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Monday, September 13, 2010

Attorney Doug Thornton - GAL for Cheshire County Family Court, Another Unethical Attorney Who is Incompetent To Do Their Job

In my opinion, Attorney Doug Thornton of Surry New Hampshire who was the GAL appointed to my divorce case is about as incompetent as a person can be. Again, these are my opinions. I will give some information and let you decide.

Doug Thornton is biased towards Fathers. He feels that a mother should be the primary care giver. My ex-wife was constantly making complains about me. She stated to Doug Thornton that I was abusive towards her. Funny, she made reports to her Attorney Jaye Rancourt every time we had a custody exchange. Attorney Rancourt would write nasty letters to my attorney describing how I was out of control in front of the kids.

Being smart, I was always keeping witnesses around me. I learned this from my tenure as a police officer. In one particular circumstance while doing a custody exchange at a local Mr. Mike’s Convenience Store, I asked a couple of the workers to watch the exchange. The exchange went well so I thought. After the fact the nasty Rancourt letter came about how I was out of control. In regards to these two workers. One was inside listening through the speakers at the gas pumps and another was outside picking up trash just feet from us and actually walked between us. Both gave me written statements that there were no issues. Do you think Doug Thornton would be fair enough to look into this incident which was well documented? Of course not. Again, the ex made me out to be the bad person and this idiot believed her.

I can’t speak about any of my ex-wife’s records so let me just say that my ex-wife in my opinion had some issues with her counseling records. Doug Thornton didn’t want to hear it. As a matter of fact, he told the court that he didn’t take the records into account as they came to him too late and he didn’t have the expertise to interpret them. Who was it too late for? I’ll tell you who. My children who are the victims of parent alienation. By the way, I believe that Doug Thornton leans towards not believing that there is a such thing as PAS. Shame on you Doug Thornton.

Oh yea. When it came time to pay this guy. He wouldn’t give me a final statement for my account. I believe that he made me pay my bill in full and he wrote off a portion of my ex-wife’s bill as he became very defensive with me.

I will try to find some correspondences that I have from Doug Thornton and post it. He was very rude.

If you get a chance to read this Doug Thornton, you should be ashamed of what you did to my two children. I have lots of pictures and videos showing how happy they were when they were part of my life. With your help their mother has made them hate me. People like you make me sick.

I plan on filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Professional Conduct Committee in NH. I will keep you all posted.

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  1. Doug Thornton is a jackass. I tried to get him to represent me as my lawyer for my SSDI case and he basically said it did not pay enough for him to take the case on. I believe he is on the side of the judges anyway as he persuaded me to drop the case because I had no chance of winning. Got his law degree from a cracker jack box or read Law for Dummies. LOL