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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friends & Fellow Victims of the N.H. Family Court System:

We KNOW you have a story to tell.  We also know that many people are here just to feel the comfort of knowing that they are "not alone."  Heck, that is a great reason to be here. 

However, the watchdog/whistle-blower organization "Www.Injust.Us" is calling you to a NEW LEVEL OF ACTION!  We want your story - and get this:


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  1. PLEASE share your story. Make it known. Raise hell. There is an epidemic going on within our family court system and of all those victimized, our children are the ones who are suffering most at the hands of these “honorable courts.” The stories shared on this blog are much too similar to be dismissed as isolated incidents. Our judicial system is failing us and our children and we are the only ones who can try to make a difference. Biased Marital Masters (whose idea was it to call them “masters” ???) and under-qualified Guardians ad Litem seem to be ubiquitous and are consistently enabling alienating parents.

    SPEAK OUT. Mothers are by and large the alienating parents and even though the Tender Years Doctrine (which generally states that children are best nurtured in their mother’s care) has long since been abolished, we continue to see shades of it in each of our cases where court officials refuse to hear our stories. Marital Master Leonard Green recently had the audacity to reject one pro se litigant’s concerns, calling Parental Alienation an “80s buzz word!” We cannot expect a fair chance when the people who control our fates hold such archaic ideals. Because of this type of ignorance and unwillingness of Marital Masters and Guardians ad Litem to do their jobs, our children are routinely denied their right to be loved by both parents. Without your voice and your story, there is no hope that these people will be held accountable for all the needless and irreparable damage they are causing. PLEASE share your stories!

  2. What about our constitutional rights? The courts are taking away our constitutional rights to be a parent and to be involved in our children’s lives.

    Make a NCP (Non Custodial Parent) a pay check. Take away the custody of their children. Give them a few days a month to “Visit” with their children. Make them pay unfair amounts of child support so that the NCP’s don’t have money for decent living accommodations. Take away their worldly possessions. Force the NCP’s to not be able to afford to pay their bills. Basically make NCP’s lower then whale shit.

    Now that the NCP is lower then whale shit and the custodial parent has all the resources, let’s make the decision what is in the “best interest of the children.” Well, it seems that if one parent is lower then whale shit and the other has all the resources to take care of the children we should discard the NCP and make sure the kids live with the parent that now has all the resources to make the children happy.

    Does this all sound far fetched. I think not. It happens every day. That is why you need to send in your stories. The tragedies need to stop. It needs to stop being about money and start being about our children. Children need both parents. It’s time that NCP’s are able to have equal rights. So equal that the term NCP becomes abolished.

    Please send in your stories! Let’s get organized and fight this catastrophe. Let’s save our children and their futures. I am willing to do what it takes to be heard including marching in Washington if that’s what it takes.

  3. I pose a question.....my ex who is NCP, doesn't go to anything for our child; not a soccer game, school events or allow a schedule change for the child to see other family members. My ex ended our marriage by having an affair and lied about it in court to get out of being held responsible.

    My ex calls child support my welfare check - all it does is cover the rent to a two bedroom apartment to live - yet he goes on lavish vacations and will not take our child to go on vacation but is never held in contempt for that.

    You are asking for stories - but frankly, there are 2 sides to every story and you scream for justice. My question is this: if you love you child/children - why not make an effort to be a part of their lives via school and sports/activities instead of turning this into a witch hunt? And I say this because I have never said a bad thing about my ex - however, my child says things to his friends about his NCP about how they never come around and ways that they aren't nice....The proof is in the pudding, parents who do, don't have time to rage war on the internet because they are busy being parents.

  4. In responses to anonymous on 5/29/11.

    You are right when you say there are two sides to every story. However, facts can be distorted. There is a quote in the movie “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.” The news reporter tells James Stewart, “When the rumor becomes truth, print the rumor.” Unfortunately our family courts are notorious for making rumor the truth.

    While I can not comment about your situation personally as I do not know the circumstances, I can comment about my situation which you ask about. You ask if a person loves their children why not make an effort to be part of their lives via school and sports instead of turning this into a witch hunt.

    While you may have never said anything negative about your ex, mine has done everything in her power to tear me down in front of my children, friends and family. Read my post about Parental Alienation being like a spider web.

    My ex has turned everyone against me. Including my children’s teacher who all think that I am a bad person and that I have done terrible things to my children and ex.

    I have tried to be involved with my children in many different ways but it gets tiring when my ex calls the police on me constantly and makes frivolous reports, trying to get me arrested every time I have involvement with my children.

    You are right. There are two sides of the story. Mine is finally being heard. As for your reference to war. The war isn’t about me. It’s about doing what is right for my children and millions of other children who are the victims of parental alienation.

    Do you know anything about “Divorce Related Malicious Mother Syndrome.” I will be posting something on this in the next few days. My ex as well as many other mothers suffer from this syndrome. My ex won’t allow me to be involved with my children. She told me numerous times she was going to take my children from me. She did and with the courts blessing.

    While I commend you for not speaking negative about your ex, I would like to know some more details. My ex for example accused me of not having contact with my children but being able to go on vacation anytime I wanted. In fact, I have not been on vacation in two to three years. I make so little money that I can’t afford a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. I can’t even afford to have health insurance and I don’t qualify for any programs to have access to insurance.

    My question is what have you done to facilitate contact between your ex and his child/children?