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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Attorney Jaye Rancourt of BCLI, GAL and Attorney Douglas Thornton and Marital Master David Forrest Makes Father A Pay Check – Helps Mother Of Two Continue To Promote Parental Alienation

I was encouraged to write this post because of some of my recent phone conversations with my children and I will use examples of actual conversations I had with my children.  I want people to be able to see the effects of Parental Alienation as it is happening and how two young boys are being abused by their mother and how the Family Court system in the State of New Hampshire will not do anything about it but and in actuality laid the groundwork to encourage the alienation in the first place. 

Because the State of New Hampshire currently does not consider Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) child abuse, thousands of perpetrators in the state of NH continue to alienate their children from their mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents and other relatives.  

I live several hundred miles from my two boys, one which is eleven years old and the other seven years old.   I was forced to move away from NH a year after the divorce.  At the onset of the divorce, I wanted to have a 50/50 custody arrangement with the children.  My ex would not hear of it.  Attorney Jaye Rancourt and my ex painted me out to Master Forrest as an abusive male that was selfish and didn’t think of their children when in actuality it was my ex that was the abusive person who doesn’t think of her children.  In my opinion she is a sick individual with multiple personality disorders and is abusive to her kids. 

GAL Doug Thornton also based his opinion on what my ex had to say and the lies she made the kids tell Thornton (See the post  An Example On How Attorney Douglas A Thornton of Surry NH Unethically Runs His Law Practice – He Prides Himself On Being A Guardian Ad Litem That Is Smarter Than An Eight Year Old! for details)  Thornton believed it was in the best interest of  the abusive parental alienating mother to have custody of the kids while giving me four days a month to see my kids (In actuality only two days because of my work schedule).  I believe if I recall correctly, he noted in his report because of the conflict between me and my ex-wife, he was of the opinion that my ex should have custody of the children and I should have just visitation.  I guess the way I read this is have the kids go to the custody of the most outspoken alienating parent.  See a problem with the system here?    

Recently during one of my routine weekly calls to my oldest son, he began the conversation with hostility.  I rang the phone.  He answers.  He replies to me “Hello” in a sunken voice.  I ask what he’s doing.  His voice becomes more sunken and depressed as he states, “Nothing.”  I ask him how the school program was last night that his brother was in.  He says nothing and there is dead silence on the phone.  I ask him a second time.  Dead silence.  I then say to him, “Are you there.”  I hear the line go dead.  I ring the number again.  My son answers, “Hello.”  I ask my son what happened.  He responds, “I lost you.” 

I am speaking with my son who is on my ex-wife’s cell phone.  She refuses to provide me with a land based phone number.  She hesitantly gave me this phone number during a year long battle where she up and moved without telling me and denied me access to the children.  After a almost a year battle in court, Master Forrest told her that she had to provide me with a way to communicate with the children (Yes a year and Forrest didn’t even admonish my ex for violating the divorce decree by moving and not telling me where the kids were staying as per the decree and providing me with a way to communicate with them.  What a message this sends to my ex.  Do what you please, violate the parenting plan and there are no consequences).  This is how David Forrest operates. 

I ask my son once again how the program at school was.  He states in a displeasing voice, “Good.”  I ask my son if he had a part in the school program or if it was juts his brother.  He answers, “No.”  I ask my son how school was today.  He states, “What.”  I repeat my question.  He answers, “Good.”  I ask him if he has had supper yet.  The response is, “Yeah.”  I ask him what he had for supper tonight.  He pauses then states, “Normal stuff.”  I ask him what’s the “Normal.”  He responds, “You know just the normal I have.”  I finally ask my son if he is going to continue to dodge speaking with me as he repeatedly does when I call him.  He has a recent pattern of doing so.  He states, “Whaaaat” in a long drawn out voice.  I repeat the question.  He responds, “I’m answering your questions.” 

I have to at this point explain to my son that he is being rude and that his behavior towards me is not acceptable.  I know what he is doing is trying to avoid speaking with me.  I then ask my son why when he speaks to me he has to keep everything a secret.  Silence on the other end of the phone.  I ask him if he is there.  He finally answers “Yep.”  I again ask my son why he feels that he can’t talk to me and why everything needs to be a secret.  He responds, “Um, I don’t know.” 

