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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Parental Alienation Condoned By Attorney Jaye L. Rancourt, GAL/Attorney Douglas A. Thornton, Marital Master David S. Forrest, and Judge John P. Arnold (Part 2)

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I think back to time when I would listen to Kenny Loggins song Return to Pooh Corner and proudly look upon my sleeping children.  The hard thing to get over is how Attorney’s like Jaye Rancourt, GAL’s like Doug Thornton, Marital Masters like David Forrest and Judges like John Arnold stole it all away from me by the roles they played in helping my ex-wife to alienate my children from me.  I have read from others that it’s like mourning for your children’s death but you know they are still very much alive.

These people are responsible for seeing that I will never get a chance to watch my children grow up.  They are the ones that played the biggest role in condoning my ex-wife’s parental alienation behavior by rewarding her. 

I have heard some justify parental alienation by saying that it might just be a mother protecting her children, just as these corrupt people I am sure have justified it in their own minds.  What are these people protecting the children from?  I never abused my kids.  I was always there for them.  I was often complimented by my ex wife’s family for being the great dad until the divorce when my ex declared an all out smear campaign.  Then I was portrayed as incompetent and selfish.  A man that thought of their own needs before they thought of their children’s needs.  This is utter nonsense.

Was I selfish when I decided to put my foot down and tell my ex that I was tired of her years of abuse and I didn’t want the children to keep on being in the middle?  Was I selfish for wanting to get away from the physical abuse my ex-wife inflicted upon me?  Was I selfish when I had enough of my ex calling my friends, my family, her family and my boss and telling them I had a “Chemical Imbalance.” 

In my opinion, Attorney Jaye Rancourt encouraged my ex to continue her abuse towards me for her quest of the almighty dollar which was equivalent to prostituting my children.  Instead of sex it was Parental Alienation and Rancourt acted as the Parental Alienation Pimp.

We all know there is no such thing as having a second chance in being a part of watching your children grow.  My sole function in life now has been reduced to being a paycheck for my children.  I am of the opinion that in the eyes of people like Jaye Rancourt, David Forrest, John Arnold and Doug Thornton, all a man is good for is being a paycheck and they don’t care about a fathers bond with their children.  Because of these evil people, when my kids grow, they may someday look at all men as a paycheck and may devalue anything a man can offer to a relationship, including their own fatherly relationships with their own children. 

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is a cycle folks.  Just like Domestic Violence the cycle needs to be broken.  People need to be educated about the effects of PAS.  I knew very little about PAS at the onset of my divorce.  Anyone that has children or is contemplating having children needs to do their research on PAS and think twice about what they say to their kids about the other parent.  Remember that wounds can heal but the scar remains for life.  My ex was well advanced in her alienation techniques long before the divorce was on the radar screen. 

I stated from the beginning of my divorce, I was looking for only reasonableness.  I wanted a 50/50 custody arrangement.  No more or no less.  I wanted my ex to be just as much a part of my kid’s lives as I was.  I would have never dreamed of blocking the kid’s access to their mother.  Children need both parents. 

I remember during my divorce, a friend of mine who knew several employees in the same organization that my ex-wife worked for, confronted him about me.  This employee told my friend that my ex intended to get all of my property, the kids, child support and alimony.  She was going to have it all. 

In my opinion I was dealing with a sick spouse with multiple personality disorders and when your dealing with a sick spouse this is the way they think.  They want it all.  They want to wipe out your past, your identity and control you.  It’s just like rape.  If you understand rape then you will understand that rape is not a crime of passion but a crime of violence.  Be prepared for their games. 

My ex did steal most of my property including my childhood possessions and a lot of sentimental items that belonged to my deceased parents.  I had trains that I purchased with my own money as a kid and some that were given to me by my parents.  They were not expensive but they were part of my childhood.  I had a coin collection that I collected with my dad that again was not worth a lot.  My mother had bought me some first day covers addressed to me.  Again my ex robbed me of these too.  My ex decided to wipe out my past.  It was punishment for me telling her the marriage was over.  That is the problem with sick people.  They want to destroy your past.  Attorneys like Jaye Rancourt make it easy for these types of people to survive.  They empower them and actually encourage this type of behavior.  David Forrest did nothing to see to it that I was able to have any of my personal property either.  Again, he rewarded my ex-wife for her poor behavior by giving her my personal property to be used by her to destroy me. 

I remember early on when I was going through marriage counseling with my ex, I addressed a number of issues.  First, I was sleeping in an unfinished room and sleeping on a box spring with a foam pad on the box spring.  My ex would “punish me” by stealing the foam pad off the box spring so that I had to sleep on just a box spring.  The two family dogs had better bedding then I did.  As I stated earlier, my ex was calling my boss, my family, her family and friends telling them that I had a “chemical imbalance.”  The counselor had to make her promise to stop with her behavior and made us both agree to set boundaries that we would each respect.  That was a joke.  My ex had no respect for boundaries.  She was truly out of control. 

