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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Parental Alienation Poem - The Wise Words Of One Father

The Man Is “He”

I wake in the morning with the sun shining and the birds singing.
As I carry out my routinely ritual of getting ready for work,
I look in the mirror and who do I see?
There is someone else I see and “He” is looking back at me.

Who is “He” the man that I see?
Why is “He” now looking back at me?
Can’t “He” just let me be?
How dare “He” look right through me!

As I look closer into the mirror I am confused by what I see.
The man looking back is still not me.  It is “He.”
I look deeper into his eyes and the answer becomes clear.
“He” is the man come to tell me that I am like “He.”

Why did I not listen?
The answer was clear.
My friends and family looked at me.
They all thought they were looking at “He.”

Someday my sons will also look closer into the mirror.
Who will my sons both see?
Who will that man be?
The answer is perfectly clear to me.

The man they both see will be “He.”
That is the man they will see.
They will not be able to flee from “He.”
The man they see looking back will always be “He.”

They will also someday realize that they are a part of “He.”
Their will be no denying it when their friends and family also see.
By then it will be too late and their mother too will be able to see,
Just what a mistake she made by teaching them to hate me.

Niel Cupper  2011
Dedicated to My Children – I will always be your father.
Love, Dad


  1. After I was finished reading this poem, I was touched. Teaching a child to hate one of their parents is really like teaching them to hate themselves.

  2. Amen - I agree - You hate your children if you harm them in this way.
    Get over the separation and let your children be the best people they can be.
    After-all we are busy creating the next generations, do we want them broken and lop-sided?
    No, we want them bigger and better.
    So stop nitty gritty and get on with your life and allow your EX to as well.
    And let your children have the best of both of you!!!
    From Mommy