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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Ex-Wife’s Mobbing Behavior – One Of The Keys To Her Success With Alienating Our Children From Me

If you’re doing your research on Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), I would recommend you read about mobbing.  Mobbing is using a group of people to bully against one person.   With every group there is always a ringleader.  In my case it was my ex-wife.  My ex-wife has mobbing down to a science and she used others to bully me for years without my knowledge.  Evil people like my ex-wife will use unsuspecting people in their mobbing campaign to beat you up.  They manipulate others into doing their bullying. 

In the case of my ex-wife, she began to mob me with her family, my sister, her friends, my friends, our friends, my boss and other co-workers.  Every time she felt I was out of line, she tried to turn people against me.  She liked to put me on public trial regarding our marital problems by using friends and family as the jury.  It’s no wonder that after twelve years of marriage I finally had enough of her behavior.

The time of my divorce was a trying time in my life.  I quickly learned who my true friends were for there were only a few friends I could trust.  I quickly learned that you can’t even trust members of your own family for the head bully will turn anyone on you that they can. 

I believe in the case of my evil ex-wife, she mobbed to control me when she couldn’t do it on her own.  My ex-wife had displayed mobbing behavior all throughout our relationship.  Thank god I had a few good friends and a couple of family members that could see through my ex-wife’s behavior and supported me unconditionally. 

I remember during my divorce that I tried for maybe six months or more to get some of my personal property.   I had been thrown out of my house by Master David Forrest the day before Thanksgiving and I left with some of my cloths and a few other personal items that I could fit into a vehicle. 

My ex and her attorney Jaye Rancourt did everything in their power to deny me access to the rest of my personal property once I was thrown out of the marital home.  A simple thing of going to the residence to get additional personal property turned into World War III.   Jaye Rancourt used my own worldly possessions in her game of power and to empower my ex-wife and encourage her mobbing behavior.  My brother has a saying.  He calls it the “Golden Rule.”  “He who has the gold makes the rules.”  Don’t ever underestimate Jaye Rancourt or other unethical attorneys like her.  Rancourt knows about controlling the gold and making the rules.  From everything I have seen Rancourt knows how to encourage her clients to use mobbing techniques because the mobbing got worse once she was in the picture.

On D-Day when I went to the residence, my ex-wife had several people there.  She and her cronies were all in the kitchen having coffee, cinnamon roles and whatever else you can think of.  They were having a grand old party when I arrived.  These were all people that I had known well.  They were people that had been common friends of ours for years.  The head bully turned them all against me.  One person had been my boss for two years some ten or twelve years earlier.  In his eyes, I was now the bad guy.  I can only imagine the stories my ex-wife fed all of these people. 

As I walked around the house to remove items that were agreed upon, these people followed me around like hawks and were about as rude to me as they could be.  As I look back now, it was obvious to me they were mobbing me.  These people that had once been friends of mine were now unsuspecting participants in bullying behavior.  They were being used by my ex and were so dumb that they didn’t even know it. 

Later on, I would learn that the same behavior that my ex-wife participated in with mobbing me by utilizing friends, workers and family was also being used by her on our children.  I now realize that our children are being bullied by their mother in her sick campaign to utilize them in mobbing me. 

Who else will participate in the mobbing?  Anyone that is ignorant including Marital Masters like David Forrest and Guardian Ad Litems like Doug Thornton.  Even your children’s teachers will become bullies.  A lot of people like David Forrest, Doug Thornton and my kid’s teachers are too dumb to see that they are really being controlled by the master bully which in my case is my ex-wife. 

After all of the mobbing and bullying I have been through, one might ask me was it worth getting divorced?  Even though my ex-wife the evil bully of all bullies stole most of my property and turned a lot of people against me including my children, I know I made the right decision.  All of her evil attempts to destroy me have just made me a stronger person.  I remember when I first told my ex-wife that I was filing for divorce she asked me why.  I told her that I would rather live in a one room shack with no electricity or water and have to use an outhouse then stay married to someone like her who was treating me so bad. 

