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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Must See Video On The Thomas Ball Story - Free Keene TV Covers Memorial Service And Conducts Interviews - Sheriff Richard Foote Tells Reporters They Will Be Arrested And Their Equipment Will Be Confiscated If Reporters Enter Court Building With Video Equipment

For those who don't know who Thomas Ball is, he is the man who self immolated himself on the steps of the Cheshire County Superior Court by dousing himself with Gasoline and setting himself on fire on Wednesday evening of June 15, 2011. 

Mr. Ball appeared to sacrifice his life to bring attention to issues involving the unfairness of treatment of men in the NH Family Court System.

Several topics are discussed including Judge Edward Kelly's order that no audio or video recording equipment (including cell phones) are allowed in the Cheshire County Superior Court.  This is an issue as the court system is using this for blocking reproduction of court files which are open to the public for inspection under RSA 91:a the right to know law. 

During the Filming, Sheriff Richard Foote tells reporters that they will be arrested if they enter the courthouse with their recording equipment.  When Foote is questioned about Kelly's order he states that he has not seen the order.  Pay careful attention to the Deputy Sheriff who is filming this whole confrontation. 

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  1. I just watched this video and am floored by what I heard and saw. So now the Sheriff has nothing better to do than to try to incite a problem? What no crimes to investigate? People peacefully remembering someone and an unfortunate event have to be hounded by him and his buddy videoing the entire episode. What is this a training video they are making? Or are they trying to make a list of names for future harassment? I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Foote say he hadn’t even seen the document related to the warnings and threats he was giving out. We’ll arrest you if you try to come in the building with a camera. For crying out loud nobody was near the door and when and his buddy had to go all the way to the sidewalk to meet the opposition. Get real people. You look more foolish every day. Out tax dollars at work.