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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Attorney Heather Krans Of Concord NH Joins The Unethical “Wall Of Shame”

Heather Krans an Attorney with Robert Stein & Associates, PLLC, Concord, NH joins the Unethical “Wall Of Shame.”  I recently had the displeasure of meeting Heather Krans when I went in front of the NH Appellate Board in Concord where she was acting as chair person and hearing my case about unemployment. 

Krans was presented with physical evidence that my employer lied during the initial hearing and she refused to consider it.  All I was asking is that there be a rehearing to introduce the new evidence which would prove my employer lied.  I had several key pieces of new evidence to show that my employer had lied under oath at the hearing.  The outcome of the hearing would have been different, had this new information been available at the time of the hearing, because the Chairman at the initial hearing, based his decision directly on the lies my employer testified to under oath and even referenced these lies in his decision.  I also provided evidence to show that my constitutional rights were violated.  Krans wouldn’t consider the physical evidence which showed my employer lied and violated my constitutional rights. 

If I was convicted of murder and all of a sudden new DNA evidence came available to prove that it wasn’t me that committed the crime, I sure wouldn’t want Heather Krans deciding my fate.  Krans I believe is not competent to be impartial and should not be sitting on the NH Appellate Board.  Krans I believe does not care about peoples constitutional rights.  Krans in my opinion is a crooked attorney that will work to cover up the incompetence and injustice in her field.  She definitely is not one to police her field.  Just the opposite. 

In my opinion, getting a fair hearing in NH is impossible due to the size of the state.  Small states breed large amounts of corruption.  People like Krans don’t want to admit there is a problem.  It’s called ignorance.  State agencies in NH cover for each other.  I feel that is just what Krans is doing.  There is no impartiality as far as I can see.  If ever a state needed FBI intervention it’s NH.  I have enough evidence to bring down a lot of people in public positions when I find someone to look at the evidence and to listen to what I have to say. 

In the past I have made reports to the Attorney General’s office.  If you know of corruption in NH don’t waste your time with them either.  They too like to cover up crimes involving NH governmental agencies.  It’s a vicious circle that you can’t infiltrate.  I will share proof of my allegations with anyone that thinks I’m just saying this with nothing to back it up.  It’s time to get rid of corruption in NH.  I think we need to start with people like Krans. 


  1. Check out this blog for starter's. You are so right about the corruption in NH. My daughter and I also filed complaint's with the AG's office, under Kelly Ayottes watch. Her letter in response was she had no jurisdiction over DCYF, Southern NH Medical Center or Healthy Step's Methadone Program.
    We filed complaint's with the Attorney Discipline Office against my daughter's court appointed puppet, who stated he didn't fight because, "The court is his boss." His name is Brian Major from Nashua. The same puppet who refused to file all motions and appeal's.
    We also filed against DCYF Lawyer Kate McClure who committed perjury at my daughter's preliminary hearing for the custody of her daughter. The case was sealed to hide her dirty little secret. It's been five year's. After many motion's filed by us both, Nashua District Court and the Supreme Court have denied us the CD from that hearing, even though state statues claim the record's belong to the accused.
    I have so much more, I could write a book. Corrupt Judges, Judge Patten, Probate Court, Retired Judge Cloutier, Probate Court. The list goes on and on.

  2. Perjury is a way of life for many of these lawyers; it's a way of life for their clients and they know that the courts are devoid of the long ago dismissed "honor" behind honesty, integrity and truthfulness in a "court of law.". Knowing that abuse of due process is rewarded rather than penalized (as in perjury) they dredge the bottom of the ethical barrel and do whatever will yield the biggest paycheck, not what's right for your kids, fellow litigants or the integrity of the legal profession.