One night, my ex came upstairs to the unfinished bedroom I was sleeping in.  She had just come home late one night.  We had an agreement we had made with the marriage counselor that she was not to come upstairs to my bedroom and I would not invade her privacy in her bedroom.  I was half asleep when my ex came running up the stairs and pounded on the door.  I thought something was wrong so I jumped out of bed and opened the door.  She was screaming at me that the registration was not in the vehicle.  I had just registered the vehicle and had not had a chance to put the new registration in the vehicle.  I asked her to leave.  She then assaulted me by pushing her way into  my room, hitting me with the door and pushing me back.  To put things into perspective, my ex wife worked outdoors and worked with numerous hand tools and power tools.  She was the same size as me.  I told her I was calling the police and forced the door closed.  

State Police came and guess who ended up having to voluntarily leave the house for about the 6 or 7th time.  Amazing!  I had been in law enforcement for a dozen years and helped a lot of victims of Domestic Violence.  The role was now reversed and now I was the victim and no one would help me.  

GAL Doug Thornton noted in his report that myself and my ex both viewed ourselves as victims.  However, he considered me to be the aggressor.  Thornton in my opinion has an issue with bullying.  I could see it when I was talking to him.  My opinion of this guy is he was bullied as a kid and he now has a vendetta and is now enjoying the power of being a bully. 

I incidentally tried to get a restraining order on my ex-wife after she assaulted me again for the umpteenth time.  I went to the local crisis center at the advice of a friend from the County Attorneys Office who saw me in the court house trying to get a restraining order.  This person had known me for many years and could see that I was visibly shaken by the abuse from my ex-wife. 

When I explained what had happened and that my ex wife’s violence towards me was escalating, my friend contacted the crises center for me and the crises center told me that my ex-wife had been in contact with them so they could not assist me as it would be a conflict of interest.  They gave me a list of other crisis centers in the state.  When I called a few of the other centers in the state, they too refused to help me.  Imagine, a man in the state of NH going to a crisis center and being denied help.  See a problem here?

I was able to obtain a temporary restraining order on my ex.  Let me say it was the most peace that I had in years.  I had to barricade my door at night to sleep for fear of what my ex would do to me.  However, the peace was short lived.  A week later I went to court and Marital Master David Forrest denied me a final restraining order.  I sat in court telling Forrest of how my ex abused me.  Forrest looked at me rolling his eyes up as I spoke about the abuse.  I could tell by his body language and the way he was looking at me that he didn’t want to hear a thing I had to say.  My impression by his body language was you’re a man, suck it up.  My ex terrorized me and physically abused me but Forrest looked at me like a rape victim saying to me was it good for you?  Did you enjoy it?

If it wasn’t humiliating enough to have to testify in court about how one night while in bed my ex was so mad at me that she grabbed my penis and pulled it so hard that I awoke and jumped out of bed screaming, I had to do this in front of my sister, her husband a close friend of the family and my ex's family.  It seems that my ex was able to rally my sister and her husband to take her side.  My ex also told my sister that I had a “Chemical Imbalance” and it appears she believed her.  My brothers were furious when they learned what my ex-wife and sister did.  If they had known, they would have come to court to offer support to me. 

If you want to know what kind of sister would take the side of his abusive spouse?  This sister of mine and her husband stole large amounts of money from my elderly mother.  My sister even gave my ex-wife a loan of money while I was going through the divorce.  I believe it was so she could pay Attorney Jaye Rancourt.  I learned this from my ex’s financial statement.  My guess is that this money is the same money that my sister had stolen from my elderly mother. 

What about my sister’s husband.  Let me tell you a little about his character.  He was very friendly with a certain Italian family that was well known in Boston.  Ever hear of the Supranos.  You get the picture. 

When I was maybe six to eight years old, my sister’s husband brought me down the street to the store.  We went inside the store and he was looking at lighters.  He made a comment to me how it was easy to steal from a store.  We went through the register and my brother-in-law paid for the items he purchased.  When we got outside he pulled a brand new lighter out of his pocket (not out of the shopping bag).  I knew that he hadn’t paid for it as I had seen the items he paid for and the lighter was not one of them.  I was so terrified of this that I didn’t tell anyone this story until a few years ago when I was talking to my brothers about my sister and her husband stealing our mother’s money. 

So now that my ex had totally humiliated me in front of the court, my family, coworkers her family and friends, Forrest makes the decision to throw me out of my house the day before thanksgiving.  I hope someday Forrest finds himself a victim of abuse or a serious crime and his own profession decides to not believe him and he gets denied services because he is a man and a member of the court system.  I hope then that he too finds himself without a job.  That would be true justice.  Then this biased incompetent Marital Master will finally have had his comeuppance. 

