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Monday, October 25, 2010

New Hampshire’s Child Impact Seminar – What a joke

When I finally decided to get divorced from my wife and finally had the courage to go through with the court filing, I was told by my attorney that by NH state law (RSA 458-D) myself and my soon to be ex-wife had to take the Child Impact Seminar since we were parents of minor children.  There we would learn about the effects of divorce on children and what to do and what not to do. 

This seminar is a joke.  First it is a waste of money.  Someone is getting rich and benefiting from these seminars.  It sure is not our children.  The seminar assumes two things in my opinion.  First is that you are both parents without parenting skills and second that you are both reasonable people.  Let’s get real.  If both parents were reasonable people, this seminar would not be needed and most likely the two parents would not be getting divorced.

Every tactic that was discussed about parent alienation was used by my ex-wife in one way or another.  You might say that this course was a training seminar for learning how to alienate your children from the other parent.  Good job State of New Hampshire.  Maybe you can set up a parent alienation camp right next door to the al-Qaida camp for terrorist.  What is the major difference?  In my opinion, attorneys like Jaye Rancourt, Guardian Ad-Litem’s like Doug Thornton, and Marital Master’s like David Forrest support this type of behavior. 

How do we stop these people?  If I had all the answers, I wouldn’t be blogging.  I feel that we need to revamp our family courts and have a process which eliminates people that support parent alienation.  People like Jaye Rancourt, Doug Thornton and David Forrest need to be on the unemployment line.  Please support me by blogging about these and other people that need a rude awakening.  Let’s show the public what these people are really like.  If you have a story about these people or other supporters of parent alienation that you would like published, please email me.  If you have some helpful guidance for myself and others, please post a response or feel free to drop me an email at nh.unethical.attorney@gmail.com. 


  1. Put a "mother" (insult to the term) and self-professed "psychologist" into one of those classes and all that comes out is feces. The class was a waste of time - I drilled the "instructor" during that day-long BS session, much to the chagrin of many other hideous excuses for motherhood that found themselves in the same room (too bad my ex wasn't in that same class). They simply had no answers for any real-life scenarios.

    What's happened since that class? My ex went on a 7 month spree of alienation. The court "ordered" that I see my 4-year-old son every two weeks and she simply refused. I'd imagine because her lawyer knew that there's no repercussions for contempt of "court" and that she'd get away with it.

    The GAL (Barbara Burnes-Landry of Amherst, MA) did absolutely nothing. In the midst of this acrimonious battle, she went on a scooter trip to Florida and spent the better part of two months ignoring e-mails, phone calls and written requests that something be done to remedy the visitation debacle. Then she had the gall to request that I "cease and desist" when I posted to her personal blog that she was guilty of neglecting her case load, and was stealing money from people under the false pretense of protecting childrens' rights.

    The GAL system in New Hampshire is a fraud. The "judiciary" is the biggest sham going, and these hack "judges" need to be elected, not appointed. At least give the citizens the right to speak out against these hacks that are responsible for decimating families, and who are an insult to the term "judge," and who I at least will -never- again give the respect of any term that includes the word "honor."

  2. sounds like my situation,the courts are a joke!!