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Thursday, February 23, 2012

NH Attorney Lenora Boehm Receives Six Month Suspension - From The Professional Conduct Committee After Kimberly Frederickson Files Complaint - From The Website Of The NH Bar Association

Bar News - March 19, 2010 (Click Here To Go To NH Bar Website And View Original Article)NH Supreme Court Professional Conduct Committee

Boehm, Lenora E. advs. Kimberly Frederickson # 08-055
Summary of Six Month Suspension
With Three Months Stayed with Conditions For Two Years
(effective April 1, 2010)

On January 19, 2010, the Professional Conduct Committee deliberated this complaint against Lenora F. Boehm, Esquire, and issued a six month suspension with three months stayed for two years, with the stayed three months not to be imposed if the Respondent meets certain conditions during that two year period. The parties stipulated to the facts, and rule violations of Rule 8.1(b): Failure to Cooperate, and 8.4(a): Misconduct. The parties also stipulated that Ms. Boehm would pay all costs of the investigation and prosecution of this matter.

Kimberly Frederickson filed a complaint with the Attorney Discipline Office (ADO) against Ms. Boehm, alleging misconduct stemming from Ms. Boehm’s representation of her ex-husband. The matter was docketed and Ms. Boehm was asked to respond to a letter dated December 11, 2008, from the ADO, to which Ms. Boehm did not respond. The ADO sent a second letter on January 13, 2009, and the Complaint Screening Committee sent a third letter on February 13, 2009, informing her that the complaint was being referred to Disciplinary Counsel for further action on both the failure to respond to a disciplinary authority and on the merits of the complaint. Ms. Boehm took no action until she filed her answer on July 13, 2009.

Ms. Boehm’s failure to respond to the ADO’s correspondence represents a knowing failure to respond to a lawful demand for information from a disciplinary authority, a violation of N.H. Supreme Court Rule 37A(II)(a)(5)(C). In view of the seriousness of Ms. Boehm’s misconduct and her prior recent and lengthy disciplinary record, it is the Committee’s view that the public can be protected, public confidence in the Bar can be maintained, and the integrity of the legal profession can be preserved only through Ms. Boehm’s suspension with conditions.

This matter is of public record, and available for inspection at the New Hampshire Supreme Court Attorney Discipline Office, 4 Chenell Drive, Suite 102, Concord, New Hampshire 03301.


  1. This is a great blog, usually i don't post comments on blogs but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so!

  2. Lenora E. Boehm was the appointed GAL in my custody battle and I found her services unfair and unethical. I will soon be filing my complaint with the GAL board as well.

    1. Lenora E. Boehm represented my ex in our divorce as my ex was her employee - and from the beginning she was combative, argumentative and her methods were unethical. We had complaints about her even back then. My divorce was a long time ago and is old news, but I certainly hope the GAL Board puts this ^&*(! in her place.

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  4. I recently had the misfortune to have dealings with Ms. Boehm. She shoved papers in my face, hung over me when I was in the witness chair and was EXTREMELY combative. She grilled me for hours and even sat my husbands girlfriend behind him during the afternoon session. My Atty was a very smart professional but that is no match for someone like Ms. Boehm. I was in mediation Thursday and my ex said he and his lawyer read the order to disperse the property to mean I got nothing but what was in my possession and he didn't care what the mediator or the Court said he was not giving me anything. It clearly said what was in our possesions EXCEPT what was on the list amended by the Court. Obviously Atty Boehm can read the order and understand it if I can and I'm not a lawyer. I asked not to be in the room with my ex for mediation and the mediator made me. My ex threatened me and fought with me for at least an hour and a half. The mediator told me if we had to schedule a hearing the Court would be mad at both of us, so I better do something to resolve this matter. It seems there is no help or protection in the Justice system. My ex said he dragged me through Court and made me spend $14,000. out of spite. He said he told me if I didn't do what he said he was going to make my life miserable and if I don't do what he says now about the taxes he will keep dragging me back to Court until they make me do what he says. The mediator sat right there and did nothing and my ex was texting and said Lenora was not available till the 21st to look over the agreement. She had sent me a letter saying she had withdrawn? The court said they don't have that letter. What the heck? I had my lawyer withdraw because I couldn't afford what I spent, it's going to take me 7yrs to pay it off. Whose got my back? What a system! Because I'm reasonable and responsible I got stuck. It doesn't seem like anyone cares.

  5. Atty Leonora Boehm is a beast and does not deserve to practice law. She was appointed GAL over my daughter. To make a long story short, she colluded with the father's attorney, wicked and and the judge to facilitate the abduction of my child by her father. This father is still absent. Luckily I was smart enough to file through the Hague Treaty to get her back safely. I was so burnt out financially that I could not fight in the legal system anymore. I have 4 of them that should be up for sanctions RIGHT NOW!!!!

    1. She wasn't even a real GAL. She assisted child trafficking my daughter from California to Pennsylvania using fake guardianship papers from New Hampshire made by a retired NH clerk living in Arizona. They held my daughter hostage in PA for 8 years and brainwashed her she had no phone access or communication access until she was kicked out like garbage on the street.

  6. Lenora Boehm assisted in child trafficking my daughter from CA to PA using forged fake guardianship papers from NH not even signed by a judge using a fake PO Box and access to estate lied and committed perjury in at least four states. Penn State connected ofconnected held my daughter hostage without access to communications and brainwashed her.

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