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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Is Jaye Rancourt unethical and is the law firm of BRENNAN, CARON, LENEHAN AND IACOPINO (BCLI) where she works Unethical too?

Here is an email correspondence from my last attorney to me.  He was helping me with some post divorce issues.  This is in response to a letter I forwarded to him that was written to Jaye Rancourt by my previous attorney early on in the divorce.  The earlier attorney was trying to appeal to Jaye Rancourt and my ex-wife for things to be civil for the sake of the children.  As you will see by my most recent attorney’s email to me, Rancourt and her law firm BRENNAN, CARON, LENEHAN AND IACOPINO also known as BCLI are well known for “prolonging litigation and driving up cost.” 


Email From My Attorney To Me

To (Censored)
(Censored) (XXXXXXX@XXXXXXXXlawoffices.com)
Fri 2/19/10 10:27 AM
(Censored) (XXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com)

(Censored Name),
Thank you for providing the note.  Your ex wife's lawfirm has a reputation for prolonging litigation and driving up costs.  As long as she is represented by them this will continue.
(Censored Name), Esquire


As my attorney stated as long as my ex-wife has BRENNAN, CARON, LENEHAN AND IACOPINO (BCLI) representing her this will continue.  I guess what that means is this blog will be around for at least another eleven years (My youngest child will be eighteen then and Rancourt’s only involvement with my ex will be collecting her bill). 

What do you think the impact is on children when attorneys act unethical and prolong litigation, drive up the cost, and cause both parents to have to file bankruptcy and or be in financial turmoil for ten years?  Does it benefit the children?  Of course not.  Who does it benefit?  In my opinion unethical attorneys like Jaye Rancourt who are padding their retirement from our children’s future.  I feel that these types of attorneys should be able to be charged with child abuse. 

Here is a copy of the letter written by my previous attorney to Jaye Rancourt pleading with her for the destruction to stop.  This was around the time I offered to give my ex-wife my entire share of equity in our house to stop the destruction and my only stipulation was she give it to the kids for college when they were of age.  All I was asking is that if she wanted to stay in the house she do so and make an agreement that when the kids were of age, she would give them my share of equity which at the current time was approximately $25k.  I have censored the names in the letter to protect my minor children. 
Letter From My Previous Attorney to Jaye Rancourt
Dear Jaye, 
                Re-scheduling (FEMALE NAME CENSORED)’s deposition prompted me to sit down and write this letter to put to paper some thoughts my client has expressed to me over the last several weeks.   (MALE NAME CENSORED) has been extremely frustrated at the way this divorce action has proceeded and wants this matter concluded as soon as possible so that both parties can move on with their lives, and the kids can begin the process of adjusting to the permanent split of their parents.  At this juncture, the only things this litigation is accomplishing is continuing and, indeed, escalating the intolerable conflict between the parties causing long-term damage to the children, and depleting all marital assets to that both parties will be unable to provide a home and security for the children.   (MALE NAME CENSORED) believes this insanity needs to stop – for everyone’s sake.
                 In that regard, (MALE NAME CENSORED) has urged me to contact you to try and find some common ground with (FEMALE NAME CENSORED) to settle this case now, so that everyone can move forward without additional emotional and financial damage. With respect to the most important part of this matter, the children, (MALE NAME CENSORED) believes that equal parenting time is really in the boys best interests, as Doug Thornton indicated in his initial recommendation to the Court.   Having a trial to determine this issue in not in anyone’s interest and now is the time for the parties to come together as co-parents and figure out what is best for these kids, as only they can.  You have indicated in the past that (FEMALE NAME CENSORED) would not entertain equal parenting time at this point, but would consider a settlement that would include a move towards equal parenting time going forward under a specified time table.  Can you ask your client to make a proposal in that regard so we can move this ball forward and stop the conflict which the children obviously observe and which is without question causing them long-term damage of the sort well-documented by all of the studies on this subject?  
                With respect to property, and overall conflict, we both know that if (FEMALE NAME CENSORED) is successful in proving fault grounds, after a four day trial, there will be no property to divide at all because both parties will have upwards of $50,000 in attorney’s fee, each.  Thus, any equity that could have been divided 50/50 or 60/40 on its best day, will be gone and the parties will be left with nothing but a bitter memory and a huge legal bill which will take each of them 5-7 years to dig out of given their respective incomes?  Is that really what (FEMALE NAME CENSORED) wants?  Not to mention the fact that one day those boys will pull their parent’s divorce file and see what has occurred, largely because (FEMALE NAME CENSORED) cannot seem to let this matter go and move on.  The boys at that point will make their own judgment as to why it all occurred and I don’t expect (FEMALE NAME CENSORED) will be pleased with the conclusions they make.   Putting long term effects aside, (MALE NAME CENSORED) believes that, whether he is in the right or the wrong, now is the time to try to put this all behind everyone for the children and the parties emotional and mental health.  (MALE NAME CENSORED) tells me that he is willing to consider something less than a 50/50 distribution of marital property, but any settlement must be reasonable and swift, and include dropping the fault and endangering mental health and reason grounds.    Attorney’s fees are racking up by the day and soon there will be nothing to fight over.  I respectfully suggest that is (FEMALE NAME CENSORED) wants her day in court to tell her story, another venue may be more appropriate that does not destroy all marital assets and continue the conflict that the boys experience as a result.  Would you ask (FEMALE NAME CENSORED) to make a proposal as discussed above?
 (MALE NAME CENSORED) tells me that is not willing to settlement property issues, without a global settlement on all issues contemporaneously. Nonetheless, please make any proposal as discussed above so we can explore all options before money and time run out.
As you can see by this letter, there were serious issues at the onset of the divorce.  My attorney tried to get Rancourt to be reasonable and to not drive up the cost of litigation.  Instead she forced me to spend upwards of $50K and broke my bank and last I knew my ex-wife owed Rancourt around $50k. 
The divorce in the end dragged out for close to three years and in the end, all of the marital assets were gone.   An attorney that would let this happen is unethical.  Do I really think when Jaye Rancourt saw my ex-wife thought to herself that she was a self proclaimed healer of broken hearts and that she would fight for what’s right.  I don’t think so.  I believe Rancourt saw a sucker.  Someone that was weak and someone she could take advantage of. 

Now what do you think of Jaye Rancourt and her law firm BRENNAN, CARON, LENEHAN AND IACOPINO?  Are they unethical?  I believe so. 
If the attorney that wrote the above letter saw this some two years later, he would be shocked on how accurate he was in predicting the future.  When my children become adults and if they ever decide they want to file a lawsuit against Jaye Rancourt, I will encourage it.   


  1. sounds reasonable to me based on what has been written.

    G.J. Rancourt

  2. What "sounds reasonable" or even *is* reasonable is likely an unreasonable demand to an insane ex. Almost 3 years after walking out on her, my ex still sends me defamatory e-mails calling me a "liar", threatens to drag me back to court for nothing more than to make a date with me, and even admits in writing to "telling [the 6-year-old kid] everything."

    It's partly the attorney to blame for not putting a leash on one of these wild animals, but the wild animal itself may have to be tamed to reach any sort of conclusion. The lawyer will (obviously) take any business they can get, whether it's ethical or not; but chances are if the loon paying the lawyer cuts the crap the lawyer would move on to other needlessly acrimonious cases to suck another sap dry.

    By the same token, it's awfully hard to walk away from a cash cow that can be milked on demand. "Master" Forrest is one such cow - a woman walks into that kangaroo court and will walk out having stripped her ex of more rights every time. So why would anything reasonable ever enter the mind of a woman or her money-hungry lawyer?