checks and balances. Policies, procedures and protocols do not

•These policies, procedures and protocols amount to a Second Set of Books for our legal system

•Most 18 year old kids will live 50 years until the age of 68

•In the last 25 years, one in six adults have been arrested for domestic violence. And 25% of the
American population has ended up homeless at one time or another

•At this present rate then in 50 years one in three Americans will be arrested with 50% of
American men, women and children ending up homeless

•50% of the victim spouses end up homeless at one time or another. Most of the remaining
victim spouses are knocked out of the middle class

•The idea for arrests came from the Minneapolis Police experiment if 1980-81. Arrests cut in
half the odds of future assaults than counseling or sending one spouse out of the house to cool

•Lawrence W. Sherman of the Police Foundation was the lead researcher

•In 1984, the U.S. A.G. Task force on Domestic Violence recommended arrest. Lawrence By
Sherman recommended against if due to it just being one study

•By 1993, 92% of the police dept nationwide had adopted mandatory arrests

•By 1993 five addition studies became available. In two studies arrests cut the
 odds of future assault. In the other three studies arrest increased the odds of future assault.

•In 1992 Lawrence W. Sherman published a book Policing Domestic Violence where he once
again stated do not use arrest, they do not work

•In 1975 there were 1,522 women killed in domestic violence according to the Justice Dept.
There were 1,506 men killed

•In 1976 the first domestic violence survey was released. Men initiated violence 25.7% of the
time; women 25.2% and the remainder was a joint effort by the two call mutual combat.

•This domestic violence war is a thinly disguised war on men. The women and children are just
collateral damage.

•Burning down police stations and courthouse should let the police, prosecutors and judges know
that American want them to put aside the Second Set of Books and return to the rule of law.

•As long as the Office of Violence Against Women exists in the Justice Dept, no American man,
woman or will be safe in their own home

•There is no method in either the federal Constitution or the federal code that gives a legal
mechanism for voters to dissolve the federal government should they so decide

•The ballot initiative allows voters to get questions on the ballot during election. Perhaps a
question requiring elected members of Congress to write a legal mechanism to dissolve the
federal government should the voters decide in a popular election

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