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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Concord Monitor Article On Thomas Ball - Immolation a cry for justice for father's rights

Immolation a cry for justice for father's rights


  1. Parental Alienation is a growing problem. Not just between husbands and wives, but is also practiced by NH DCYF, separating mother's and father's and their children. Splitting up entire families. Playing one parent against the other.
    Whatever happened to Family Preservation? Not in NH. It's non-existent!
    And what about the father's of NH children who are never notified when their child is in DCYF custody? Is it fair to terminate a fictitious man's right's instead of trying to contact the REAL father? What about Paternity testing, where the court's deny the Real father the right to a Paternity test and the right to fight for custody of his child? As of right now, I know of three father's in Nashua whose right's were never terminated. Two of the father's are my grandchildren's father's. Do you think it's just a coincidence. Not on your life it isn't.

  2. though i think it is absolutely radical to do what tom ball did, i suppose i understand where he was coming from. the road that we who are forced by the family court to travel, is guided, steered, and controlled by a truly twisted, unorthodox, and flatly unlawfully acting group of rogues. Those rogues start (at least) with Ed Kelly. He is a particularly law-oblivious free-radical who must be stopped. His rule at the cheshire courthouse regulating the use of cameras and other duplication devices is starkly contrary to the N.H. Right to Know act appearing at RSA 91-A. This man has destroyed so many lives.

    He is the big boss man who has quite clearly endorsed the unlawful acts of his subordinates, the marital masters and judges that rubber stamp their orders. Just think about it: if you are doing your job at work, you will remain employed. You might even get promoted. If you dont do your job, you will ultimately end up jobless. Any marital master or Judge who has ruined one or more families' lives, who is still employed, is obviously doing the job they were hired to do. Ed Kelly approves of this incompetent, rogue-judge activity, and has proven that he himself is a wild and rogue judge. I wrote him a 7 page letter that got no response. He doesn't care. File complaints against him...en masse. Petition the general court for redress against him and your marital master and the judge that rubber stamps their order. We need to speak up for reform...force the system to comply with the law. If any of you lawyers, marital masters, judges, GAL's are reading this: i can promise you, that your careers will be in jeopardy when we are done exposing your practices. You will regret this and will awake more humble than ever.