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Saturday, June 25, 2011

NH Attorney William J. Phillips of Peterborough Joins Our Unethical Wall Of Shame For Filing A Motion In Cheshire County Superior Court Asking For The Court To Incarcerate Thomas Ball For Being Unable To Pay a Child Support Obligation And For Money That Ball Owed Him For Attorneys Fees.

When we heard that Thomas Ball had sacrificed his life in the front of the Cheshire Superior Court by pouring gasoline on himself and lighting himself on fire we were saddened. 

When we read the motion signed by Attorney William J. Phillips of Peterborough asking the court to take action by incarcerating Thomas Ball who was not able to pay his child support obligations in full, we were outraged that an attorney would ask for incarceration without giving Ball a chance for due process.  We felt that an attorney asking for incarceration was overstepping their bounds. 

We were even more outraged when Attorney Phillips in a subsequent paragraph requested for a second time that Thomas Ball be incarcerated for failing to pay his attorney fees (Attorney William J. Phillips) of $1,118.10 which the court had previously ordered Ball to pay.

Click on the following link to see a copy of the motion.

We see nothing in the motion to indicate that Ball was able to pay these debts and was purposely holding back money. 

What was Phillips thinking?  Has this man ever heard of Debtor’s Prison?  According to Wikipedia Debtors Prison was abolished in the United States in 1833 (Although that is debatable).  Every day people in the US are still being sent to jail because they are poor. 

Throwing a person in jail because they are too poor to pay a debt just doesn’t make sense.  If they are in jail, how do they work?  How do they look for a job?  Who pays the expense of them having to sit in jail?  While the person sits in jail unable to work, child support and other debts just keep on accruing. 

If you read Thomas Ball’s “Last Statement” you will see that he had several hardships including being unemployed the last few years which contributed to his problem. 

The family court system sets people up to fail.  The Court System is being funded at the expense of our children.  People want to ignore the problem in hopes that it goes away but it’s not going away.  It is becoming worse. 

Unethical Attorneys who like to squeeze blood from a stone are the ones getting rich.  They are doing so at the cost to our families and our children.  How many more people have to tragically die before things change?   How many more children are to lose their parents to parental alienation or even death before someone will listen. 

I hope Mr. Ball’s children find a good ethical attorney to file a lawsuit against William Phillips for pushing their father over the edge and brutally taking his own life. 

I wonder if Attorney William J. Phillips feels that the $1,118.10 that was owed to him as a debt was well worth the price of a human beings life.


  1. Another complete scumbag attorney! Tar and feather this crook!

  2. Add "judge" Jeffrey Abber of the Essex Probate & Family Court in Salem, MA to this list.

    Denial of due process is the key to this kangaroo court. I was never served with a complaint for modification (of support, of course - the whore doesn't want to work or support herself), I was never served with a court date, I was never even served with the order itself. When I sent a lawyer to the clerk to pull the file, the clerk couldn't even find the file (I joke not).

    This "judge" feels free to render judgment without due process whatsoever. A fraud against the already corrupt judiciary.

    1. My husband found Judge Abber completely biased in his dealings regarding a complaint for modification filed by his ex-wife. Could have cbeen a racist thing as my husband is Hispanic or perhaps a bias towards the mother. Anyway the trial was a complete farce and this judge didn't care to hear or see anything my husband tried to offer in his defense. Inspite of his ex-wife having left him with the children on multiple occasions with the children and him always providing for their needs.

  3. That is out of control.


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    What a fine journal you have!
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