I explained to my son that if his teacher asked him the same question about supper, he would answer her.  Why was it that he wouldn’t answer me?  I explained to my son that his behavior towards me was disrespectful and that I expected him to speak to me with respect just as I speak to him with respect.  He responded, “You don’t respect me at all dad.”  I asked him why he would say this.  He replies, “You don’t.”  I ask him again why he would say that I didn’t respect him.  He replies, “Dad you don’t, you don’t respect me at all.”  I ask my son to tell me why he feels this way.  His response is, “Because.  I have to respect you but you don’t have to respect me.”  I then explain to my son that I do respect him and I talk to him with respect. 

I continue to explain to my son that his behavior towards me is not going to be tolerated and I tell him that if I had spoke to my parents the way he spoke to me that I would be ashamed.  There is noise in the background of heavy breathing.  I can hear the anger through each breath my son is taking.  My son then responds, “While I’d be ashamed, I am not ashamed dad. I’m not ashamed.”  I asked my son why he is so hostile to me.  He states to me, “Dad, you know, you know what you’ve done.”  I explained to my son that I didn’t know what he was accusing me of as I haven’t done anything to him.  I asked him to specifically tell me what he feels that I did to him.  He responds, “You do, look in the pictures, two plus two.”  I ask him what pictures he wants me to look at.  I hear heavy breathing on the other end.  His anger is flaring.  I explain to my son that I don’t understand and ask him to explain it to me.  I continue to hear heavy breathing in the background with no response. 

I finally get a response, “Dad, figure it out.”  I once again tell my son that I haven’t done anything wrong and if he feels that I have it is his responsibility to tell me what that is.  I tell my son again to tell me what’s bothering him.  I can hear my son again breathing heavily on the other end of the phone, He finally states, “Dad, figure it out.”  I tell him again, I didn’t do anything wrong and if he feels that I have, he needs to tell me what he thinks that I did wrong.  He states, “Yes you have dad, you know it too, you know it.”

I again explain to my son that if he feels that I have done something wrong he needs to tell me.  I then tell him that he can’t tell me what I have done to him because I haven’t done anything wrong.  I again hear heavy breathing on the phone.  He then states, “Um it’s, Um, dad it’s two plus two what you did.  It’s simple then two plus two.  It’s that obvious.”  I ask my son if it’s so simple then just tell me what he thinks that I did wrong.  He replies “Cause you did so much to me dad.  It’s simple what you’ve done.”  I again ask him to tell me what he thinks that I did.  He responds, “You know what you’ve done, it’s simple to figure out.  So figure it out dad.” 

I finally have to tell my son that it is not acceptable for him to be disrespectful to me and I am not going to allow him to continue to act disrespectful to me and therefore, our conversation tonight is over.  Heavy breathing ensues on the other end and he then states, “So, you can be disrespectful to me.”  I explained to my son that I wasn’t being disrespectful and that I was his father and expected that he would treat me with respect and since he couldn’t, our conversation for tonight was done. 

My son then blurts out, “You sure don’t act like a father to me.”  I tell my son that if he feels this way, then he needs to tell me what is bothering him.  He states, “You sure don’t act like a father to me at all.”  I ask him why he would say this.  He responds to me, “Yeah dad, you’re a real father to me. A huh, yeah, you’re a real father to me.”  I explain to my son that I am a real father to him.  I tell him about all the things we did together such as cub scouts, hiking, kayaking and bike riding amongst some of the things.  I reiterate to my son that I have done nothing wrong and if he feels that I have, it’s his problem and he should speak with someone about it.  He responds, “Dad, you know you’ve done something wrong.”  I again tell my son if he feels I have done something then why doesn’t he just tell me.  I tell him that I believe that he can’t tell me what is wrong because he doesn’t know what’s wrong or even why he is mad. 

I explain to my son that he is acting immature for his age.  He responds to me, “Oh, wait a minute, what did I just hear.  I’m acting too immature now.  I thought I was acting too old a few weeks ago, now I’m acting too immature”  I again tell my son that I ending the conversation tonight as I am not going to continue to talk to him while he is being disrespectful to me.  I tell him that I love him and tell him that the conversation is over tonight and that I will call next week.  I tell my son if he wants to talk to me with respect, we will stay on the phone a little longer.  If not the conversation is over.  I again tell my son that I love him.  He responds, “Yeah dad, you sure don’t act like a father to me.  You never have really.”  I end the conversation. 

