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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Negligence Runs Deep Many Levels Of The NH State Government, The Whole System Needs An Overhaul So That Peoples Constitutional Rights Are Protected - The Unhappy Grammy Speaks Out About Issues Of Her Grandchild Being Switched At Birth While In State Care

Whatever happened To The OTHER Isabella Switched at Birth In Nashua, NH Hospital? Documentation include's Testimony of DCYF Worker Melissa DeaneWhatever happened To The OTHER Isabella Switched at Birth In Nashua, NH Hospital?

As you all know, I posted a post on my blog pertaining to my granddaughter Isabella being switched at birth at a Nashua, NH Hospital. If you haven't read the post, it is located on the right side of my blog-

Though my daughter talk's about her stolen daughter every so often these day's, it's a very painful subject for her. The loss of her daughter has been the most painful experience of her life, which makes it very hard to question her about detail's or her and Isabella's horrible ordeal.

I took a chance and questioned her yesterday. I asked her if she remembered the name of the mother of the other Isabella who was switched with her Isabella. She sat and thought a few minutes and then it came to her. She knew who the mother was. She knew the baby was sent home with her grandmother. And as far as she know's, there was no DCYF involvement. Probably because her family has money and DCYF only steal's healthy babies. She also knew the mother served time in jail and was visited weekly by her daughter Isabella and to the best of her knowledge is raising her daughter now.

So why was my daughter REALLY reported to DCYF by the Social Worker from the hospital? I truly believe it was because the Nurse gave her the wrong baby and my daughter flipped out. She was reported to DCYF the same day of the baby switch. She was then treated like the scum of the earth, as well as the rest of her family. The Social Worker told DCYF Isabella was withdrawing and my daughter had illegal drug's in her system, even though the Toxicology report came back two day's after her false report. The Report that show's Morphine in Isabella's system. The MORPHINE THE HOSPITAL GAVE MY DAUGHTER BY IV FOR NINETEEN HOUR'S because the baby was PLACENTA-PREVIA. MORPHINE GIVEN IN LABOR THAT SPILL'S INTO THE BABY>(See Documentation below.)

Even the head of the Hospital admitted Isabella was perfectly healthy and was NOT withdrawing. She stated she would handle the hospital staff for their wrong doing, but we would have to fight DCYF ourselves. Also, please see below a page out of the Probate Court transcript where my daughter's Lawyer questioned the DCYF Assessment worker, who admitted she didn't know my daughter was given MORPHINE in labor and also testified as to what the hospital social worker told her on September 2nd, 2 day's before the Toxicology Report was back. Almost six year's later, we're still fighting for Isabella's return.

Isabella's Toxicology Report Showing Morphine and NOT tested for Methadone

Probate Court Testimony of DCYF Assessment Worker Melissa Deane


  1. This is a prime example of the major issues going on within our NH state government.

    There are currently several NH groups all trying reform one or two areas of the state government. We need to get all of these groups together and work towards the goal of major reform of the whole NH government.

    Our forefathers would be appalled to see just how many people in NH today are having their rights violated by people pretending to represent the very same constitution that our forefathers created.

    If you are poor, you shouldn’t have any less of a right than someone who is rich. The system has made it so costly to fight for ones rights that most people just abandon the idea. Even though they know they have been wronged.

    I look forward to the day that we can file a class action lawsuit in the Federal Court against the State of NH for their negligence in protecting our rights.

  2. Thank you so much for posting. I'm afraid to even think of just how many babies have been switched at birth in Nashua DCYFs cohort hospital and how many have been stolen by Nashua DCYF due to this hospital's false report's and negligence. Not to mention the negligence and lack of training of DCYF worker's who don't even bother to investigate before stealing a child.

  3. Oh holy cow.... let me read this again and cross-post it tomorrow.

    I was in Nashua the past two days wrapping this movie about Mike Gannon and the ongoing abuse he has sustained by some Bad Apples.

    Mike Ganon Demands Nashua Police abuse video of July macing and beating.

    .... I can't wait to see how they get out of this one.