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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Man Sets Himself On Fire In Front Of Cheshire County Superior Court House Which Also Serves As The Family Court – There Is A Lot Of Speculation As To Why

It’s no new news that there are major issues with the NH Family court system. 

According to the media, yesterday around 5:30 pm a man set himself on fire by the entrance to the Cheshire County Superior Court House.  According to WMUR’s reports there was a strong odor of gasoline in the area and witnesses also stated that the man walked around for a bit and while burning and then fell to the ground. 

According to WMUR reports several men said their attempts to help the burning man proved ineffective, partly because it appeared he did not want to be helped.

There is a lot of speculation out there as to why this man did this.  People don’t just pour gasoline on themselves and set themselves on fire at a courthouse entrance for no good reason. 

Is it possible that this has to do with a Family Court Issue? 

Here are some links to the stories:

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  1. In reading recent news articles, it appears that the man Thomas Ball has had issues with the NH Family Court System for over a decade. He outlines in a letter to the Keene Sentinel entitled “Last Statement” his issues with the court system and his reasons for his actions.