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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Joshua Youssef Takes on Tracy Bernson, Nancy Geiger, and the N.H. Family Court

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pt.2 - Joshua Youssef Takes on Tracy Bernson, Nancy Geiger, and the N.H. Family Court

As many of you recall, On Feb. 2, 2012, Joshua Youssef testified before the Redress of Grievance Committee at the N.H. House of Representatives regarding the destruction that was leveled upon his family when the N.H. Family Court ripped his son from him 13 months prior - with no findings of abuse or neglect!

In this second hearing installment, Mr. Youssef takes on several more tough legal and procedural issues that cut right to the heart of the corruption in the N.H. Family Court and N.H. Judiciary in General - specifically:

   1) how former guardian ad litem Tracy Bernson filed a false police report, and through her attorney has attempted to improperly influence 2 judges that have been involved in the Youssef matter - a Class-B felony under N.H. RSA :3

   2) How N.H. Circuit Court Administrative Judge Edwin Kelly contradicted himself by saying he cannot adjudicate Youssef's grievances and that "appeal" is the only procedural remedy - but then he signed 2 orders granting recusal of the incompetent, corrupt, feminist Marital Master Nancy J. Geiger and changing the case venue

   3) How Youssef's May 20th, 2011 parenting plan was not ordered in accordance with N.H. RSA 490-D:9, and thus, should not be enforceable; and how the court "apologized" to Mr. Youssef basically asking Youssef to "cut them some slack." (quotations added)

   4) How Pt.2, Article 73-a of the N.H. Constitution has created a self-regulating judiciary that is not subject to government of, by, and for the people, and thus is a hotbed of corruption, as is evidenced by N.H. Family Court Rule 1.2, N.H. Supreme Court Rule 3(9), et. al.

   5) How N.H. House of Representatives Lawyer Edward C. Mosca's utilized his position as house counsel to "bully" Mr. Youssef from appearing at the Legislature, and how there is a very serious conflict of interest by allowing House Counsel to conduct a private law practice.

You will note that Youssef uses copious documentation to support his claims. Every single one of the questions asked of Mr. Youssef were addressed with law and fact and Youssef has indicated that he is available for comment.

It is amazing the lengths that public officials will go to in order to cover up their corruption!


  1. robin marie curtisOctober 18, 2014 at 2:07 AM

    I agree fully that n.h. family court is corrupt to take a 3 yr.old d.c.y.f. investigates her father abused her c..a.s.a. useless and gave her to a documented drug addict and abuser and blamed an innocent man my husband lost daughter,husband and house corrupt to say the least

    1. NH trafficked my daughter to Penn State officials committing fraud upon the court in multiple states with guardianship papers not even signed. They made up lie and ex parte stole my daughter in California. After filing appeal they sent people to try to kill and harass me. NH is the mafia and that Lenora Boehm is a Neo-Nazi. https://youtu.be/o7BN3wdvVqA

  2. robin marie curtisOctober 18, 2014 at 2:16 AM

    master fishman d.c.y.f.barbara davana c.a.s.a.rose volunteer I have more been treated unjust entire adult life in Portmuth family court want changes made for our childrens safety

  3. robin marie curtisOctober 18, 2014 at 2:24 AM

    my son has been in tufts last week with possible most likely enterovirus d-68 found out media although equal legal his father did not notify me took him to court my atty.Pat Frim did nothing to help his lying Atty.Bobb Jutras slander me and I live on Social Security yet owe him lots of child support and med bbills never saw a healthcoverage G>A>L>Jenn Rackley never returned calls or asked my 11 year old about me.first meeting signed 6 releases 2006 in 2012.i can not see my son via ex-party when sober when I finally shared 2 weekend over a year

  4. robin marie curtisOctober 18, 2014 at 2:49 AM

    my son 13 who is still recovering at tufts for probable entreovrus d-68 and had paralysis I am told no updates from father and need to send court dockets to hear his father living with 5 yr fiancé still not married called them the parents 4 times on news as if I do not exist Danny is not allowed to mention me g.a.l.r.jenn r.ackley says I'm alienated when been kept away by her comments to court