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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Court Reform Needed – An Excerpt From The Article Entitled “Stopping Parental Alienation Requires Family Court Reforms” From The Website Of Angiemedia

Court Reform Needed

It’s clear that parental alienation is very damaging to kids and that many children are being affected. So why aren’t legislators doing something about restricting judges from far too often interfering with children’s contact with parents? The answer is money.

Judges, lawyers, and divorce industry professionals find parental alienation profitable and encourage it by their focus on adversarial litigation, custody evaluations, and grossly out of balance allocations of time to each child. These people disproportionately influence legislation through a combinations of means including running for office, lobbying, and campaign donations.

Some alienation is arguably caused almost entirely by the court system. This seems to be what happened with Joal Henke, alienator against Tonya Craft, who had little contact with his kids and a growing child support bill and saw the opportunity to screw over his ex-wife with some other parents who didn’t like her using false child sexual abuse allegations in an attempt to get a more fair outcome for himself, disregarding how much damage it would do to both the kids and his ex-wife. Nobody benefited from this except for the divorce industry and government that derived income and job security from it.

Parental alienation expert Bill Eddy in his new book Don’t Alienate the Kids! Raising Resilient Children While Avoiding High Conflict Divorce advocates refocusing the courts towards balanced time shares, minimizing conflict, and no longer picking “winning” and “losing” parents to help stop parental alienation. He cites how alienating parents were often raised in emotionally abusive households, learned to be emotionally abusive themselves, and may not even be aware of how damaging their behaviors are because they regard them as normal. Further, he believes that a “culture of blame” encouraged by society and the courts focuses on blaming and punishing one parent rather than identifying problems and putting into places solutions that help the overall family system to stop the problems and ensure that children have time with both of their parents.

He’s been blogging about the book since its release in April 2010. He’s particularly firm on the need to reform the family law courts to get away from the adversarial winner/loser system that helps encourage and perpetuate parental alienation:
(from My Alienation Blog)
The Family Court Culture of Blame, where parents and family law professionals fight over who to blame for one issue or another. Child alienation is one of the biggest fights these days, as some parents and professionals blame it all on “the alienator” – the favored parent who they believe has purposefully alienated the child against the rejected parent. Other parents and professionals blame it all on the rejected parent as “the abuser” who must have done something wrong, even though the worst behavior of that parent is usually so minor that it just doesn’t fit.
Of course children need protection from child abuse and child alienation, and that is what makes these cases so difficult. We need to address the real underlying mental health problems, rather than making it a contest with a winner parent and a loser parent – which doesn’t help either of them or the child. This parent contest is part of the problem, as it makes it harder to see abuse and alienation, and properly manage them. In many cases, there may be both alienation and abuse.
We need to stop the parent contest, and take a much more broad and supportive approach to parents dealing with a child who rejects one parent – who could be Mom or Dad; who could be the custodial parent or the non-custodial parent. It’s no longer a gender issue. I have dealt with the full range of these kinds of cases, and the full range of professional behavior – some are part of the problem, while many are trying hard to be part of the solution. My focus is on behavior in family court, not who to blame. We all need to take responsibility, including me! We all have made mistakes and need to learn.

If the government and divorce industry were truly intent on helping kids, they would be paying attention to what experts like Bill Eddy, Dr. Amy Baker, and many others have to say about the problems of parental alienation and adversarial divorce. The focus of the courts would be on doing everything possible to ensure that children have significant and continuing contact with both parents, putting in support systems for children and parents, and monitoring and correcting (when necessary) the behaviors of the parents without repeated litigation. Options should exist for even parents who are still together to get assistance to nip parental alienation in the bud. Many, possibly even most, alienating parents are former child abuse victims themselves and have yet to heal from the damage they suffered. They need help, too, but their failure to understand their problems and get help is contributing to broken marriages and alienated children. Such a full family support system approach would be far more efficient than the current adversarial system typical of family law courts. It could head off much of the damage of parental alienation before the children start to align with alienating parents, too, and perhaps help the alienators heal enough that they can learn to alter their conduct substantially.

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  1. I have been saying it from the beginning. The Judges, Lawyers, GAL’s and other court personnel are getting rich at the cost of our children. These people are profiting from parental alienation. Attorney Jaye Rancourt, Former GAL and Attorney Douglas Thornton and Marital Master Forrest are all getting rich at the expense of our children. To date I have not seen any of these so called “Professional” lift one finger in the fight against parental alienation. All I have seen is their encouragement of parental alienation.

    We all know that smoking cigarettes is bad for you. Why not make them illegal and have a prohibition? The answer is clear. It doesn’t work. The better approach is education. People are less likely to smoke if they are well educated about the risk associated with smoking.

    Does this mean if you educate people they won’t smoke? Of course not, there are always the people that will ignore the risk. That is why there have been other laws passed to keep smokers from smoking in public areas. It’s about protecting others rights to not breath in the smoke and have health risk associated with second hand smoke. It’s time we start protecting alienation parents and their rights.

    Billions of dollars have been spent in educating people to not smoke. How much money has been spent in education of Parental Alienation? How many people can tell me about parental alienation programs out there to help people who are victims of PAS? How many people can tell me about the numerous PAS programs out there to help our children?

    The only PAS program in the State of NH that I am aware of is the Child Impact Seminar that is mandatory for divorcing couples that have children which is an absolute joke.

    It’s time to make the State of NH accountable for the damage done to our children. It’s time to divert the millions of dollars being used to pay these “Professionals” into education programs to help prevent PAS and to deal with children and their minds that have been captured by alienating parents.

    The truth is that if all PAS cases were cut in half tomorrow, the legal system would lose billions of dollars and a lot of these so called professionals would be reading the classifieds instead of destroying our children’s minds and the future of our country.

  2. What about the coparenting couseling? The other parent in our case tells the courts it won't work. This is the father of our grandchild. Daughter is willing to go but the father won't and he won't talk to her about things that pertain to the child when needed. The preschool situation. Daughter asked him if he had a ideal of a preschool and got no answer for quite some time. Then it was, from the father, but they had joint decision making, it is my responsible and I will take care of it. There was no joint decision he took upon himself to enroll the 3 yr old in a daycare, not preschool, and neither parent is working. Father would take him to daycare in the morning at 7:30am and pick him up at 3:45pm. My daughter didn't want child in daycare and be there all day for 5 days a week when either one of them were working. Also wasn't, the father, out looking for a job. He had child only 2 days during the week, daughter has him the other 3 days. The parenting plan they have wasn't working due to the father not following it.