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Monday, September 27, 2010

Cheshire County Superior Court in New Hampshire – What a disaster for anyone involved with this court for Domestic situations – Why is this Court so screwed up?

I have had such negative experiences with this court including Judge John P. Arnold Who is responsible for running this court and Marital Master David Forrest.

I call up the Marital Department the other day.  I asked what’s going on with the motion that I filed.  I’m told that the Judge approved it but the person I’m speaking with can’t elaborate on just what that means.  They then tell me that my ex-wife’s motion was approved and she is now being awarded all of my equity from the sale of the marital home (The original decree awarded me a 45% portion).  The Judge ruled on her motion.  I ask if he ruled on my response to her motion which was an objection.  I’m told that there are a few other motions that are in the file that should have been ruled on and were not(and in a non committed manner was basically told that the court screwed up).  Apparently my other two motions I submitted were just placed aside somewhere and never looked at. 

I then asked when was my ex-wife’s motion was ruled on and why do I not have it.  I’m told that the motion was ruled on September 2nd and was sent to me by the court on September 10th and I should have it by now (Today meaning September 14th).  Now I checked my mail yesterday and there was nothing there.  I then check my mail in the late afternoon of the 14th.  Low and behold the motion is there.  The envelope is postmarked September 10th.  It took eight days for the court to send me a ruling that was signed on the 2nd.  It took another 4 days for me to get it for a total of 14 days.  The court was responsible for holding this document a minimum of eight days before sending it.  What’s up with this?  You have ten days to respond to something that takes 14 days for the court to get to you. 

I then call the Marital Department again the next day on September 15th to find out if I have to be in court in the beginning of October as the motion I originally filed and had now withdrawn which was the reason for the court action being initiated.  I’m told by the person handling this matter that she was gone for two days and has a stack of stuff to get through and that she would try to get to mine by tomorrow and I was welcome to call back tomorrow to see if she processed the file.  I had explained that I was eight hundred miles away and traveling to NH for something ridiculous would cause a great deal of burden on me. 

What is wrong with this court?  What is wrong with Judge Arnold?  He is supposed to be running his court.  It would appear that he is not doing too good of a job.  If simple tasks can not be performed in an efficient manner what does this mean when we go in front of the court with issues on our children?  My opinion is that the court doesn’t want to deal with our children and that is why issues like parent alienation exist.  Do you think that the court has our children’s best interest at hand?  From my experiences I would say no. 

I plan on filing a complaint with the judicial system. 


  1. I was looking for Advise on breaking up and found this great site www.saveabreakup.com I gotta admit its great and it worked for me and helped me a lot.

  2. David Forrest and Judge Arnold are corrupt; they run a honky-tonk operation that is undeserving of the term "court of law". There is no "honor" in this court. There is no "best interest" of any child taken into account in any chambers of this court - in the eyes of "master" Forrest, the best interest of a child is to have no father and have an abusive drunkard mother who makes false accusations of abuse to gain an upper hand in "court" (at least that's my personal experience).

    For what it's worth, I have had personal experience that demonstrates definitively that there is no repercussion for committing contempt. Sell the house, get rid of property and say you need it to survive. What are they going to do... take away what you don't have any more? The "court" is too inept to do anything about it, and I have a 3,000 page history of case files that prove beyond any preponderance of the evidence, and beyond all reasonable doubt, that you cannot and will not be sanctioned for flagrantly disobeying the "orders" of this court.

    As for the time periods that elapse to get objections and motions to reconsider; report "judge" Arnold for judicial misconduct. Send the report to the court, a copy to the JCC and copy the governor and every newspaper within 100 miles on every complaint. The governor appoints these cretins to hold the position of "judge" (they're not elected). Hit the governor in the same pocket that one needs hit these hack judges, at least as a start toward making a stand.

  3. To the above person who posted anonymous about saveabreakup.com. I am glad that this site helped you out. Maybe your ex didn't have multiple personality disorders like mine did. In my case I was glad to get away from my ex and the abuse bestowed upon me by her. Ever have someone physically abuse you? Well I did. It's not a nice thing when you wake up in the middle of the night out of a sound sleep to find your ex physically hurting you in the groin like I did one time. When the years of abuse become physical, it’s time to separate. When your ex ups the stakes by abusing your children by alienating them for you, it’s time realize there is nothing worth salvaging. Some people are just meant to no be together for one reason or another.

  4. Disgusted with Cheshire County Superior CourtNovember 29, 2010 at 10:35 PM

    The best way to deal with Cheshire County Superior Court Judge Arnold and Marital Master Forrest is to replace them with two chimpanzees and a banana tree. The quality of court decisions would improve and we could save the state a lot of money.

  5. What is wrong with the system is that these people are appointed and not elected. Once appointed they have a free ride. If they had to be voted in just like other normal states then we wouldn’t have such complacent, gluttonous and incompetent officials sitting at the bench.