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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A 2008 Report From The NH Commision For The Status Of Men About The Importance Of Fathers

The Following is directly off of the 2008 report from the NH Commission For The Status of Men posted on the State's website.
The Importance of Fathers
As stated in the Commission's previous report, lack of father presence has been linked to systemic problems such as poverty, high school dropout rates, crime, adolescent drug use, teenage pregnancy, and a higher demand for a variety of state-funded services. Worse still, children who grow up fatherless are more likely to commit suicide than those with a father present. (See "Father Facts," a compendium of research excerpts available via http://www.fatherhood.org)

According to Dr. Horn, one of the editors of the 2004 Father Facts booklet, it seems clear that children growing up without their father in the home face an increased risk of developing significant problems. This does not mean that all children who grow up in fatherless homes will encounter problems. Indeed, many of them will do just fine. But research indicates that fatherless children face more obstacles than those who grow up with both a mom and a dad, and are at greater risk for a host of developmental problems.

In a world comprised of females and males, the need for children to have healthy role models of both sexes is of great value. Some authors have asserted that single mothers are capable of raising exceptional men without the influence of the biological father (Drexler, 2005). Given the number of dedicated and competent single mothers, this is true for many children.

However, randomly conducted research, some of which is referenced in our earlier reports, suggests that significant numbers of children will suffer lower wellness levels when their biological father is absent from their lives. Such children are more likely to be impoverished, physically abused, sexually abused, and develop behavioral problems requiring psychiatric treatment and medication. See Horn & Sylvester, Father Facts 4th Edition, National Fatherhood Initiative, pp 103 – 152. Available via http://www.fatherhood.org/.

On a related note, a report from the National Center for Education Statistics released in July of 2006 indicates that children with involved fathers fare better because they are less likely to fail or repeat a grade, more likely to do their homework, more likely to become involved in school extracurricular activities, and more likely to attend a college or university. The report, Fathers of U.S. Children Born in 2001: Findings from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, by Avenilla, Rosenthal, and Tice, can be seen at http://nces.ed.gov/pubsearch/pubsinfo.asp?pubid=2006002.

What is hard to understand here is that the State of NH has done research on the importance of having fathers involved with their children but the Family Court System continues to drive wedges between fathers and their children.  When is this going to end?  How can Marital Master's like David Forrest or GAL's like Doug Thornton ignore this report?  Why do they feel that it's okay to destroy a fathers relationship with their kids?  Can anything be done to right the wrong? 

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