In the end, Jaye Rancourt was successful with helping my ex alienate the children from me.  But here is the justification for this PAS pimp.  I was the one that decided to stop visitation with my children.  This is partially true.  I did decide that I could not see my children because the legal system was being used against me by my ex-wife and her attorney Jaye Rancourt.  My job was constantly being threatened.  The last time I had visitation with my kids was on Thanksgiving after the divorce was finalized.  My ex called the police on me and lied about the hours of visitation and I was threatened by the local police department with arrest.  My ex by her actions was making it clear that she was in charge and that she would use any means to control me just as she did when we were married. 

I subsequently brought up in court that my ex was not keeping me informed of the welfare of the kids such as doctor’s and dentist appointments.  I also had learned on my own that my ex abandoned the marital home and stopped making mortgage and tax payments.  When my ex left she would not tell me where my kids were living.  I raised the issue with Marital Master David Forrest and stated that I had a right to know when my kids go to doctor’s appointments (it’s in the decree that my ex has to inform me) and to know where my kids were living (again it’s in the decree that she has to do this).  Jaye Rancourt twisted this whole issue around and told David Forrest that it was my choice to stop seeing the kids and therefore my ex didn’t need to notify me of their appointments and in addition, my ex was now concerned for her safety and therefore wants to keep the children’s address from me (I will be writing a future post on this specific incident and explain in detail how I was living 800 miles away from my ex-wife when she made the allegation that she was scared of me coming to her house). 

I will give David Forrest some credit.  He told my ex and her attorney after about seven months of back and forth nonsense in court that I had a right to know where my kids were living.  In all it took me about a year to find out where my kids were living.  However, David Forrest stated in his decision that he felt that my ex had acted reasonable by not telling me of Doctor’s visits, dentist visits and other health issues since I had stopped my visitation with the kids and I am now living out of state several hundred miles from the kids. 

So in the eyes of David Forrest, because I am not spending time with my kids and I was forced to move away due to financial reasons and to get away from my ex-wife’s abuse that the court couldn’t protect me from, I have no right to know about my kids welfare, even though the divorce decree states otherwise.  Good job Forrest.  What a way to show your bias against men and what a great way to reinforce my ex-wife’s negative attitude and empower her ability to alienate my children from me.  Why even have divorce decrees when you won’t enforce it? 

David Forrest in my opinion has a terrible lack of judgment.  If you read my posting, "Parental Alienation Is Like A Spider Web – It Begins In The Center With The Alienating Parent And Continues To Spiral Outward Into An Intricate Woven And Detailed Web – It’s Amazing Who Will Get Caught In It" and look at the section of the posting where I talk about my ex-wife calling State Police on me without my knowledge in an effort to have me thrown out of the house.  As you will see in the post, my ex told the trooper that I wasn’t abusive towards her or the kids.  I will post the State Police report at a later date.  


I questioned my ex in court about this report at the divorce hearing in which Forrest was presiding.  My ex-wife denied calling State Police and she denied that she told State Police that she was trying to get me out of the house.  She was basically calling the trooper a liar.  David Forrest wasn’t too impressed by my line of questioning of my ex-wife.  I caught her in major lies, showed Forrest and what did he do?  Reward her again for lying.  If you’re a man, you could walk into Forrest’s courtroom dragging a dead body as evidence to show the person is dead and Forrest wouldn’t believe it.  Marital Masters behaving like Forrest give the message that they condone PAS.  Judges like John Arnold and Brian Tucker that sign off on Forrest recommendations really need to be reviewing their decisions and not just rubber stamping them.  I see no checks and balances here.  These Judges too are responsible for the nonsense. 

Congratulations to Attorney Jaye Rancourt too.  Her arguments in court to Forrest that her client is acting reasonable by not informing me of my children’s welfare or where they are living really shows her true colors (seeing that her client is supposed to follow the divorce decree that Rancourt herself wrote).  Her numerous motions to court in an effort to keep me from finding out where my kids were living was also another great accomplishment for her.  It must be so rewarding for women like Jaye Rancourt when they abuse a man.   

In my opinion, Attorney Jaye Rancourt has taken two more young children and has managed to victimize them by pimping them out to PAS in her greed for the almighty dollar.  Was it worth it Rancourt?  Do you like the money?  Do you like your 30 seconds of fame?  Do you feel good about being an attorney who alienates children from their parents?  Do you feel good knowing that you played a significant role in damaging young children’s minds?  Do you like the power you get from being abusive to men like me?  Take a good look in the mirror and look deep into your soul.  You’re not fooling anyone other then yourself.  Someday God will judge us all for our sins.  In all of your efforts to tear me down, all you have done is to make me a stronger person. 

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