Remember, If you see mobbing behavior by your partner, ex-partner, or your soon to be ex-partner, be aware.  Before you know it, you will be the outcast of society.   You will be roaming around wondering what you did wrong.  Like me, you will probably ask yourself, “Why do I feel that I am now an outcast and why is it that the people I have known for years are now attacking me?”  I can assure you.  It’s not you.  You are a victim of being mobbed.  Pick yourself up and go on with your life.  Forget the people that were once friends and were involved with attacking you.  They were never your friends to begin with anyway.


  1. Dear Sir,

    My condolences on what you have been through, as I have been through those turbulent waters as well. My story is very much like yours. There definitely IS a ringleader - the lead mobster, and you are 100% right - those who turn against you were never your friends in the first place. FIRE THEM! That makes room for new friends.
    My ex-wife's attorney was the illustrious Sheila Carrigan, from Carrigan Law in Boulder, CO. This woman cleaned out ALL of our money on a sea of lies and false accusation. I was investigated for "wrongdoings" and in the end was 100% cleared of all of her accusations. By then all of the money was gone. As soon as she found there was no more money to be had, she dropped my ex as a client. This disgusting person WAS a judge for the city and was FIRED due to her unethical behavior (you can Google this and see for yourself). Yes, I have been through the same thing - restraining orders which were granted because the ex was coached to say "I'm scared of him!" - I was served those the same instant as the divorce papers. She had my ex call the police attempting to arrest me (my ex admitted being coached by her)for restraining order violations, which never occured (because I never violated the bogus orders anyway). When that failed there was an attempt at harassment and intimidation charges, which was also summarily dropped (the police refused to take a report) because it was only that - accusations with zero proof. I swear they must have sat around having coffee trying to come up with ideas to get me into trouble, but I always came out clean as a whistle - because I did nothing wrong. Sheila Carrigan must be a very angry, unhappy woman to be attacking people out of the blue in this manner. She should be removed from the board of attorneys, just like she was removed from the bench as a judge.

    I cannot believe that this woman would rape the family of all of our money. I have two young children, and this woman did none of us any favors. The way I look at it, she not only stole from me, but from my ex-wife, and my children. She had her interests and ONLY her personal financial interests in mind. This is why I am compelled to post these comments.

    If you do decide to hire this poor excuse of an attorney, save yourself the trouble and just burn all your money in a campfire.

    It is no surprise that I am FAR from the only one in town with a huge distaste for this person. If you are shopping for an attorney, do yourself a favor and skip this one. You have been warned!!

    1. I had retained Sheila Carrigan prior to reading this post. I must agree that this post made me nervous but that nervousness soon changed into confidence. I had discussed my case with three lawyers prior to talking to Sheila and all of them told me to give up 50% of the marital estate and move on. What helped me make my decision to retain Sheila Carrigan was that she paid attention to minor details. Those minor details made my case very strong and helped me settle for much less - I was very happy with the outcome. About billing, I found it very accurate and she made every effort to avoid any unnecessary expenses. What I have learned by going through this process is to talk to a few lawyers and see who you feel comfortable with. In my case it happened to be Sheila and I am happy I made the decision. You want a lawyer who is experienced as a lawyer and a judge (that really helps), pays attention to minor details because those minor details can really have a huge impact on the outcome of the case, and more importantly you need to be comfortable with that person.

    2. I found this comment to be interesting. Three attorneys tell you to give up 50 percent which any reasonable person would be happy with and you state that Sheila got you more. Maybe I'm not understanding what your saying but from where I'm sitting it sounded to me like Sheila isn't interested in being fair but getting her grubby hands on anything she can. That doesn't sound very ethical to me. Again maybe I'm missing something but when three attorneys are stating you should settle for 50/50 and one is willing to fight for more. Just doesn't make sense to me. How much more did it cost to fight for the extra in time, money and emotions on both sides? Hopefully there were no children involved.

  2. I can see why you found my post interesting. I had not provided the specifics. Without going into details, immigration fraud and actions that went against the essence of the marriage were involved in my case. There was also intellectual property that was written during the marriage by my x spouse that others though had no value.
    Like I said, I came across this post after retaining her and got nervous. I made up my mind at that time to add my experience here. Negative, positive, or neutral.
    No one wants to pay for legal costs. It's best to resolve between the spouses and a third party. But once you are dragged into it, it is very important to spend the money right.