It’s apparent to me what is going on here.  It’s a typical case of severe parental alienation.  The quotes that I wrote in this post are actual quotes from my conversation with my eleven year old son.  My oldest son was a perfect normal boy before the divorce.  We spent a lot of time together.  I went to Cub Scouts with him.  I took him to school programs, drove him to the bus stop, played with him, fed him as a baby, changed his diapers, etc.  There was a time when I had a great relationship with my oldest son. 

I spoke to my youngest son after I got off the phone with my oldest son.  He is not as hostile to me and seems to sometimes want to talk with me.  It’s saddening to thing that I can’t take this young boy in my arms and give him a hug and tell him everything is going to be okay.  There too is a history here.  It seems when things are going good with us, the interference on the other end increases and my youngest son then becomes quiet. 

I had started to read stories to my youngest son over the phone.  He was happy when I started to do this.  After a while he came out and told me he didn’t want me to read to him anymore.  One step forward and two steps back.  One can only imagine where this interference is coming from. 

I recently left my ex-wife a phone message asking that she call me about our children’s behavior.  She refuses to return my calls.  Mind you, this is the mother of my children and the ex-wife that I can hear in the background when I speak to my kids.  What kind of mother would allow her children to speak to their father the way my oldest son does while just standing in the background?    What kind of mother just watches her son acting out of control and does nothing to deal with it?  One truly has to be sick to do what my ex-wife is doing.  What is even sicker are her friends and family who continue to cover up her behavior.  If it takes a village to raise a kid, why is it that mine have to be raised by the village idiots? 

My ex-wife’s Parental Alienation scheme continues to work at the expense of our children.  This is the product of the NH Family Court System.  What is frustrating is that I can’t do a thing to help.  The State of NH has refused to do anything to intervene.  Two young boys that had a great bond with their dad now have their relationship destroyed at the quest of the almighty dollar. 

Shame on you Attorney Jaye Rancourt.  I hope you can live with what you did to tear down fatherhood in the eyes of two young boys.  How many others have you done this to and how many more will you continue to do this to?  Shame on you GAL and Attorney Douglas Thornton, you did nothing to address any of my concerns about my ex wife’s mental state and the alienation tactics that were being pointed out to you.  You too were in the quest for the almighty dollar.  I’m glad you’re no longer a GAL.  I’m sure there is a good reason why you’re on the GAL list for “Expired or Renewal Denied.”  I would guess because of incompetence.  Shame on you too Marital Master David Forrest.  You were the person at the helm of the ship and your carelessness steered the ship straight into the iceberg.  You too have damaged two young innocent lives.  How many more have you destroyed and how many more will you continue to destroy? 

As for the role I now play in my children’s lives.  I have been made into a paycheck.  I can’t see my kids as my sick and deranged ex-wife has called the police on me numerous times when I have spent time with my kids.  I was threatened by the police with arrest for exercising visitation.  I have had a frivolous restraining order placed on me to only have my ex dismiss it a few days later without any reason (Which the order was because I allegedly “criminally threatened to kill” her through fifth party). 

When my oldest son says to me “Dad you’re not a father to me” in essence isn’t he right?  The family court has taken away my rights to be a father by awarding custody to a mother that in my opinion has multiple personality disorders and does everything in her powers to alienate the children from me.  I remember during marriage counseling that my ex told the marriage counselor that her intent was to move away and keep the kids from me.  I have the counselor’s records and can back up what I say.  In essence what the family court in NH did was to help a sick mother carry out her threats of destroying a father’s relationship with his children. 

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  1. I to have been battling this NH Family Court system. I appealed my case to the NH Supreme Court. (they refused to hear) I accused Master David Forrest of forging the Judges signature on my final orders (I had Judge Groffs signature on another Court case). He gave unbelievable rights to my children's mother who has been diagnosed severe bipolar, and several other related disorders (She attacked the court ordered therapist and the GAL report was in my favor). They also ordered an unrealistic child support during a period of unemployment for me (2) kids $250 per week. I am now a disabled (veteran) and they refuse to stop the garnishment or even give me a hearing to adjust the support. This is the most corrupt legal system I have witnessed in my life. Federal Court has said Marital master's in NH have no Judicial powers (they derive power from the Judges signature). They have also said all parties must agree to be heard by them. All I have seen is rubber stamped legal decisions, mainly the master making a biased ruling for their lawyer buddies. Master Forest has since heard and worked on my case even after I accused him of forgery. All the Supreme Court Judges looked the other way, and the AG, and Governor Lynch's office and my State Rep did nothing. See you all on election day